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    Rating: 2
    Wonderful content
    I would gladly give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ IF I didn’t have to scroll to find my place every time I leave the app or my screen turns off. Why would a reading/book app not hold your place and refresh to the beginning of the chapter every single time your screen turns off or you answer a call or text? Or sometimes I will look up to talk to someone and look back down and there I am back to the top of the chapter. I have the premium and paid for a full year in advance in hopes that this would correct the problem. The only thing I’ve found that helps to find my place more quickly is to highlight all of the text on the screen so when I’m scrolling to find my place I can easily find the highlighted text and I don’t have to read the beginning of 20 paragraphs but that only helps if I have the opportunity to highlight the text beforehand. This would be similar to reading a book and getting halfway thru or almost done with a chapter but putting your bookmark at page one of a chapter. Like, seriously, only a psycho would do that. I’ve even tried clicking on the comment button before leaving the screen to see if it would help me keep my place but that doesn’t work either. I’ve also tried adjusting app settings like background app refresh and still the problem persists. I read thru many reviews but I haven’t found any other complaints like mine so maybe I’m doing something wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️ but it definitely has my knickers in a bunch. So much so that everyone in my household knows how annoying this problem is.
    Rating: 3
    It’s good but
    I really like wattpad it’s an awesome app and totally recommend it but I’ve tried 2 different emails and it still won’t send anything to me so I’ve never been able to do the verification which is super annoying because I can’t follow or talk at all
    Kee gra-Boldahg
    Rating: 1
    way too much pandering. don't wanna go down this rabbit hole.
    the enby frog
    Rating: 1
    Money hungry
    Was okay before the updates. Now it’s practically unusable
    Rating: 5
    Love it
    I love watt pad is the bast thing to happen to me I love bxb and to make my own
    Rating: 5
    Im addicted
    No comment
    Rating: 5
    Mi perspectiva sobre wattpad
    Bueno mi perspectiva o reseña es que wattpad es mi lugar seguro no tengo que pensar o preocuparme en algo más que no sean los personajes de las grandes historias que wattpad ofrece
    Rating: 5
    Taking down stories?…
    Wattpad is an app full of wonderful people that make stories. But recently Wattpad has been taking downing good stories and I personally find it unfair how they’re taking down peoples stories that people worked hard on. It isn’t fair to readers but it MOST DEFINITELY isn’t fair the the makers of the story. This is upsetting to me as it is to others because they should be able to write a story and not worry about it having to be deleted. Especially when they put a lot of effort into it.
    Lynzie Davis (Fan)
    Rating: 5
    So, is there like any hackers on here that with hack your account and sell it to the dark web?
    Rating: 5
    Wattpad it’s actually a fun app if you search for the right books.
    Rating: 5
    Best app ever made
    sasuke 1023
    Rating: 5
    Great app!!
    Great story’s and fanfics you can find literally anything that your into
    Rating: 5
    get it now you be disappointed!!!!!
    i love it
    Rating: 5
    This is the BEST APP to own ever!
    You app is over all amazing and free! All my story are free and the experience is amazing! I recommend this app for all! Your reading desires.
    Yeet >:3
    Rating: 3
    the fanfics people write is weird
    Rating: 4
    Promotional ads
    There should be an option where I can turn off promotional ads. I get excited when I see the notification, thinking it’s a story update but it’s just an ad promoting something I’m not really interested in
    S1r Olivier
    Rating: 2
    The ads are a bit much
    The books the interface - Its all great. However 3 ads after every chapter is a bit annoying and uncalled for. Imagine reading a long book and at the end of EACH chapter, you get a video ad for cash app, then another sub ad for cash up that’s a bother to skip since the X button is made small on purpose, THEN you get a prompt asking if you’re annoyed by the ads and to get a subscription. It’s greedy and distasteful, having ads integrated this way makes it a chore just to get through a single book. There’s a better way to do integrate ads that aren’t so tedious so that readers can enjoy reading.
    Rating: 5
    Its a good app overall- just the ads can get annoying sometimes
    Rating: 4
    Love This
    I Love This App But I Feel We Shouldn’t Need A Password And Email For Everything Like When I Try To Follow Any Of My Friends I Need A Password And When I Follow The Instructions It Tells Me It’s Wrong. Other Than That This Is A Great App
    Rating: 5
    Flag me if u want but I can’t find any SAO fanfic anywhere but here very good 11/10
    Rating: 5
    This app is like crack
    Entretiene mucho
    Rating: 5
    De tener en cuenta
    Aunque muchos libros estén mal redactado y a veces incompleto , es de tomar en cuenta que te brindan lectura y conocimiento totalmente gratuita por eso son mis 5 estrellas
    Rating: 4
    Fairly good app
    I only have a couple of problems with this app. First, when it shows video ads I have a hard time hitting the x to close out of them (sometimes it takes as many as 9-10 tries) where as I never have any trouble closing out of the ad the app posts about getting rid of the ads. I am sure this is the app ad companies thinking I will download their crappy apps but it just upsets me so I will never try them. Second there is no way to leave a review of the stories that the author won’t just remove if they decide it makes someone not want to read their book. I just wasted days reading Theodora’s Dragon because it is tagged Dragon and has dragon in the name and the dragon is barely mentioned. A review could help others avoid my fate and give people a chance to mention such issues without writers just deciding you don’t need to know and trapping you into reading a story you really didn’t want.
