Google Maps - Transit & Food

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Number of ratings:3,157,053 ratings
  • Developer:Google LLC
  • First edition:released on 2012-12-13
  • Latest version:Version5.37 released to 2020-02-11
  • Capacity:165.62 MB


    Rating: 1
    No longer has access to location services
    The app no longer has access to location services after a random update. When it asks in the app to navigate to settings and turn it on, it’s the only one that doesn’t appear in the location services list. Don’t pester me to turn on a permission you never requested. Thanks.
    Rating: 1
    Why have iphone app if dont work?
    I appeciate competition but if you are going to have an iphone app maybe make sure it works!!!! otherwise just dont have one. google my maps is an awesome concept too bad its so buggy non intuitive and down riight crappy to use on an iphone!
    Daytime listener
    Rating: 1
    New features
    The constant updates to this app with useless features that interfere with the ease of use it used to have is very frustrating. Every tome you go to open it you have to navigate a new way. I used to be able to do two touches to get to my saved places. How’s its 5-6. Why do we need favorites, saved and specific locations. It’s the same thing. So yes I dislike this app greatly now.
    Rating: 1
    No more copy whole address? Why ??
    No more copy whole address? Why ?? I want it back. Thanks
    Rating: 1
    Hate latest updates ...
    Google Maps has become more and more user unfriendly for those of us who have smaller iPhones (SEs, etc.). In these latest iterations, all of the stupid on screen buttons obscure the map to where I can see approximately 2" x 1 1/2" of useful map screen. With Apple really upping their game on Maps in iOS 13, it looks like I will be abandoning Google completely.
    Rating: 1
    Undo whatever heinous thing you’ve done to the menus on restaurants
    Rating: 5
    I can make bad reviews on my school
    Rating: 1
    I downgraded to one star because of volume control
    When will the volume control be fixed? (See below) You can only adjust the volume when you are getting a command. You can’t do that when you are driving!!!! Older review: I received a response from the developer regarding the problem with the volume. They included a link for the user directions, but that’s not what I needed since I know how to use the app. All my settings were as they should be—volume in the app was set to LOUDER (not that it matters since the volume was the same whether it was in Softer or Louder), and settings on my phone to use buttons to control the volume was correct. I was finally able to increase the volume somewhat by using the up/down button on my phone but it only works while getting a command. You can’t do that while driving!! It used to work fine until the 5.22 version update. Until this issue is fixed, I’ll leave my rating at 2 stars. This is the best app I’ve used, but it needs work. Too often the routes recommended have too many turns when few are needed. Also after the latest update, the volume control no longer works. No matter which level you select, it can barely be heard, even when the radio is off. Pressing the up/down volume on the iPhone only brings up the ringer volume. This is the only app that does that. I sent feedback regarding this issue but haven’t heard from the developer as yet. It’s not much use if you can’t hear when to turn since you can’t look at the display while driving. Hopefully this will be fixed.
    Rating: 1
    Don’t like the new update
    Now it makes you open directions in the app. When you continue it loses the address you had plugged in. I hate it now. I liked it before the change.
    Rating: 2
    Navigation to saved places not working
    Regular navigation is fine. Mapping to saved places, within a saved map layer, causes the app to freeze and need to be restarted. Hope this gets sorted quickly. I have a multi day trip planned and have loaded all the points in the saved map.
    Rating: 5
    Lucas J iOS
    Rating: 1
    Doesn’t work on iOS after the recent update
    Constantly crashes. Apple Maps is better
    Rating: 1
    Download issue
    Unable to download google maps on my iPhone.
    Rating: 1
    Way too much green
    Stupid amount of green makes it difficulty view green spaces and parks
    Rating: 1
    This app went from being a decent gps app to a I’ll make sure I’ll pick the longest routes and also will make sure not to let you know if I have a wrong turn . Thank you for nothing
    Rating: 5
    Great map and very easy to used.
    Iolipop polonium
    Rating: 3
    App crashes when editing timeline
    Rating: 5
    Excellent Service
    I am a Realtor who needed a quick clean up on a listing that was going to close but my Clients still had a lot of trash leftover after the move. Thank you JunkJunkeez for coming on such short notice & providing yourself awesome services. They went above & beyond to make sure garage was cleaned out & ready to transfer to new homeowners!
    Rating: 5
    Awesome, way better than Apple Maps, I’ve had several experiences where apple Maps glitches and gets me lost.
    Rating: 1
    Not working!!!
    Won’t open on my phone after this upgrade!!!!
    Rating: 2
    Getting worse!
    Been using GM for years! It seems with every update it gets worse.
    Rating: 2
    Reduce background activity
    While the app is great, it’s background activity kills battery. Turning it off defeats the purpose of the app. Only way out is if the app developers reduce the background activity.
    Rating: 2
    What is Happening?????
    What is going on, Google Maps?! Ever since the update the app keeps freezing and giving wrong directions! I live for My Maps and it’s not working when you zoom into locations and keeps getting stuck. Please fix!!!
