Amazon Alexa

  • Rating: 4.63649
  • Number of ratings:3,122,809 ratings
  • Developer:AMZN Mobile LLC
  • First edition:released on 2014-12-10
  • Latest version:Version2.2.445802.0 released to 2021-10-19
  • Capacity:367.89 MB


    Rating: 3
    Alexa can you tell me how
    Every time I have a request for help, Alexa tells me to go to settings on the app, but I’m stuck after that. I wish she could walk me through the steps. Otherwise, I love all the things she can do, especially, “Alexa, call my phone,” when I can’t find it!
    Rating: 3
    Glitchy using play accessibility feature
    Super annoying when playback stops out of nowhere with no rhyme or reason. Or starts/stops in totally random places. I love that you can listen to kindle books on it but there is still work to be done on making it play seamlessly. Also listening in the car is difficult when it randomly stops and starts.
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    Rating: 4
    Help, I can’t hear.
    I’m having a harder time hearing Alexa with each aged day. I am having a wirse time trying to figure out how to turn it up. Which setting???? Help
    Rating: 3
    Stops music
    Why does my Echo stop playing music due to inactivity after 1 hour. It’s quite annoying
    Rating: 5
    So great!
    Alexa is so great. I love how she can keep track of all my stuff for me.
    Rating: 1
    Disappointed in Playlist Playback
    I love my Amazon Echo, that is I used to love her. When I hear a song I really like, I purchase it on and place it into a playlist. I really loved being able so say, “Alexa, play my such-and-such playlist and then getting to hear music that I know will rock my soul. Lately though she says, “Here’s a station for you based on your such-and-such playlist.” I feel like I’ve been cheated on. Should I consider getting a divorce from Alexa? Did I waste all the money I have invested on Amazon’s website for songs I really love? No longer happy…;-(thanks for nothing Amazon.
    Rating: 5
    Great very helpful
    Very helpful with phone calls and announcements to my fam
    Rating: 5
    SSetting up
    The set up process was very easy, thank you for the instructions talking to me.
    Rating: 5
    Fantastic for people who love radio
    I use Alexa mostly to listen to a different radio station I really appreciate that Alexa let’s me connect not only to basically all the radio stations in the US including independent radio like aKPFK and KPFA but also that through Alexa I can connect with radios all over the world. I like to listen to public radio stations in Germany Italy France Denmark Poland Russia and the UK and if it wasn’t for Alexa I wouldn’t be able to listen to all these radio station. So thank you very much for this amazing device and for all the hard work you put into making this a technology available to people
    Rating: 1
    The Alexa app can’t answer what my current subscriptions are and I am being double charged for music unlimited and it only plays on my phone Absolutely Terrible service
    Rating: 1
    So hard to figure out set-up, get it working for kids. Ugh
    Rating: 2
    App function slow
    Can somebody please fix this app. It’s so slow that by the time it opens to add something I’ve already forgotten it. (I prefer typing it.). Thanks.
    Rating: 2
    Shopping list
    The suggested “popular items” when adding an item to the shopping list is noisy and absurd. The option to hide suggestions does not work. I don’t need companies suggesting things to me. Especially a grocery shopping item. 👎👎👎👎
    Rating: 2
    Driving use
    While in car, it doesnt work
    Rating: 5
    Love my devices
    Popasmoke 80
    Rating: 2
    I have two different Alexis. One in my living room and one in my bedroom. It appears that the first Alexa is echo and the second one is echo one. I can’t get the echo one to play music and I don’t understand why because are used to play music on it all the time. And I don’t see anything on the Alexa app that is helpful.
    Rating: 2
    Not easy to navigate thru
    Way 2 many steps to make a device work. For a plug it’s literally 20 steps to get a light on and off. Wow. Otherwise this would definitely be 5Star app. If u use the app the plug comes with its like 3steps. With the technology out there u would think amazon would be number 1.
    Rating: 1
    Alexa dot
    Less than a week ago my plugs stopped working from one of my Alexa dots. They work with the other dot. I tried to setup the problematic dot again. No change in behavior. Was there a code update to mess it up? What is the fix?
    Rating: 1
    Buggy and hard to use
    When trying to play music on my echo studio it frequently stops presenting me with the option to go forward, back, adjust volume, etc, requiring a restart of the app. And the interface is harder to use than most other apps.
    Rating: 1
    Can setup my old devices on my new wireless network.
    Rating: 1
    Doesn’t work
    I have an Alexa TV and the Alexa doesn’t work. My Alexa light bulbs don’t work either
    Rating: 2
    Difficult to stop Ads
    Can’t easily change the default music service to Spotify. SOOO tired of Amazon Music pitches and ,’Did you know I can…’. Alexa, shut up!!!
    Rating: 5
    Time is wrong
    How do you change the time on the Alexa show
    Rating: 5
    It’s time to hit the gas..)))
