• Rating: 4.50056
  • Number of ratings:480,676 ratings
  • Developer:Mojang
  • First edition:released on 2011-11-17
  • Latest version:Version1.17.10 released to 2021-07-13
  • Capacity:325.37 MB


    Rating: 5
    Five stars rating
    Rating: 4
    I am sad I can’t play with friends
    I don’t have any friends I have iPad Only you can play with friends mobile, PC. Can you make iPad with friends anyways can you make furniture in Minecraft you made the candle it’s cool but we need more to make a fancy house and make shadows and make water look like in real life and can you put money in Minecraft it will be cool. ownerCan you make this things. Owner I like yourMinecraft it’s look like in real life but it is square.I love your Minecraft(:
    abby rev
    Rating: 4
    Some sort of error?
    So, whenever I teleport on a server, it shows me a list of errors and they will not come off unless I re-open the app, the errors begining with Mojang somthin, if this could be fixed that would be great!! It’s an amazing sandbox game and this glitch only happened recently.
    ice _cream_lover
    Rating: 1
    Idk why i cant make an account i still have my old one but the i pressed create ne microsoft account and i put my email and password and it still wont work it says error code ghast
    I Likent Buritos 😭🐸
    Rating: 5
    i like burritos😐🧍‍♀️🏃‍♂️✨💀
    i dont like burritos ⚠️😫😭🐸
    Rating: 5
    Java Edition is lucky
    Number one I love Minecraft and I can’t wait for the warden to come out but I do have some Complaints. Number one is that Java addition has hard-core mode and spectator mode and I wish that you would add that to bedrock edition please and thank you
    Rating: 5
    Amazing game
    This is just amazing... If there was a 10 star rating I will put 10 stars.
    Rating: 5
    I would give it five start but it won’t let me sign in to my account sometimes and when I get off and get back on my account is not there it’s really dumb
    Rating: 5
    It’s my favorite game
    I enjoy playing Minecraft it’s one of my favorite games. There is no other game like it and I really enjoy building things.
    Rating: 3
    Multiplayer never works
    I like Minecraft a lot it is fun to survive and create things in the multiple game modes but I want to join my friends and I can’t because I am not connected to WiFi is what it says but I am connected to WiFi most of the time and the multiplayer never works even if I have an account I have made probably 5 times and have even offloaded the app like 7 times and it never works it has worked a few times but I think this should be fixed and also they need to fixe the “unable to connect to world” glitch
    a person that loves mincraft
    Rating: 5
    Sooooooooooo fun 😆😆😆😆😆
    This game is so much fun! I’ve been playing this game for years and I have never been bored while playing it. From all my experience I have never gotten any bugs in my game. I love it because you can get add ons from apps and get cool maps from the market. For the people that are new I recommend this game.
    gourl bi
    Rating: 5
    Best game every
    I love this game it’s old but I love it
    Axolotl fan Ethan
    Rating: 4
    Keeps kicking me out of map pack but I still love your game:)
    please let me get ballora
    Rating: 5
    This is a amazing game I play it every day!And quick question: can you add more dimensions?
    Rating: 5
    LITERALLY THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I love this game so much!!!!!!!!! Anything you can think of, you can create!!!! And if you want a bit of a challenge, just go in survival! You can make it as hard as you would like. Minecraft is literally the only game I play. In my opinion it’s the best game EVER!!! The creators of this game are GENIUSES!!!!!! I have literally no complaints! If I had to have ONE complaint it would be that there are no fairy lights. However, this app is still amazing!!! I adore this game. If I go on one of my electronics, I go straight to Minecraft. Also if I talk to someone, we could be talking about cats, and I could change the subject to Minecraft and talk about it forever! Anyways, you get the point. I love Minecraft, you will always have my support, and always will. ♥️ Thank you for reading!😊♥️
    Matthew Ran dough 82
    Rating: 5
    The game that never Failed me!
    I’ve had this game since I was a youngster! This game made so much memories and fun moments! I have a idea for the caves and cliffs update! I think that there should be air be air pockets for when you are going down the water filled tunnel thing. That spawns somethings in rivers and lakes So I don’t die or take damage when I’m trying to go down. So that is my review and idea! Have a good day!
    cole omg
    Rating: 5
    I love Minecraft
    I love Minecraft so much it’s a great game but I think they need to add a new type of grass like dead grass of something like that.
