Google Home

  • Rating: 4.47642
  • Number of ratings:460,104 ratings
  • Developer:Google LLC
  • First edition:released on 2013-08-27
  • Latest version:Version2.45.106 released to 2021-10-19
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    Rating: 3
    Heat up my iPhone and drains battery
    Unlike Nest App, the Google Home App heats my phone when I open my Cameras and starts draining my battery. When using Nest App this doesn't happen. New Nest cameras only work with Google Home. Either Google fixes the Google Home app or they allow new cameras to work with Nest app. Great product downgraded by this issue. Hope Google fixes this soon or probably returning my Cameras.
    Rating: 1
    Bought two series 3 Chromecasts and tried to hook up to my WiFi on Spectrum and after initial setup neither Chrimecast device appears as being connected. We’ve tried both bands, rebooting Router different phones and different TV’s and still can’t set the devices up
    Rating: 1
    Google slowly making Nest bad
    Integration with existing and new Nest products is horrible. Nest app never had these issues. I ordered a new Nest battery doorbell and it took 3 hours plus another hour with Nest support to get it to connect to the home app. I had to delete my account and start all over again just to get the doorbell to work. Now my Nest battery camera won’t connect. I have tried everything I did before to get the doorbell to work. So frustrating! Both the app and camera are google products- how can you make it this hard for them to connect to this app that you are required to use!
    aunt b
    Rating: 1
    Worst app
    The Nest app worked great. The Google Home app crashes constantly. Also any new “Nest aka Google cameras” will only work with the Google Home app not the original Nest app
    Rating: 1
    Overly complicated
    See above
    Rating: 1
    It doesn’t work anymore after trying to connect for over 2 hours nothing
    Bradley Clark
    Rating: 3
    Can’t change the wake phrase at all
    Google assistant is useless to me if I have to use “Google” in the wake phrase. Baffling to me why they don’t allow you to customize it. Amazon Alexa let’s me use any word, name, or phrase I want to call her. So Amazon it is, exclusively, for that simple reason. That’s a lot of lost hardware sales and licensing revenue, product visibility, and daily interactions lost. For lack of one setting option.
    Rating: 1
    the most unreliable app I've ever used
    Nothing works unless I try it several times. The cutesy interface is so unintuitive that I am utterly frustrated and can't find anything. Setup is terrifically difficult, and then my Google Wifi units keep falling offline. I gave up and switched to another router.
    Rating: 1
    Would not recommend. The app is just plain horrible. Does not work. Waste of money.
    Teddy Bear873
    Rating: 1
    How is it my Home Hub and Mini are connected to WiFi I can ask it the time what the weather forecast is and it works. Open the app and try to play music and the app states it’s not connected to WiFi. What’s up with this.
    Rating: 2
    Annoying I have to install this to add a family member to nest
    This also looks worse than the nest app, not sure why they thought the all white barebones design looks good.
    T Matahead
    Rating: 1
    Nest worked
    Until bought out by gOOgle. Now, we get thumbnail size stills no motion. I was going to add cameras, but, not to a non-wiring system. Imagine 2 minutes to connect after a doorbell. Gee Wizz, it’s frustrating as heck.
    could try harderer
    Rating: 1
    Trash from google
    Just avoid at all costs
    wuyi a
    Rating: 1
    Horrible experience for Nest users.
    The google home app is an example of an acquiring company not knowing how to integrate. Instead of keeping Nest stand-alone which was a proven success, you are forced to use google home if you buy any of the new cameras - which I made the mistake in doing. 90% of the time when I try of unlock my nest yale lock doors of change temperature with the Nest thermos with the google home app it gives an error message. Sometimes if even says my doors are unlocked when I'm right in front looking at them clearly locked. The Nest app was perfect, while the UI and functionality of the google home app is terrible and full of bugs. Google has ruined the amazing Nest experience. And I now want to see alternatives as my entire home has been on Nest. Buyer beware of a huge downgrade in experience if you are a lover off the original Nest experience.
