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  • Rating: 4.75851
  • Number of ratings:1,726,849 ratings
  • Developer:Discord, Inc.
  • First edition:released on 2015-05-21
  • Latest version:Version85.0 released to 2021-08-02
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    Rating: 5
    Best way to communicate with others
    Honestly I got this for my robotics team and fell in love immediately!! I barley text my friends anymore because discord is the way to go! Definitely would recommend downloading and getting a server up and running with your friends. This app has given me so much enjoyment!!
    Rating: 5
    I love discord But I can’t get back to see my dms
    I really love discord but there’s one small problem about it. So i can’t get back to my normal discord page when ever I try which it will let me see my dms for a while then it will go to this “we’re detected something out of the ordinary going on. To continue using discord, we will need you to verify your account. Use email or phone number” Now I tried my phone number many times and I only tried 4 email Now I just put in the email again and now it says “You are changing your e-Mail too fast try again later” and it been 8-10 hours (btw it’s 11) but it started at 9am so I’m just wondering if you can see if you can fix that. Thank you and have a good day/night
    hi iam rose
    Rating: 4
    Rlly laggy and won’t open app
    The app was very good and I thought it won’t lag but after I updated it it would not open ☹️
    Rating: 1
    Account disable for no reason
    I haven’t said and posted anything that violates tos and guidelines that I know of, I haven’t done anything wrong and was account disabled for no reason, I reached out to support and only got responded with “you violated tos and guideline “ they show no evidence that shows where and when I violated them knowing that I haven’t to my knowledge.
    Rating: 3
    Can’t share screen
    I am using an iPad and recently I have been sharing my screen to show things to my friends. Unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t work anymore and I have tried many things. Very disappointed. Having to switch to a new app to share screen. Hopefully this is resolved soon.
    Rating: 1
    Im having problems. :(
    I have had discord before but when I re-downloaded it and sign in / log in it just leaves me on a loading screen I have tried new emails my number and everything nothing works.
    Rating: 3
    idk why, but for some reason yall keep on changing the age rating for the app and my mom has restrictions on here so i cant use the app like fr you should keep it at 12+ ngl
    dennis dimaggio
    Rating: 1
    New update
    Crashes on ipad. Please fix it. It wont even come up at all.
    bandlab member
    Rating: 5
    Best Social Networking App Out There!!
    I’ve been apart of the Discord Community for roughly a year and a half and I’ve absolutely loved every bit of it. I myself am building multiple servers and they make it really easy to do so. You guys do an amazing job with each update you come out with. On behalf of all us small server owners, Thank you!
    Rating: 2
    Maybe it’s Me
    Let me start by saying that I’ve used the mobile app before and had no issues previously. However, ever since I switched to my iPad Air 4th gen, I hav heard nothing but problems with the app. For one, I can’t use it while it’s in the background. Before, I could use the app while doing other things, such as using the internet browser. Nowadays, if I leave the app, everything on my end stops working. I can’t hear anyone speaking, my mic doesn’t pick up my voice, nothing works. This problem persists even if I disconnect and reconnect. Most annoyingly this problem will persist even if I restart the app. The only solution I’ve found is to restart the entire tablet. The above is already problem enough but I figured if I just stay on the app without leaving, I wouldn’t have the same issues. Nope, I still encounter the above issues after a certain amount of time with no reason for it. The only reason I’m not sure if it’s discord or my iPad Air is that I don’t encounter these same problems on a different iPad. It’s only on my iPad Air do these problems occur. But I have tried everything from updating both the app and the iPad, to deleting the app and reinstalling. Nothing has worked and I’m stuck with the problems.
    Rating: 5
    Amazing app had no trouble logging in and controlling the app my self you use it for gaming for school to talk to your friends or to just have fun it’s how ever you choose to use the app.
    BBC Latina Creampie
    Rating: 5
    I have been using discord for a while now, and i loved it, until one day, i was in my server, that im the most active in and something popped up on my screen saying “somethings going on here, please verify your account to continue using discord, and i put my phone number in and it sent the confirmation code, and i put it in, and finally put my password in, but it still too me back to the same screen saying “somethings going on here, please confirm your account to continue using discord” and i don't know what to do, PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    ur moms c00ch13
    Rating: 5
    lol good ppl are mean on it tho
    Rating: 3
    Blah blah
    Discord is amazing but the only thing is it doesn’t give me my notifications when someone messsages me or like just when I’m off discord it doesn’t send my message notifications from messenger
    Rating: 1
    I can’t even join any servers because of stupid iOS, like bro I was in a server for 4 years and now I am locked out of it come on
    Rating: 4
    It’s okay
    It’s great I love it but like I hate that when I tried to change my pfp it’s still blurry like I changed it soooo many times but it’s still blurry like bro.?
    Rating: 5
    Hello I love this app but is it me or the amount of people and the group chat but when I get on the app it load and takes very long to long in order for it to stop loading somebody have to say something in the group chat I’m in but there’s like lots of group chat the person who made for us and some of them get lost so idk what to do I’m trying to join the group chat though.
    Rating: 5
    Fr the best app you could use, it’s ez you can make friends are much more, today I meet my online bestie irl for the first time and it was all thanks to discord. Don’t think ab it get discord now!!!!❤️
    Rating: 5
    Good app.
    It’s all in the title. This is simply just a good app.
