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  • Rating: 4.64201
  • Number of ratings:1,141,631 ratings
  • Developer:The Weather Channel Interactive
  • First edition:released on 2008-11-09
  • Latest version:Version11.9.2 released to 2020-03-24
  • Capacity:290.80 MB


    Rating: 1
    Do you enjoy ads?
    This app now constantly harasses you with ads. It’s almost unusable now. Every time you try to go to a different place in the app you get a full screen ad that you have to try and figure out how to close to get to where you want to go. User experience has been ruined. Look elsewhere for your weather app needs.
    Rating: 1
    It’s ok but probably better options
    The app itself is ok but be aware of how you allow it to use your data. Also it has ads to some pretty sketchy sites and products that could be scams or risky.
    Rating: 3
    Use to like the app. Every time you open it they want to know if you want premium service. It’s annoying and I’m thinking about another weather app that doesn’t relentlessly ask me if I want premium.
    Rating: 1
    Still unusable
    I liked the old version so much better. The version is awful. Too many ads. Takes too long for everything to load. And today I can’t even get the radar to work. We’re in storm season so it would be nice to have a certain amount of reliability.
    Rating: 1
    You ruined this app!
    The old version was so much better. There isn’t anything that is better with this version of the app. I can’t imagine who thought this version was a good idea. For those of you looking for a good weather app, I’m so sorry.... the best one was the old version, this one is terrible.
    SMN II
    Rating: 4
    Weather App
    I love the weather app but am using it less now that they’ve changed the format. Liked the old format much better.
    Rating: 2
    Used to love this app but now it’s littered with ads. Find a new way to make money. Might be moving on. Sadly.
    Moss Hill Farm
    Rating: 5
    Weather, air, pollen, & COVID
    Great app to get your basics every day! Highly recommend.
    Rating: 2
    10 locations?
    Constant barrage of ads and tryin to get you to upgrade to a subscription. Fairly close to uninstalling. It is not the only competent weather app out there. Used to love this app.
    Rating: 2
    This app has turned into an adfest making it a pain to navigate
    Rating: 2
    Downhill since “premium” came out
    I used to use this app all the time, but the pushing to go to premium for a monthly price has become too much. If you want a single price to remove ads, fine. Stop trying so hard and maybe I will come back.
    Carl L'Heureux
    Rating: 1
    Weather channel
    I guess I am not alone with my rating. Please bring back the old format. It was much better.
    Rating: 4
    Going to far
    I don’t need to be asked every two minutes how I think about the weather channel I don’t need all the pop up’s other then that checking on the weather is good this is another problem the nickname thing every body already has it
    usenlo y ablenme
    Rating: 5
    Lo mejor lo recomiendo
    Rating: 5
    Whether channel
    You guys are you best
    Rating: 1
    Premium weather?
    This used to be five stars for me but now every time I open the app it asks if I want to upgrade to premium. No I don’t want to upgrade to premium, I just want to check the temperature for the day. This is ridiculous!
    Rating: 3
    OK but too political
    App works ok but the Weather channel definitely has a political agenda and they’re constant pushing it.
    Rating: 3
    Lightning alert
    I am sitting in a thunderstorm in McKinney Texas, lightning all around me and the app does NOT indicate ANY activity AT ALL. Fix that!!!!!
    Rating: 3
    Used to be good
    Used to be good until they added a “premium” feature. Yes cause if you want ALL of your weather you must pay. Plus it’s waaaaay to confusing now. You have to have 6 different things set up just to have an alert :/
    Rating: 1
    This had been my favorite weather app forever but I just finally gave up on it and deleted it. The deciding factor for me to do that was the highly inappropriate ads that started to pop up on it. I do not want to see barely dressed women doing explicit looking exercises while trying to find weather information. Switched to AccuWeather and finding that a great replacement.
    Rating: 2
    Worst update ever
    This “new & improved” version takes forever to load, gives too much tiny info, looks chaotic. Takes forever to get to the hourly weather that used to pop up first thing. Go back!