    Rating: 1
    Another bad product from google
    Like so many things with google, they had something that worked but ruined it over time. We had used google WiFi for years as central app to manage our network. When they tried to combine everything into one app they failed miserably. It now rarely reflects what out status is and is clunky. Terrible product.
    Rating: 1
    Do no evil
    Surveillance capitalism at its finest
    Rating: 2
    Difficult to use
    Difficult to use
    Rating: 1
    Google Mini
    Our Mini won’t remember our location and we’ve tried everything. Really disappointed with this technology.
    Rating: 2
    Nest Camera not compatible with Nest App?
    I already have a Nest Doorbell Cam that I use with the Nest App. In the past I tried to use it with the Google Home app, but it wasn’t near as user friendly. I bought a second Nest Camera to use outdoors, and one of the reasons I decided to stay with Nest was that I like the app so much. However, it’s impossible to set up the new camera in the Nest app. It will only work in the Google Home app… I can access both cameras from Google Home, but it’s definitely a downgrade. I’m very disappointed, and it makes zero sense to me that a Nest Cam will not work with the Nest app... Why???
    Rating: 1
    Want my Nest back
    I had lots of Nest products and was very happy. Google destroyed everything good about Nest. Why couldn’t you just leave them alone? The whole notion of connected home via a large company like google has no appeal to me whatsoever. Nothing works right. They can’t even figure out how to merge accounts due to email conflicts. Simply an epic failure.
    Rating: 1
    You Broke It
    You took a helpful app that allowed users to easily manage their mesh WiFi network and you absolutely destroyed it. Congratulations. Google Mesh, Nest WiFi, etc. is now completely unusable.
    Rating: 1
    Needs overhaul but it’ll work in a pinch
    Slow and clunky. They need to rebuild from scratch for IOS for any useful interface. Its easier to do everything with voice than to control it from the app.
    Rating: 2
    The home minis I use usually consistently respond to me. I really just use them for music. But when I try to play on multiple speakers or use them to start music on the app, it's always saying they're disconnected even though I can ask the homes to do something for me and connect to Bluetooth without the app. It's not consistent. I'm ready to just buy a regular Bluetooth speaker and use Siri 😅😅
    Rating: 2
    Nest Was Far Superior
    I’ve been a user of Nest since before they were purchased by Google. The Nest app was well thought-out and aesthetically pleasing. It also offered usable and actionable alert data compared to the Google Home app. For example, when Google Home sends me a camera-related motion notification, and I tap on it to watch the associated video, at least fifty percent of the time, it tells me the video is not available (or not available, yet). I would consider motion alerts to be pretty time-sensitive. They aren’t very useful if you can’t immediately see what is happening. Most of my cameras are still accessible via the legacy Nest app, so I still use it the majority of the time, but one of my new cameras (Nest Cam Battery) is only accessible from the Google Home app. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t use the Google Home app at all.
    Jay Be 2007
    Rating: 1
    Review is solely based on UI experience
    This review is primarily my experience I. The WiFi section as it is my primary use for the app. I miss the stand alone Google WiFi app as it had more control and simplicity. There should be an option to sort devices by name or IP address. Also, to do static IP or Port Forwarding it is now multiple steps and cannot be done on the device section. You always have to go back to the WiFi settings, advance, then click click click through multiple pages to finally achieve it. For a billion dollar company, this is one of the worst UX experiences and poor choices are rampant in the design. Swish theyd fix it. But unfortunately I don’t see that ever happening.
    Rating: 1
    I cannot bear it
    I still cannot believe they are trying to use this app to replace Nest app. Pls consider doing this after you have a competitive UX, rather than simply forcing everyone switching to this bad app
    Rating: 1
    “Smart” lightbulbs are 2.4 ghz. Google says it is but isn’t
    VERY VERY Difficult to add “smart lightbulbs.