    Rating: 5
    Deverdad que es una app súper buena si te gusta leer puedes probar aquí me encantan las historias que me ofrecen para leer literal la mejor App de mi teléfono 💘📖
    Rating: 1
    Amount of books in the library
    Why reduce the amount of books in the library when its the thing keeping your readers?
    Rating: 1
    Don’t do it!!!
    Deleted my story after working on it for 2 hours!!!
    Rating: 5
    I like the app, but anytime I look some up it comes up the exact opposite. And it won’t load😪
    The Puppymaster
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 5
    La amo
    Me encanta la aplicación es muy buena
    Rating: 5
    Pretty great
    I’ve used this app for various fanfics and the occasional diamond in the rough original, and I have to say that it’s pretty great! The platform is very easy to use, and I like that you can select a couple to read offline. Since anyone can post a story/fanfic you’ll definitely come across some that have horrible grammar or just a horrible story but there are tons of good ones for every fandom.
    and never bend
    Rating: 3
    Good but not so much
    Good app but I hate the ads. We shouldn’t even have the ad and they get real annoying.
    Rating: 3
    So of recent the app has been giving me a deal of bother. When I have full bars LTE and for sure have connectivity (as well as sometimes while on Wi-fi) the app likes to say I have no connectivity. Even after restarting the app, updating it, shutting the phone off and on.
    Rating: 5
    i can’t seem to open the app it’s been doing this since 8am
    uni queen 18
    Rating: 5
    I love this app
    The amount of sleep I have lost over this app tells you how awesome it is. All the stories you can find on here are amazing and it’s really easy to sign up.
    Rating: 5
    Great app
    Really like the app but can more detailed sub-categories be added to LGBTQ+ and Romance. For LGBTQ+ there’s only werewolf and I was wandering if maybe fantasy or sci-fi could be added too. This isn’t a complaint though because I really don’t have any about the app currently.
    Rating: 4
    Amazing one of the best app's
    Rating: 3
    I miss it
    I have had Wattpad since 2012. It was such a great app and a big part of growing up. I’m leaving this review as a goodbye because I will be deleting it. It changed way too much. It’s whole mission changed and now it seems their only goal is to make more money. I tried with the paid stories but I just think it’s redundant now, without the enticement of my favorite stories being free. You have to pay money as if they’re actually publishing the books on there. If you don’t want to pay anything I suggest you download Inkitt.
    rozer bites
    Rating: 4
    Nice but
    Watt pad is one of the best stories apps, but it used to have this thing before the offline version where you can read offline with only very little ads. So I am confused about this version. As it created more problems. I wished u guys coul have a search bar for the library so it could make searching for books easier.
    Rating: 5
    porn. :)
    Rating: 4
    Love it, could use better sorting options tho
    I love this app. It is like the only app I use 😂 I would really like if the developers could make a way to sort the stories in your library by length and add another one that could sort it by completion. Thx ☺️
    go follow @beyonce.edit on ig
    Rating: 5
    why r u guys removing the reaction thing :(
    kaylee poo
    Rating: 1
    Terrible app
    My mincraft gf won’t get off of it she won’t do anything but read it it possesed her she crawling on the ceiling,eating newborns,sleeping upside down,barking and crawling it’s scary do NOT download
    Rating: 5
    About falling in love
    Rating: 5
    The only issue is it doesn’t sync with the library for Wattpad web
    Rating: 5
    It’s great just to get trapped and to a whole new world in your book. Like I’ll just wait for hours and I’ll get lost into the book. Their books on this app or entertaining.
    Rating: 2
    Good but need some help
    See I use this app everyday for most of my dad because I don’t like being around people or being social. So just now I was using WATTPAD looking for a story when every 45s - 1min I see that I notifications even though I already saw them and they keep on popping up and It’s really annoying. Plus It says update so I thought oh that may be the reason but now it’s not updating and now I just deleted it trying to see if it will let me download it again but now it won’t download again and I’m confused. I really don’t know what to do.
    Rating: 1
    Wattpad does not work without WiFi even if my phone is on it will say unavailable
    Rating: 2
    Let me log in
    I just downloaded this app on my new phone and it will not let me log in is it because I have a iPhone now???
    jan roblox player
    Rating: 5
    Monster Ultra