    Rating: 5
    This is a good program
    I like the push notifications so I can be the first person to tell everyone the weather. “Weather will begin in 16 minutes. It will be intermittent” ✌️Sick.
    Rating: 5
    Free weather
    Great app for free lovin it.
    Gregory Paul
    Rating: 1
    Don’t bother
    This app has become so bad over the years. Future cast radar does not work anymore, looks like they aren’t gonna bother to fix it. The advertisements have become unbearable, it’s just nonstop like an infected Windows XP computer. The layout has become very confusing and unintuitive. Just stick to watching TWC on tv, everything about this app is horrible.
    Rating: 1
    Watch app won’t connect
    No matter how good the app wants to claim to be. If it refuses to connect to The Weather Channel servers than it is worthless. The iPhone app works but is very slow and super pushy about buying an upgrade. This purchase is hard to justify when features do not work from jump (such as the watch app companion). There are a few great apps that provide weather info and updates. So it becomes necessary that in order to win over customers you need features that work and provide confidence. This app fails to meet these standards, thus 1 star.
    Rating: 1
    Wish I could give it 0 stars
    Thanks for bloating the app full of ads and gets in the way. This is worse than FB app with the amount of ads. I have had this app for years and until about 3 months ago was with the app. Now, I have tons of free apps on the market to pick from and many that have a better UX and UI for me. This is✌🏼TWC App! Later!
    Rating: 1
    Good weather new app is terrible
    SLOW, locks up, takes forever to show you any weather because its too busy loading the 30 ads it forces you to see before weather information. Garbage
    Rating: 1
    The “Worst” Channel
    Look around because there is a far better arranged app, with a solid widget, that uses the EXACT same central weather computer that TWC uses and that costs far less and can also run on your Mac. As for this now-awful app: A poor UI has become worse now that an ad banner to go Premium blocks the hourly forecast, as well as a banner hawking new radar — even if you already have a paid subscription, which, by the way, has seemingly disappeared — in fact, ads everywhere. Instead of a reasonably priced yearly fee to remove ads we now have a fee greater for one month than the fee was for one year. To get what? An app larded with monetized videos and the worst weather widget that I’ve seen: a widget completely useless, except to open the app and present more People magazine videos.
    Rating: 5
    Kudos on Covid Map
    I have been looking for a concise local Covid update without having to get blasted by cable news. I’m not happy about the numbers you report in my area in New York, but you’ve done an awesome job delivering the bad news. Well designed, concise and accurate. Thanks. I’m happy I paid you.
    Rating: 4
    App always kicks user out
    Every time I open up the weather channel app it kicks me out the first time, but then works just fine when I go to re open it. Wish I could just use it the first time I tried to open the app.
    Ketto Ember
    Rating: 1
    free version is rendered useless by adverts
    The free version of The Weather Channel (TWC) app has been working great until it became cluttered with advertisements. There is no need to purchase an ad-free version of TWC, since there are plenty of free apps without the unslaught of advertisements to select from, which all serve their stated purpose: inform those interested of the WEATHER. Stay away.
    Rating: 1
    Terrible Update
    The latest update to this app took away several options that used to be included at no cost plus it deleted my saved locations. The future radar feature is now only included if you subscribe for $5/month, but used to be free. Also, the amount of ads has increased immensely since the update. This used to be my favorite weather app. Now it’s pretty much useless because all I see are ads and more ads, and I can’t see future radar during storms.
    Rating: 2
    Full Screen Ads
    This was a fantastic app, until they implemented full screen pop up ads. Now it is merely acceptable.
    Rating: 1
    Not very Good
    Really a crappy app!
    Rating: 1
    The extended, no ads app doesn't make much difference for me. Hardly noticed it. Will cancel.
    Rating: 1
    Premium and updates
    With all the premium stuff you advertise, pop up ads and updates, your app is garbage. Obvious greed.