    Rating: 1
    Latest update caused issues
    I have always loved the google home app and the ability to set everything up easily. Then iOS 15 came out and my home/away routines have went to crap. I have to manually change the mode so my thermostat will go to normal functioning and other items I had set up to turn off/on. Yes this is very simple to do but it’s the fact it is supposed to be automated and ISN'T WORKING! Please get this fixed quickly
    Rating: 1
    Really buggy
    Google can’t consistently connect to c by ge lights or any of the smart plugs made by 3rd party companies. It’s nice when it works but it only works about 1/3 of the time. Wish I knew it was so poorly supported before I spent a few hundred dollars on a “smart home” that is literally anything but. Oh and same goes with for the WiFi modules. Google needs to invest more money into the software side of their products.
    Rating: 1
    I prefer Nest App but the new cam is not compatible with Nest App
    Rating: 1
    They ruined nest
    This is the worst UI/UX compared to nest. It’s impossibly difficult to look at your cameras or their history and notifications. The app is convoluted and try’s to do 10 different things all of which are executed poorly. They force you to use this app with the new nest cameras and it’s absurdly lacking. It’s not that I’m a power user, it’s the basic tasks of a security camera app that is so frustrating to use. Let alone the UX disaster, the app itself is far slower than the nest app, which is confusing to me being that it was made by the largest tech company on earth. You would think they could code a simple app with efficiency. I’m considering ditching nest and moving to another provider simply because the app is such a piece of junk.
    Rating: 1
    Forced to use and interface is awful. Nest thermostat doesn’t integrate with this app like it should. Feels like an app straight out of ‘02. Very disappointed.
    non-app guy
    Rating: 3
    I’m no genius but have setup plenty of wifi/home/device/etc many time and this app, for all the money google has, is too confusing and convoluted. google wifi app worked great and they are trying to make this thing do everything, so of course it only works ok.
    Rating: 1
    1 star
    Despite being connected to wifi Google devices is not able to be discovered in Google home app
    Rating: 1
    Home-Away for Nest camera controls does not work
    I started having issues with the Nest app after the iOS 15 update, hoping moving to Google Home would fix it. No good. Look at all the recent 1 star reviews.
    Rating: 1
    Rating: 1
    Very Invasive Privacy Settings
    The app requires access to your specific location, access to devices on the local network, and many other things just to set up a simple chromecast. I already paid for the chromecast device, you don’t need to monetize my data as well just to set it up. You literally don’t need to know my specific location in order to set up my chromecast device. It’s just not necessary.
    Tim Thuston
    Rating: 1
    Absolute garbage
    Don’t buy any of their cams. They won’t work in the far superior Nest App. The BLOATED AND CRAPPY Home app is Sh*t. Don’t waste your money on this junk.
    Rating: 1
    Being back the Nest App
    Please bring back the Nest app for all the products. It was ten times easier to use and a lot less buggy. Either that or please just copy the nest app and give it a “Google” name. I don’t mind either way. Just please fix it.
    Rating: 1
    Can’t change the night mode hours on my google display
    There’s a bug that does not allow me to change the night mode time on my google display
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 1
    Device control stopped
    It was working fine but suddenly one day it stopped. I use routines for automation and used to have tasks or actions where I wouldn't turn a device on or off etc. But one day it suddenly stopped working and now when I try to add an action for device control it just takes me to the "adjust home devices" page which is completely blank with a done button at the bottom. This page use to have toggles before. The UI/UX as everyone already mentioned needs some serious changes. I think the dev team is not dedicating enough resources on this app.
    Rating: 1
    Strongly hate this application to where are you want to break some thing
    Way too many problems is there any other application that’s better than Google F Google
    Rating: 1
    Rating: 1
    Can not connect to WI-FI
    I NEVER had an issue with my chrome cast and it seems like ever since the update now it won’t connect to my Wi-Fi. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
    Rating: 1
    Now I have to use 2 apps for my best devices. Google home app runs in background and my phone will be hot when I pick it up. Changing brands.
    Rating: 2
    The nest software was superior to the Google upgrade. Wished I had not upgraded. No longer get alerts via text and difficult to open app off WFI network only through cell connection.
    Rating: 1
    If you have Google assistant on your phone you don’t need this. Very hard to set up
    Rating: 5
    Awesome Technology
    I consider Google to be the best in terms of responsiveness, functionality and In its overall capabilities!