    Rating: 5
    Best game ever
    You can build create where ever you want super fun and I would recommend 100% there’s also survival mode but there’s hostile that can come out to kill you. It’s really fun and I recommend for all ages
    Rating: 5
    Best game ever
    Amazing game
    Rating: 5
    Love it
    I love that you can build and play and survive. But i would fix one issues, like when i go in the app it says im not connected to my account and it gets really annoying. Bit anyway its a really good game you shouldn’t not wanna get this game!!😍☺️
    Rating: 4
    Joining issues
    Great game but I have a few issues I bought the game because me and girlfriend had been bored and not knowing what games to play together and we decided to pay to get Minecraft..but there’s a few time where we try joining each other and it sometimes says can’t connect to world and we tried everything. Closing the game and trying again but nothing seems to work..any help?
    Rating: 1
    Mineplex player problems
    I play on a server called “Mineplex” and I usually play in master builders, it’s about building and some problems are that It dosn’t show your blocks until voting so there could be chunks of blocks in random places and players will make inappropriate builds and not try and others will agree that it’s good just because of the players name, Players vote unfairly and don’t care about other players efforts when it’s on a 5 min timer
    Rating: 5
    Awesome but one mistake can maybe lead to a problem
    So remember how instead of using seeds to tame parrots the early days when you guys added the parrot you needed cookies to tame them, then you all discovered that parrots are allergic to chocolate and die upon eating it, it could have lead to many deaths of pet parrots so something’s similar to that now. I’ve noticed polar bears attack arctic foxes 🦊 but in real life they can be bffs which can lead to serious confusion among young learners. Other than that problem this game is awesome 😎 just fix the problem I mentioned. I noticed that this is the only thing I wrote down, now with the new cave update done ✅ how about another update? Of course take your time on this update! So my idea is drumroll...... the end update! So in the past you’ve updated the nether, and the over world 🌍 but the end was mostly left out, so this update should slightly remodel the dragon, bigger wings, slightly thinner thighs, and maybe a few animations! Like a diving attack animation, a bite animation, as well as a landing animation, there will also be some biomes in the end like, an endstone forest where endstone rocks 🪨 tower up to the skies, maybe a lake island with a waterfall, as well as new creatures to live in them! Such as sea phantoms, sky whale ( a transparent ghost whale that hovers above bodies of water, is neutral) wandering souls, and more! The things I just mentioned can be in the game straight away, or they can be voted for! But the community would really like for them to be in the game straight away, just letting you know! And then you guys can create biomes of your own and some other creatures! There is this extremely annoying bug that I noticed, form some reason when I was just excited to play on my how to train your dragon world after getting the light fury, it didn’t allow me into the game, it just got stuck on the loading resources screen 📺 I was so sad 😭 and then I discovered that I can’t play on old worlds, but only on new ones, pleeeeaaase fix this, it was hard getting the light fury.
    Rating: 2
    Multiplayer isn’t working
    Every time I create a new world I have the multiplayer option turned on. As soon as that world is created and look at the settings the multiplayer is off and won’t let me change it. I can join my friend’s worlds but they can’t join mine. My Xbox live account is even signed in.
    PANDA Goooooooood 557755555
    Rating: 5
    My favorite game Mojang the best
    This game is my favorite game and I love to pvp play with friends and play on mods I like survive mode or creative
    Rating: 1
    From ironcap82
    My friend got kicked out of the game don’t play it
    Rating: 5
    I love this so much I always look at it In YouTube but still I didn’t play I just downloaded it today bcz I said let me look how it is so I bought it
    Rating: 5
    I love this game so much but I didn’t try it! Lol
    Rating: 5
    pls make dogs and dog food
    hey i love this game and stuff but you have to waste meet on wolfs and i really want dogs and dog food:No hate and this is just a idea
    Rating: 4
    Very great and fun! But one thing.
    Well I love the game and mods, there super fun and how you can survive, but I can’t connect to my friend or he can’t connect to me. And we both have everything required it’s just a weird glitch and it’s won’t be able to be fixed.
    disney fan #lovedisney
    Rating: 2
    I lost it all because a BUG!
