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  • First edition:released on 2013-10-10
  • Latest version:Version3.1.88 released to 2020-02-12
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    dissapointed family
    Rating: 1
    Alway incomplete orders!!
    Out of 5 times we have used it 4 times the food have either not arrived or arrived incomplete.
    Rating: 1
    Not Postmates
    Stephanie Pankey Hall
    Rating: 1
    I ordered from Golden Corral last weekend. The order was not started until dasher got there because their tablet went dead. It was a very large order so it was super late. I decided to order again this weekend because the food went a long way and was pretty good. This weekend was the most terrible, stressful experience. About 30 minutes after I placed the order, DoorDash called to see if I had received the order. I was confused why you would be asking the question and told y’all no it had not been delivered. Then about 30 minutes later the dasher messaged to let me know my order had to be remade and would take another 20 minutes. Then after about 40 minutes I got a notification the order had been picked it. I ordered enough fried chicken for 6 people, 7 large sides and a pepperoni pizza. The dasher arrived with a small white box with 1 serving of roast and 2 sides and a pepperoni pizza. She said she thought the order didn’t look right but the people at Golden Corral said that was the order. It was very obvious this was not my order. I cannot believe she was like okay I will take it knowing it wasn’t right. She left the pizza with me and said she would return to the restaurant to make it right. I opened the pizza to feed my now super starving 4 year old, to find it was still doughy and falling apart. It could not be eaten. I started a chat to try to resolve the issue with DoorDash. They requested I send a picture of the pizza to an email. While chatting the dasher called to let me know that she called DoorDash support who told her she could not return to the restaurant to make things right. The support person ended the chat with me before I could let them know what the dasher just said. I responded to the email with the pictures of the pizza and added the information about the dasher not being able to make it right. An hour later I still had no response from the email. This was such a mess. I should have been called on the phone to resolve this, and pictures of the pizza (which was the last of my concerns considering how much food I was missing!) requested to be sent after a new order was submitted and fulfilled. The dasher could have even looked at the doughy pizza and confirmed it upon delivering a new order. This was a bad experience from the restaurant, the dasher and the support person. So after all this, I had to get myself and my child out (both of us are sick by the way) to go to the store to get something to make after I fed him a snack to tide him over. Five hours later we were eating hot food made by me. Four hours after the pictures of the pizza were sent by email, support responded to it. Luckily, the dasher had left the order open when she left so I was able to cancel the order for a full refund on my own within the app. Which I have to wait 5 to 7 days for and it is nearly $100! I also canceled my monthly subscription with you. I am so disappointed in the way everything was handled. It was a horrible, stressful day.
    Rating: 1
    Screwed twice
    Mach Mom
    Rating: 1
    First time user, disappointed.
    Rating: 5
    Great app! love this app!
    I love this app!
    Rating: 5
    The best
    The app makes it easy to order your food and the delivery service is always great.
    Rating: 2
    Not impressed.
    I use Door Dash all the time because I work in a medical office and we have limited time to eat. It seems like I get more incorrect orders than correct ones. I don’t know what kind of training they have to go through, but maybe making sure orders are correct should be a priority.
    Rating: 5
    This app good asf
    I love this app
    Rating: 1
    Was told the register was down after waiting an hour not happy!
    Rating: 1
    Don’t expect your food to be on time when they say it will be delivered. It’s ALWAYS 30-40-50 minutes late. Why do they even estimate a time? Grubhub is WAY better!!!! In the app, it should tell you what DoorDash package the merchant paid for. Because I travel for work and can order what I want in some cities, and in other cities at the same restaurant I can’t get the same order. They should have a filter for that or recognize previous orders and let you know. Some local owners choose a few things they will allow for delivery with no changes for example. Get more reliable drivers!! Why can’t I order ketchup with fries or mustard with a burger? Grubhub has way better functionality with their app.
    Rating: 1
    Agreed, bad execution
    I agreed with the one who commented that if there is a problem with your order, there is no way to fix it. My order was delayed for 79min and the doordasher still did not pick up my order from the store. The only solution is getting a refund and I feel like an idiot there waiting for nothing and keeping my stomach burning instead of cooking something or going to pick up food by myself.
    Rating: 1
    Does not work
    I have tried downloading and deleting multiple times to no avail. It will not let me make an account using my gmail, regular email or Facebook. Waste of time.