    The world is ready for WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY INFinitely more AI AND ALEXA IS IT ALONG WITH others like it..))) Infinite stars plus because this is the total near future!!!)))
    Hapa Houlie
    Rating: 1
    Expect to reconnect
    Terribly buggy. I’m lucky to go 2 weeks with out one or more of my smart home devices to inexplicably go “unresponsive”. Expect to reconnect smart home devices often. Any convenience gained by installing them in your home is lost in their trouble shooting.
    Rating: 1
    Keeps saying getting from fire tv!
    It’s not listening to what I’m asking and takes three minutes just for me to open and get a sound from sleep jar.
    Rating: 5
    This is a great product and very useful.
    Rating: 5
    Nothing and no other computer driven application can compare.
    Rating: 1
    Awful. I hate it so bad
    This app makes my life worse. I hate it.
    Rating: 5
    Alexa, EVERYWHERE!
    My house, my garage, and my classroom. Alexa is amazing!
    Dog Simulater
    Rating: 5
    The best device I have ever had... and
    Alexa is sneaky but I enjoy her. The best advice I’ve ever had
    Rating: 1
    Trouble with Toyota Entune software
    My new Toyota Highlander is the second new Toyota I have purchased with which I am having incredible amounts of communication software trouble. The software worked perfectly for 3 days and has not worked since despite numerous reloads of the Toyota app.
    Great bang
    Rating: 3
    It ok
    There ok sometimes they just don’t work when asked to play music or news they don’t. I’ll have to asked sometimes 3 times before they work. My first generation works the best. Sometimes I’ll asked them to play in a certain room and it plays in another room not the one I asked it to play in. Not bad had ones speaker kinda blow out and one that stays in listening mode all the time I put it in the bathroom lol. Called tried to stop it, it won’t so bathroom it stays. There ok
    God's girl 1984
    Rating: 5
    Very satisfied
    I am very pleased with Amazon Alexa
    Rating: 2
    Would be five star ,but
    The Alexa is pretty glitchy. You have to say things so weird to to Alexa for the actions to execute properly. Other than that, it is very convenient and helps out with your smart home devices.
    Rating: 5
    Why does she sound like robot can’t I make her sound like a human
    always great merchandise
    Rating: 1
    My alexa said look into the app. Alexa is not working
    Rating: 2
    What happened to the Everywhere feature?
    Please bring back the “everywhere” feature where people can use multiple echo dots in different rooms as speakers as the same time. I loved having music from my echo dots in different rooms as I move around my apartment getting ready for the day, cleaning, or working on stuff between rooms. I don’t keep separate speakers in my bedroom due to space, and I don’t want to use my surround sound system in my living room if I’m going back and forth, room to room, or especially while getting ready early in the morning.
    Sarah Boehnke
    Rating: 3
    Sharing amazon accounts
    My husband and I are having a hard time linking our accounts to be one. It’s confusing.
    Rating: 1
    Update needed
    1. My echo no longer shows my slide show. It’s black unless I call for it to wake up. 2. I left home for 24 hrs and return to police at my door. At 12a, an iheartradio commercial triggered Alexa to play music. The music was played at the highest level through all 3 Alexa speakers and my sound bar. All of which are connected to Alexa. I’ve never played music at that volume nor have I ever played it through all 4 speaker simultaneously. Of note, I only connect via Bluetooth to play my iTunes through the device so this whole situation was confusing. I was almost cited for noise pollution. I was so embarrassed. 3. It took Alexa 3 mins to finally respond to my comment to “stop alarm” this AM. It would oblige and then 15 seconds later, turn on again. It’s clear there is a glitch or a security patch needs to be added. I tweeted about this additionally. Please fix it because I actually no longer feel safe.
    Rating: 3
    No entiendo cómo se usa
    Es que no se usarla
    dezz nuts balls
    Rating: 5
    Alexa is 100%5star
    Rating: 1
    Sleep sounds not working
    Worked last week. Paying a subscription fee and yet it seems to want $120 per year.
    Rating: 5
    The best
    Rating: 2
    Why can’t I cancel a routine?
    Rating: 2
    Alexa update
    Can’t figure out if Alexa is updating on my devices because a lot are unresponsive to Alexa.
    Rating: 5
    Better than google home
    Hello, I just wanted to say how much I love Alexa! My old devices were requiring repeated requests and simply starts talking on their own. For set up Alexa is the easiest device that I’ve been required to set up! I a;so like your privacy features.
    Rating: 3
    App is Not as user friendly as originally implemented. Hopefully this will improve.
    Hypnotiq bass
    Rating: 3
    Bug maybe.
    App has recently stopped working for me when not connected to wifi. The app has permission to use cellular data but it says no network connection when I’m not on wifi. Please fix.