    Rating: 1
    Can’t download it
    Rating: 3
    It's crashes a lot when im going to open an app
    Rating: 3
    Horribal Predator Experience
    I was sadly a victim of one of discords many child predators… I don’t wish to tell the story as it still haunts me today.. but the user was Kj_Foxhound. Please fix your app discord and make it a safer place.
    Rating: 5
    A great, reliable app, but some slight issues.
    I own an iPhone 6 (Shame on me for having a hand me down I know) and Discord has worked fine for years on this device. However, as of recently the app has begun repeatedly crashing as soon as I try to open it. I’ve tried all the methods of uninstalling the app and reinstalling, restarting my phone, and clearing up memory, but the app still crashes. Even when it does stay open, the app is very twitchy and unstable. This could be a problem with having an older phone, but it also could be an issue in the program. Just letting you guys know about that so you can work to fix it. Discord works perfectly fine on my newer devices.
    Rating: 5
    I can’t talk to my friends anymore
    Please 12+
    Rating: 5
    Good app
    I like Discord and it is cool because I can talk with followers and subscribers and grow my channel
    Naomi 🌝
    Rating: 5
    nomi says
    swaggy app dudd
    Rating: 5
    I love this app so much, but when I change my profile picture on mobile it automatically pixelates and sadly I’m not the only one with this issue, I have to upload my pfp on my laptop just for it to be normal, how do I fix this?
    Rating: 1
    Black screen on launch
    Have to close app then relaunch to ever use it on current version, very irritating.
    Dain Unicorn
    Rating: 1
    Stop with the mission creep…
    Threads are a disaster. Censorship locks you out of servers with active notices so you can’t clear them. Way to trigger OCD while punishing me for buying Apple hardware. If you going to restrict what I can see on iOS, don’t show notices and badges telling me there is something being hidden from me.
    Rating: 2
    Discord is good and all but I have this one prob I can’t see my dms for some reason I’ve tried every thing
    choccy boi commeth
    Rating: 5
    I cant send pictures anymore
    It wont let me send pictures at all anymore on mobile an ive tried everything i can do, other then that its rlly good
    Plasma _Abyss
    Rating: 5
    Discord is amazing
    I used to only use it on my pc. Now on Mobil it is amazing. My only con is first logging in for some reqson it wouldn’t let me. But I fixed it
    Rating: 1
    Seems illegal. And Disruptive.
    Does not belong here.
    LTX Nkdude
    Rating: 4
    Good app, few issues
    Good app, but notifications are a bit broken when it’s running on desktop even after the notification timeout and the overlay on pc doesn’t work properly for me but everything else is good
    problem with mic
    Rating: 4
    Mic problems
    Ive been trying to talk to some friends but they cant here me i wasnt server deafen and i have on auto sensitivity and they still cant here me can you tell me how to fix and this is on mobile.
    Rating: 5
    I’m reporting someone that needs to get banned
    So a 9 year old bullies me for I need to change my picture but this account needs to get deleted I’m sick and tired of some random people requesting me what account needs to get banned here is the ID Beluga#0375 so if you find this user ban him for sure underaged kids are not allowed but I’m reporting this to discord if discord gets this Beluga#0375 user lying about there age so this is for discord to ban. No joke at all it’s serious,
    Rating: 2
    Crashing after update
    I loveeee discord but since update it won’t open on iOS. Pleaseeeeee fix it 😭
    Rating: 4
    Please tell me how to fix this!!!!
    Ever since I made my account, my tag has always been 3808 and today I opened up discord and it was randomly changed to something else. I don’t have nitro and I want my old tag back. This may sound dumb but I’m actually really upset about this so please tell me how to fix this and how to prevent it from happening again
    joes granny
    Rating: 5
    Really good
    Really good I was able to talk with my friends and play games with them it never bug out. Really good try it out if u have not
    Rating: 3
    I love discord but everytime I exit the app I’m call and play something else like roblox or just watching videos, it’ll lag and delay and cut in and out and I really have a hard time using it, it usually happens 30 minutes into call
    Rating: 1
    App glitches when opened
    App goes black after opening.
    Rating: 5
    The girls here are pretty hot but there’s a lot of discord mods banning everyone so yeah.
    Rating: 5
    Good Soup
    Good Soup.
    Rating: 5
    I like going on here to talk to my cutie anime kittens. I moderate 10 servers and this has been my life for the past 5 years. I cant remember the last time ive seen the sun or left my room! This app is so addicting!
    Rating: 4
    fix the camera feature and streaming
    it lags when it’s on camera and the streaming is glitchy
    Lexi Barahona
    Rating: 5
    Discord. Perfect. Would hope for more game compatibility in the future, but I am very happy with it in it's current state. 10/10 I use it everyday.
    Rating: 2
    Did Discord get buggy or is it just me?
    Now that the new update has been released, I’m experiencing a ton of crashes and not only that, my text bar shakes quite a lot sometimes whenever I try to text something.
    Fizzy pop Creations
    Rating: 4
    Quick question
    I love the app but now videos (like small animations) no longer show, is there a reason for this? Or a way to fix it? I like to share animations on discord and I’d like to keep doing that
    Stormpelt of FireClan
    Rating: 4
    Great,but some bugs.
    I am a longtime user of discord.but recently my phone would not let me open discord. i tried opening it using the app store. nothing. so until this is fixed i give a four star review.