Yahoo Sports: Watch Live Games

  • Rating: 4.68049
  • Number of ratings:67,083 ratings
  • Developer:Yahoo
  • First edition:released on 2019-02-12
  • Latest version:Version8.15.2 released to 2020-03-20
  • Capacity:186.55 MB


    Rating: 1
    Too many notifications
    Just stop Edit: deleted the app
    Rating: 1
    iTMS App Store is broken YET AGAIN
    Well, it’s that time again, folks! Apple has fouled up something on their iTunes App Store servers, and so those of us who are still using iTunes 12.6.5 for Enterprise iOS device support and management are unable to (1) download new purchases from the store, and (2) update existing apps. When you clock the “download” button in the App Store, you see a message “Downloading …” but nothing happens and no error message appears. Similarly, if you click the “update” button on an app update, or the “Update All Apps” button, you will see the same “Downloading …” messages, but nothing will actually download and you’ll see no error message to explain why. This happens for every single app in the app store and every single update shown in the iTMS app updates interface. Maybe the Big Brains at Apple have chosen this particular moment to finally, silently cut off all iOS app download/update methods except those done via the iDevice’s individual App Store interfaces, making it impossible for IT managers to control app purchase/update rollouts across all of their devices in anything other than an anarchic, catch-as-catch-can fashion. Or maybe they’ve just bungled their backend app update servers, like they seem to do with increasing frequency throughout these last few years of continuing decay and cr*pification of Apple’s feeble Web Services offerings. As usual, Apple support aren’t listening to end-users who submit error reports for this issue, so the only recourse for us is to pass the buck by giving one-star reviews to every app update that’s affected, in the hopes that developers with money on the line and access to actual iTunes Technical Support (as opposed to the teenage babysitters assigned to deal with lowly end-users) can get the problem fixed sometime before the next ice age arrives. As of 17:51 PDT on Friday, 20 March 2020, this is the list of app updates I’ve found that exhibit this problem: AT&T Call Protect BestParking Blue Shield of California DocuSign DuckDuckGo Cornell University’s eBird Epocrates Eventbrite Fandango Google’s Gmail IMDB Medium Microsoft OneDrive MyTSA Nextdoor O’Reilly Publishers ParkWhiz Priceline Progressive Insurance Reddit Route: Package & Order Tracker Snapchat Songkick StubHub Sync - Secure cloud storage Ticketmaster Travelocity Yahoo Sports Zomato
    Rating: 5
    I love the app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    This app is great! I love that you can put your favorite teams and then it will remind you that the game’s about to start or whatever. For people who are looking for a good sports app to watch games and look at schedules and other stuff, this is right app for you.
    Rating: 1
    might as well take free basketball games off if yall dont even stream them..the hell.
    Rating: 3
    Widget Issues
    The first game at the top of the widget displays fine, but games below it the logos are smooshed and flattened and there isn’t much space between games. It’s hard to read. Otherwise, a good app.
    Rating: 5
    Yahoo Sportsbook-BetMGM Integration fixed
    Now the clicking odds in Yahoo Sports app opens the BetMGM app, combined with other content features of Yahoo Sports, this is a 5-star app.
    Rating: 1
    Scores are very behind in live time
    Rating: 1
    App crashes
    Please fix the app it crashes after every exit
    Rating: 5
    Love it
    Is anyone else having problems timing there college team on pick'em ? Let me know ok I am having problems
    Rating: 1
    Widget support needed
    Widget for apple is not working. Please fix.
    Rating: 5
    Love yahoo sports
    Love everything about yahoo sports use it to follow all my sporting games
    Rating: 2
    It was good
    Recently app is having issues with live scores accuracy something is not good
    Rating: 1
    Used to love Yahoo, but they don’t mention men’s or women’s
    My issue, I’m getting ready to watch a basketball game, and I want to know if it’s men’s or women’s, my college has 2 good teams. Years ago, it would say Mens BBall, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Baseball or Men’s Lacrose. I heard because of transgender - the description won’t be used here. I’m leaving
    Rating: 2
    New layout
    The new layout is a bit too flashy. I preferred the simplicity of earlier designs. At the very least, on the Home page, could articles for my teams come before ‘articles from our writers’? Those aren’t relevant to me and I have no interest in seeing them.
    Rating: 1
    Need landscape mode
    Need landscape mode
    Sarah J. Connor
    Rating: 1
    Yahoo Slate Alert Turns Itself Back On
    I turn off the Yahoo Fantasy Slate alert and League alerts but they turn themselves back on. Please fix this. I ONLY want to receive the alerts I have set. It's really annoying.
    Rating: 1
    App update makes app doa
    Unable to open app. Says something to the effect of, “things are a bit slow...” try closing the app. WiFi and cellular were used when troubleshooting app
    Rating: 1
    New update
    New update is really slow
    Rating: 1
    Live score and time wrong
    Live sports says game over for all Star nba game when actually its the top of the 4th
    Rating: 2
    What happened to alerts?
    Agree with those who have had this app a long time that alerts have disappeared! I see several folks have issues with this lately. I don’t need to contact your developer. I have done everything you say to do to get alerts. Please issue a fix. Thank you
    Rating: 3
    College basketball spreads
    The scoreboard page for College Basketball does not show the spread lines anymore?