    Rating: 2
    I check my pricing between ordering services and today I got an order for $12.32 cheaper using DoorDash.
    Rating: 2
    High Fees
    Fees are getting out of hand.
    Rating: 5
    Door Dash
    This is the best and it arrives so quick.I think everyone should try it😀😀
    Rating: 5
    love this app! recommend it to anyone with a busy schedule.
    Michelle B. R.
    Rating: 1
    Poor Updates
    Menu is not updated to meet the brunch menu of Pulse.
    Zombie rhesus
    Rating: 2
    Better than postmates
    I love the app, but the big problem I have are people stealing fries from my order. It’s not like I can’t tell when there’s a big wrist shaped hole in between the staples. I really don’t like the idea of people eating my food before I get it, but I love door dash
    Rating: 1
    Multiple orders will have you waiting for hours
    I placed an order an hour and a half in advance. The driver was confused as to why I would cancel the order after being over 56 minutes late. I followed this up by reordering the food, 24-35 minute window. 30 seconds after placing the order that goes to an hour and my driver is halfway across town on a stacked order. This makes Door Dash incredibly unreliable. Maybe as a one off, but for multiple people, guests, clients, etc. this is a huge no go. Steer clear at all costs!
    Rating: 5
    Quick and easy to use
    Rating: 5
    Good big good
    Very big good.
    doordash is annoying
    Rating: 1
    Never delivered an order and REFUSED a refund
    My order was placed a year ago, and they never delivered it. I couldn’t cancel it back then because they said “the restaurant has prepared the order” and it will be delivered Now it’s been a year and when I contacted customer service. All The customer service person said was “ it’s been too long, can’t refund” , AND SHE ENDED THE CHAT WITH ME. By the way her name is “Lyka Esleen A”, if DoorDash is looking for who to fire. if there’s a 0 star I would have done that. This is a deliver app that doesn’t deliver food and gives terrible customer service.
    Rating: 1
    I used DoorDash a few times and every single time I had to contact the help center because I was waiting HOURS for my food to come. It always came late and/or my food came cold. Absolutely ridiculous. Then the best the help center wanted to do was offer me $2.00 in credits. Given the nightmares Ive had to go through with them, $2.00 is an insult. I will never use door dash again.
    Rating: 2
    Timing of delivery off
    So I’ve noticed that the last few deliveries will say my food will be in about 23-33 mins but it’s taking a whole hour to get my food. Every step on the app from preparing to delivery it stays stuck on the same time but then the time extends to being an even longer timeframe. I mean if it was going to take an hour I would like to know it will take and hour not be lied to and told it would be 30 mins. Also I wish you could have the option to not view certain restaurants like McDonalds I would never order off an app for their food. Plus, if it’s a place I don’t like why can’t I remove them?
    Rating: 3
    Timing Off
    My biggest complaint is that every single time I’ve ordered the estimate is way lower than it ends up being. And then the tracker is off. And time always increases. Incredibly frustrating.
    Rating: 5
    Timely delivery
    Estimated delivery time on app is usually right.
    Rating: 5
    I love DoorDash!
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 3
    Not the Easiest app
    Obviously I love food delivery. But the app isn’t always that user friendly. For example I just had to close the app and and restart because there was no way to go back and add something.
    Rating: 1
    Cancelled my order without explanation
    I placed an order, and was happy I didn’t have to go out and get it. The order was acknowledged and then 30 minutes later cancelled. I had to reorder and go pick it up myself......what a pain in the you know what!!!!☹️
    Rating: 1
    Terrible User Interface
    I’ve used door dash for the past 8 months and I hate that there is no filter option. How hard is it to allow me to use a filter that tells me what’s quicker to deliver or how far it is from a descending/ascending fashion?! So irritating... I’ll more than happy to use other apps.
    Rating: 4
    Convenient with a huge premium
    App could be more streamlined for toppings and custom orders. It simply takes too long to navigate and select items for certain menus. Menu prices are also marked up on top of the service fee, delivery fee, and tip. Can get pretty absurd at times.