    Rating: 1
    The content is great, but the experience is diminishing over time
    3 things have bugged me for weeks/months now: 1: the app crashes 50% of the time upon opening. Literally 1 out of every 2 app openings. I’m an Apple beta tester, but this is the only app I have which has this issue. So checking the weather: something which should be done within a few seconds takes me almost a minute to wait for it to boot, crash, then reboot when I click on it 2: the scrolling is awful. I want to quick scroll to the bottom, but for some reason the app has scrolling momentum turned off so I need to swipe and swipe and swipe to see the bottom of a page. Whose idea was this?? 3: the free experience is terrible. I know your goal is “get the people to buy premium version of the app” but does it have to be as intrusive as a freemium Facebook game??? It’s such a bad look and takes me seconds to close out the intrusive ads. All it has done is beef up my ever growing disdain for the weather channel app. Maybe I’ll just create a shortcut to the website on my home screen instead. Probably will be a better experience. Or I’ll use another app like Apple weather or dark sky. Please genuinely take a look at these painful things, I have used this app for my entire adult life and want it to be a good experience like it used to be. I’m a user who can be saved!!
    Rating: 1
    Missing Reports
    Where is the fishing report? Once upon a time it was there. Never mind. We are deleting it in search of an app that will provide that information.
    Rating: 3
    Some of your COVID info is not updated often. (Gastonia, NC). The source is North Carolina Health Department. Per these two weather channel does not update obviously.
    Rating: 1
    Been using it for years but the adverts and the lag due to them has made it unusable. Looking for something better. Big problem say I want to go fishing tomorrow. So I check the hourly forecast but it only shows me till 6am. Check the daily for sat. Only get a brier description.
    Rating: 1
    Used to be good
    When this was a more simple app, it was great! I’m not sure why the developers have decided to try to turn it into an actual channel full of constant news updates, ads, and complicated formats. I loved the original app, and with every update it becomes more cluttered and things stop working right. I can’t even open the radar anymore. Just because you CAN add a feature doesn’t mean you SHOULD. You definitely aren’t going to make me upgrade to a premium version when your free version does nothing right.
    Rating: 1
    Not worth it anymore
    This app has degraded and is worthless now. Pop up ads are super annoying. Weather Bug is better.
    Rating: 1
    This has to be one of the worst apps.
    It is slow and crashes daily. Locks up. And now constantly pops up to get me to buy premium. Why would I pay money for this??
    mas90guru ct
    Rating: 3
    Lost my subscription
    Hopefully I won’t have to constantly go into this app and check for subscription license. This morning it didn’t show me as a subscriber and I had to update the license which the app somehow lost.
    Rating: 1
    Not as good as it used to be
    I've had this app forever. And years ago it used to be great and up to date. But the past year or so, it's been horrible. It freezes a lot. It crashes constantly and doesn't give you accurate weather reports. I'm constantly double checking other weather sources because I can't rely on this app alone. It's unfortunate because it used to be my go-to weather app. But it's just not what it used to be. Update: March 2020: I can’t believe this app turned into a money grabbing scheme. First, they change the app, make you download it again and for those of us who originally bought it the first time have to buy it again. Second, it’s $30 for a year or you can pay the minimum amount per month!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! So I have to spend money yearly on this app?! It’s not a one time purchase?!?! Ok, I could maybe get on board with a one time purchase of $5 and MAYBE understand a one time purchase of $30 but $30 a year for a freaking app on my phone?!?! Then to top it off these guys think it’s ok to block you from seeing important weather information from hour to hour and that’s only for premium users!!!! Greedy. These developers are greedy.
    Add back sprinting
    Rating: 5
    U h if
    Rating: 1
    The number of deaths shown for TN is HIGHLY, HIGHLY INACCURATE. Of what value is this new feature if it only spreads FEAR and not FACTS?
    Rating: 2
    Removed after many years of using
    In addition to weather updates this application started to push news. I need this program for just weather. For news I use different applications.
    Rating: 3
    Used to be good
    Now it’s filled with pop ups and ads everywhere