    Rating: 1
    Phone Will Not Auto-Lock with app open
    Which is a problem for both security and battery.
    Rating: 3
    Fix the alerts
    Every time I try to sign up for alerts for certain games to get score updates while I’m at work it always tells me subscription failed. Can't ever get alerts for games because I always get that error message.
    Rating: 2
    Alet subscriptions not working
    App saying alerts not working still after two of your latest updates please address issue thanks!!
    Rating: 5
    The App has been great and the New dark mode is even more amazing!!!
    E diggy
    Rating: 3
    Comment section text color.
    Why is my text white in the comment section when typing? How do you change that?
    Rating: 5
    So far so good!
    I have been happy with this app so far. I’ve been able to watch without a hitch.
    Rating: 3
    Should show awards and all star appearances in player stats
    This app is pretty good. However, it always takes a really long time to load, which is annoying. Also, it would nice if the player stats included info like All-Star appearances, all pro teams, and season awards like mvp, opoy, etc
    Rating: 4
    Good but it needs to have the xfl!
    Rating: 5
    Thanks for Dark Mode!
    It’s finally arrived
    sdc vvb
    Rating: 1
    Not loading
    App not loading please fix
    Rating: 1
    Pretty good. Need spring training scores. Has some problems at times but over a pretty good addition to my sports information. Thank you Sportacular. 6/9/14. Only complaint is sometimes I have to reset my favorites and alerts. I don't know why this happens. One other thing, while looking at plays in baseball games, they are sometimes out of sequence. Excellent app!!! As of 2/6/20, it won’t load even after restarting. What’s up with that? BR loads fine!
    Rating: 1
    Too Many Notifications
    This app has “rapid fire” notifications. I went into the app to try and turn the ones I didn’t want off (everything except for Slate) and not 5 minutes later, I got an update about MLB. I don’t want to turn the notifications completely off because I like knowing when a new contest is open. If I don’t get less notifications, I’m going to just cut the app, regardless of how much I enjoy the content.
    The ratings gangster
    Rating: 1
    Yahoo Sports Hates America
    Way to go Yahoo for politicizing the Super Bowl calling the Trump ad “heinous” - alienating half the country and showing its continued, brainless bigotry toward anything but the most extreme of Leftist “values”.
    Rating: 2
    Doesn’t really work. Never loads
    Aaron Devlin
    Rating: 3
    Out of market games
    If you lived in an different state why aren’t we allowed to watch other football games behind just the local games ? I would love to watch other games behind just the local games . every time the games are on sometimes they’re extremely delayed . I wanted to watch the Pacers play tonite since Victor is coming back tonite since he injury our cable provider doesn’t give us the station that show the games on switch is extremely unfortunate I would love for yahoo sports to start showing pacers games through the app has well has the colts games and other games has well behind just two games!
    Rating: 5
    Best App for Live Football
    This a great app to stream Nfl Games
    sports notification guy
    Rating: 5
    Notifications not all working
    Picking college basketball games choosing 3 hour warning line moves quarter ends game highlights I try to set all the games and it won’t let me
    Rating: 1
    NCAA schedule problems
    Your app used to be my go-to. You’re missing games. You’re inaccurate. Disappointing.
    Rating: 5
    Good app
    Rating: 5
    Love It
    Such a good app!!
    Rating: 5
    Just an amazingly great app, really enjoy this keep it up.
    Rating: 5
    Everything ESPN is not - AKA perfect
    Polar opposite of the ESPN app. Fast, reliable, easy to use, reliable, fast. Made by people who actually know how to make a mobile app. Supported by teams that actually know how to write a backend. Etc etc. I’ll never look back.
    Rating: 4
    Good app for all sports
    So glad there’s an app we can use to watch all sorts of sports for free. NFL all the way for me My only frustration is the app freezes & no sound a lot. It’s frustrating to miss a lot of plays. Other than that great app hope they can fix the problems. 👍
    Rating: 5
    More options
    I think to withdraw money from Yahoo Fantasy Slate , you can use more than just PayPal .... I was thinking more like Apple Cash or the Apple Card because PayPal only offers so much
    Rating: 5
    Best Sports App
    The best sports app that I have found. Gives good info on stats also. I don't bother checking out other apps, get all my info with this one. I am a NASCAR fan and if you added the Truck Series this app would be even better.
    Rating: 5
    Just, wow.
    SO glad to be able to stream NFL games and not be a Verizon subscriber.....thanks for bringing the gridiron goodness!!
    Rating: 3
    Fantasy Slate sound?
    I love that the “sound off” button doesn’t stay off when making picks so I get to hear those guys talking while trying to read. Guess I’ll just turn my sound down. 🙄
    Rating: 4
    Auto playing videos with sound
    This was a great app, but the other day it started auto playing videos with sound embedded at the the bottom of stories. This is too obtrusive. Please stop it! Update: After a prompt reply from the developer, I checked the app settings, and auto play had been enabled. It must have been set by a recent update because I certainly did not set it. I turned auto play off, and everything is better. I am raising my rating back to four stars.