    Debbie Bur
    Rating: 5
    Good service
    Good service
    Rating: 5
    If I use a google product on an apple phone that clearly says something. I don’t use Siri I use hey google etc. and the maps omg how much better it is. The offline maps is boss!
    Mirna Liz
    Rating: 3
    It is confusing
    Maybe because I’m learning, In general is ok.
    Rating: 5
    Google maps is the VERY BEST MAPS
    Rating: 1
    Terrible direction
    Took us to an empty field
    Rating: 1
    Explore more keeps popping up it's very annoying needs a button to turn off I just want maps showing
    Explore more keeps popping up it's very annoying needs a button to turn off cause I use maps constantly
    Umut Akparlar
    Rating: 1
    Whether and city can be seen during navigation
    Whether and city can be seen during navigation, after starting navigation I can see the road or street name details but it is really nice to see what city or providence I am in it
    Rating: 1
    the map shows great location but the listing is not up to date with right phone number, its like safari is spamming my true phone connections old filters for websites
    GPS went wrong place
    Rating: 1
    GPS went on the wrong place
    It started when I got invited to a party. My dad was using Google Maps. Google Maps did went to the right city. When my dad followed dertictions for some reason. BOOM! Lost no where else. My dad just got mad on Google Maps. Then my dad went to apple Maps instead. It took to the right place. Now for this year I installed a App better then Google Maps. My dad installed Waze on her phone. Waze helped us better by having faster routes. Now I won’t lost thanks for Waze.
    Rating: 3
    Used to be better
    This app used to be 5 stars. Now not so much. I still use it 90% of the time I need a map, however recently it has fallen much shorter. On a long multi-state trip home it wouldn’t even give the straight forward interstate travel as a route option, instead suggesting multiple ways of country backroads/highways. This took us roughly 30-60min linger over the day. It has also forced us to hit toll roads even when we have tolls off in the route options. The UI is becoming so cluttered it’s nearly impossible to just see the map anymore. I don’t need suggestions on a map app. I need a map. Now with the latest, it doesn’t conform to dark mode and I’m about to just quit using it altogether. Sad. Google maps used to be king.
    Rating: 2
    Bring back the old version
    It’s not keeping up with my progress. Instructions are late. Screen is too busy with too cutie things that I don’t want to see when I am trying to find my next turn. Very disappointed.
    Rating: 4
    Walking directions
    It would be much easier if there were step by step directions for walking as there is for all other means. Specifying right and left turns at which street would make more sense than just showing dots of the route when a person is in an unfamiliar city.
    Rating: 5
    Another great app.
    I love this app another phenomenal application from Google
    Rating: 1
    What happened?
    This used to be such an awesome app and now it’s this busy, convoluted, confusing piece of garbage. Please bring back the old version!
    Rating: 5
    Planner of Events
    I like that you can plan events Long in advance. This app is not limited to 6 day planning only. I really enjoy this feature. Ms. Potts
    Rating: 3
    Rating: 1
    The app more stupid
    So stupid app, the rout so bad, as company like google they have to get the best app for navigation, but they don’t care
    Rating: 1
    App is garbage.
    Gives you alerts long after you’ve passed your stops. Sometimes doesn’t update you at all and you have to keep checking it. This thing is getting deleted for Waze.
    Rating: 5
    PERFECT !!!
    well i really like it !! Thank u Google!
    Alaa Osamah
    Rating: 1
    Very bad
    The worst application
    Who asked you anyway!
    Rating: 5
    The most relevant maps to date
    I previously used map services in very auspicious locations and I felt like I was being pigeonholed because I only saw medical related businesses in the vacation area and I was really looking for shopping locations.Your new Google maps is much more appropriate and less intrusive, with popular locations appearing!
    Not Accounted for
    Rating: 2
    Favorite Places no longer cool
    Why have favorite places become more abstract ? Used to type an easy name now have to type the exact address.
    Rating: 5
    Apple Maps too overrated
    I don’t get why Apple Maps gets all of the attention,Google Maps came first and Apple is stealing everything from Google Maps! Google Maps has past view on computer, and they have outlines of cities! And you Google, make it more accurate so it has less bad reviews!
    Rating: 5
    Great Service!
    Chris and Jodi were super helpful and friendly. Excellent Service and quick. They gave me great advice for my storage needs and quick. I highly recommend using this site!!!
    Rating: 2
    New Update
    Google Maps is usually my good to app but ever since their new update hit I have to constantly force close the app because it freezes. This happens at random times before, during, and after a trip.
    Rating: 1
    Switching to Apple Maps, this is garbage
    I’ve used google maps since I had a blackberry. The app often tells me t turn after I’ve pasted the turn. This started right around 4 updates ago. It talks WAY to often, I don’t need to be told about a turn 3 times then to continue on the street it told me to turn on. A log of the time I have to hit end then start navigation again because it stops talking.