    I was killing the Enderdragon for my 3rd time and when I killed him and went through the portal then died I was like “oh well I can just go get my stuff then 5 seconds later I go to where I saw where I died and my stuff is not there and I had en elytra pls fix this glitch
    Rating: 2
    Missing skin
    I was testing out some skins but when I went to get my skin back I couldn’t find it but other than that it’s a great game
    Rating: 3
    It kicks me and logs me out and won’t let me log back in>:(
    Rating: 5
    Best game
    Rating: 1
    I can’t join my friend
    When I try to join my friend it says unable to connect to world even though I’m perfectly connected to wifi and I’m pretty ticked off
    Rating: 5
    I love the game but this one sever
    Lifeboat is a amazing sever but it gave me a flying ability so I disied not to youse it bc I love Minecraft so much so I don't wanna get banned bc people will think I am hacking but I ant Minecraft can ya tell lifeboat to fix that in life bout city thanks! Ps I love the game I love how you can play with friends and family and everyone and evething Ps again make a furniture update and call it the house update
    Rating: 4
    Good game just a glitch
    I started playing Minecraft when I was 6 and it was the best game I ever played but when i got older I still play it but then it started glitching I have to click more then one time i cant scroll down when looking through chest and I just don’t wanna play it anymore so I just wanna get back playing Minecraft with my friend
    Rating: 5
    If your a parent who doesn’t know what Minecraft is. Read
    LET YOUR KIDS PLAY THIS. This game is a HUGE part of modern pop culture and also fuels creativity. You can build anything you can imagine and do it with friends no less. No in your face payment stuff, no “ PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP OR DIE “ just a genuinely nice game that deserves all the five star reviews in the entire world. So don’t be put off by the fact that it’s not free or “ contains violence “ there is no blood or anything. It’s a genuinely nice game and anyone who gives this game less then five stars should beat themselves
    Rating: 1
    Why make a game that has a shield but does not work?
    Rating: 5
    Minecraft might be an old game but it is a fun one. For any people thinking of getting Minecraft for them or their children it’s a great idea because it works on engineering, imagination ,and creativity. Anything you want to build you can. Your also able to play in survival where you would face a number of problems such as mobs, hunger, and the simplest of all fall damage. They also have different maps that you can buy or some of them are even free. Another fun thing to do is build with a thing call red stone which is an item that you can make moving stuff like moving doors or pathways. What really cool is all the major updates that can include new mobs, biomes, items, and new scenarios that you have to go through to get to the final boss. So basically it’s an awesome game people might diss on it but it’s really cool. I don’t k ow if you still have to do this but when I got Minecraft you had to buy it for about seven dollars so if they still do this for a small price you get an amazing game
    Zachary Bowker
    Rating: 5
    Another Mythology Pack
    I think that Mojang should create a Celtic Mythology Mash-Up Pack, you have Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Japanese, but no Celtic, and it would bring another Mythos to Life
    Rating: 5
    I love it but locating sever bug
    Games hood but the locating sever bug needs to be fixed because me and my friend watched a tutorial online and we did it but it didn’t work so fix it
    Rating: 5
    This game is great.
    I have been playing this game for like 6-7 years now, but still every time I play I always have fun. This a perfect game for you and your friends to play! Thank you Mojang For making one of the best games in history! (P.S. This is has been my favorite game for years!)
    Rating: 5
    Great Game
    Great game and even though sometimes there are bugs and glitches mojang tries their best to fix them so yeah. I see many people are complaining about not being able to connect to their friend’s word but I usually have no problem at all.
    alter bryan
    Rating: 4
    didnt realy enjoy but ok i guess it was kinda fun
    Rating: 3
    When you jump in to a end Portal why do some time it say Steve jump from night
    Pls fix this I lost all my thing
    Rating: 1
    Multiplayer issues
    So day 2 of my sister purchasing minecraft She cant play minecraft with me for some reason 1 we are both on LAN 2 we have same wifi 3 We have the same minecraft version If you have a solution for the situation my sister and I are in please help us thank you Mojang I really do not want to admit the fact that I wasted 7 dollars to not play with my sister.
    doe re me
    Rating: 1
    I don’t like the app
    I am worried that there going to take info when u make an account
    Rating: 1
    Worst game ever