    Rating: 1
    Just waited an hour and a half to get Whataburger wrong. I am now deleting this app and never using door dash again
    Rating: 1
    I’m disappointed
    Worst service ever
    Rating: 1
    Horrible Service
    I’ve tried to give this app the benefit of the doubt , but every time it has let me down. The people who run this company DO NOT CARE about the customer, nor do they have the first clue about how much people care about their food. Let’s start with the fact that this app doesn’t give you the FULL menu of every restaurant. If you are cash savvy, good luck trying to find your perfect value option on their menu. Or, let’s say the restaurant is running a promotion. Something like a 2 for $5 deal. You absolutely won’t find it on the menu on this app. I even chatted with customer service to tell them, and they told me it would be taken care of. This was just one instance. Of course the issue I brought up has not been resolved. No option for dipping sauces is available on any menu that I’ve tried to order from. If this company wanted to dominate any competitors, they would tackle these issues immediately. But, I guess corporate greed, and shoddy management rules the day. No respect for the customer. If this company hired me, I guarantee you I would make profits soar, because I understand the customer mind, and how much people (aka your potential customers), take pride in their food orders, as well as finding the deals that restaurants offer. Skip on this app until they fire all of management, and get people in there who will actually do the work. People who know fast food and not priceless menus. Shame on you!
    Rating: 4
    App is quick to suggest tips even delivery hasn’t been made. This should be an option after delivery. I’ve received extra nasty old old hard food that was not edible. Did not feel like calling and complaining for few times due to having other deliveries from other local pizza , In/out places but WOW. I’m giving it another try @BWW ..... maybe not door dash’s issue but that’s their issue on figuring something out cuss it’s was just RH at bad
    Rating: 1
    Doordash is not all
    For 2 weeks in a row now I have not received my delivery because something with the dasher then I stuck with no food for the night. Would really want to give it a 0 star because I never want to use this trash again. After the first incident I received $10.00 in doordash credit and was going to spend that another time but the same thing happened where my order was failed to be picked up. Did not receive any credit for it happening again. Now I’m stuck with this $10.00 and I will prob never spend it cause these app is complete garbage. NEVER USE IT.
    Rating: 1
    Its great till something gets messed up!
    As long as the dashers do their hob everythng is great. But dont expect door dash to give a flyin cats pajamas if a dasher eats/steals or just does not show up with your order! The customer server is horrendus. If not for the awesome drivers in my area id glady use anther service.
    Rating: 5
    Lo mejor en delivery
    Rating: 1
    Horrible horrible
    Uber eats is way better
    Rating: 1
    Get it through ur head no one wants dashpass just make the prices cheaper
    Rating: 1
    Always something
    Whether they get the order and take a wild route, they take twice the normal time, mess up the order, or it’s simply the fact they make you tip PRIOR to getting it.. idk but they are just so inferior to Uber eats on so many levels. Try both apps and pick you’ll see what’s better. They had just had so many issues we don’t have with Uber.
    Rating: 1
    *uc* this app.
    I hate doordash
    Flavos flame🔥🔥
    Rating: 1
    I ordered a meal from shake shack off of doordash and shake-shack gave me a call stating I purchased an item they didnt even sell. They would still deliver it but i would have to go through doordash to get the refund. I then spent a total of 4 days dighting with doordash because they sais it was “nothing they can do” i said that thwy were literally stealing my money. Its no way you can charge me for something and dont deliver the product. The time before that i ordered some food and i told the driver to go to the back gate. I get there and he says oh im going to go to the front .. i said no ... stay where you are. He then proceeded to drive to the front gate and when i got there i said are you the doordash driver and he drove off. Then he sat across the street and ignored my phone call as i watched him. Then i get the food and it looks like someone literally chewed on the plate, the bag was open, and food was hanging out. I told doordash they will mever receive another penny from me.
    Rating: 5
    Door dash rocks
    Best thing since sliced bread!
    Rating: 4
    Hit and miss.
    I do think that most of the time the deliveries are great and the food is good and as advertised, but when it goes wrong it goes way wrong, I literally had a guy show up and had no idea where he was and I found him in an nearby parking structure yelling out in anger about how lost he was, the food was 2 hours late and when I got my food it was cold and was so saturated in cologne that it was not even edible. The guy was high as a kite. But that’s an outlier because mostly it’s good service and food.
    Rating: 5
    Would really love to be able to add notes to individual items I order
    Rating: 1
    App is broken right now
    Idk whats going on but don’t log out cause it’s not letting people log in