• Rating: 2.68727
  • Number of ratings:699,615 ratings
  • Developer:Facebook, Inc.
  • First edition:released on 2019-02-05
  • Latest version:Version302.0 released to 2021-01-21
  • Capacity:249.80 MB


    Rating: 1
    To many ADs👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
    Rating: 2
    Can’t manage pages anymore?
    Have multiple business and project pages, as of a few days ago I can no longer easily navigate between them. If i click the pages tab, I can only see the last one I was on when this started... can’t be changed. When you click the more / hamburger menu It says I have x number of pages but clicking on that only returns me to the same page as the tab icon. I have to now search and find the page I want to manage and then can do it all, but really not easy anymore. Assume this is a bug and can be fixed or did you all assume people only have one page and there was no need to manage them ? TY
    Rating: 1
    Stop censoring
    We have a first amendment for a reason! And stop the fake fact checking. I believe what I want I don’t need a fake book checker to tell me what to believe.
    stop w politica
    Rating: 1
    Commies. Disgraceful,
    Trash. Commies!!!!
    Rating: 5
    Can’t login
    Wont let me login😐 keep saying login error
    Rating: 1
    Won’t even let me log in
    The app will not let me log into my account. If I use a browser, Facebook works just fine but the app is garbage. I’ve done all the steps that Facebook has suggested, nothing works. Facebook deactivated my account for absolutely no reason and with no warning as well. I made a new one, now I can’t login on the app. Absolute and total garbage app.
    big enous burdet
    Rating: 1
    Overall disappointed
    The app like to cut out on me constantly and when I watch a video on my timeline and tap on it to watch in the video watch it stops the video I was initially watching and goes to the next video after that had nothing to do with what I want to watch and when I try to go back to my video the app closes and refreshes itself, and I’m just overall disappointed with the app, it seems with every update it gets new and more bugs and I keep getting banned for ridiculous reasons. I’m strongly considering leaving Facebook for good for being biased on political stand points and community standards that are beyond ridiculous and make the “fun” of Facebook a thing of the past..there’s other places out their to enjoy and not get banned for having an opinion and not just that but I’ve gotten multiple 30 day bans for sharing memes that I’ve found on Facebook that “goes against community standards” when I share them..so how did they get their in the first place?
    Rating: 1
    Old posts
    I’m barely seeing any of my friends posts, it’s mainly just posts from groups or sponsored ads, but the few that I do see are all from 2/3 days ago. I hoped today’s update would fix it but nope. Updates never fix anything.
    Rating: 1
    I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would use this app
    Rating: 1
    If you don’t like socialism you’ll get banned.
    Years ago Facebook used to be a good way to stay connected with friends and family. Now they block and delete post that don’t agree with their radical far left agenda. If that’s not enough they just lock or ban your account with no communication. Fakebook is a dying dog on its last leg. Good riddance.
    Rating: 1
    Between Facebook and Apple products I’m sick and tired of censorship. Yes, these are your businesses, and nope I don’t have to be apart or involved with them. You have truly Tarnished your “big tech” names.
    Rating: 1
    Deleted review
    If you leave a negative review it will be deleted. Is anyone surprised?
    Rating: 2
    Dark mode
    Literally all other apps have this. Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, two of these are owned by Facebook. And yet this one is just now rolling out a BETA for dark mode. It’s pathetic and there’s no excuse
    Rating: 1
    AD disaster
    The sponsored ADS that has plagued Facebook is beyond ridiculous. Facebook needs to provide an AD free version for individuals to buy instead of reporting these for spam. Truly a waste of time. The current censorship by Facebook is sickening regardless of what spectrum of life each person is from. Ready for another social media platform other than Facebook.
    Rating: 1
    Crashes every 10 seconds every single time I want to use it.
    There was no negative rating, I would have rated it highly negative. Nothing but frustrating to see it crash on iPad.
    Rating: 1
    Horrible App
    The censorship and political bias is so bad, all you get is political opinion from their so-called “fact checkers”
    Rating: 5
    Pinches culeros ya no son chidos como antes ya se parecen a las hoyas barro feas y sentidas ojalá y le de chorro al que me bloqueo gracias lindo día
    Rating: 1
    Pedophiles and communism
    Prefer not to support a company whose okay having groups on their website selling underage boys and also stealing everyone’s personal info and selling it. Let’s also not forget freedom of speech! Internet nazis
    Rating: 1
    Terrible app!
    I don't recommend downloading this app. It is not worth my time and it sure isn't worth yours. There is a problem where even if the setting is off, Facebook can hear you and use that to give you advertisements based on what you talk about.
    Rating: 2
    Todo estaba bien
    Estaba bien todo hasta que se empezó a salir de la app Y ya no me aparecen los videos
    Rating: 1
    Censorship is not ok
    The clear and obvious left leaning stance of this company is deplorable. How many conservatives have been banned for expressing honest views on the disgusting 2020 election. Who are you people to decide what I see and hear? You allow the ayatollah to keep an account, constantly threaten America with death and destruction, yet ban anyone who even mentions PRESIDENT TRUMP? I have never used Facebook and fail to see why you are still relevant. A day of reckoning is coming for all big tech.
    Rating: 2
    Still no avatar...
    I am still not able to use the Facebook avatar feature. It is pretty frustrating when everyone else can. And now I get a notification that says that I could do it, click it, but I need to update my app but it is fully updated so this is not the problem!
    denise slack
    Rating: 1
    My app is updated and I’m still not able to create an avatar!
    Rating: 5
    Some one changed my pass word by asking me to send a code not thinking I sent it then I read what it said and it said with this code some one will change the pass word well I don’t want it changed and I deleted the app now I want my face book back mince it was so easy to change
    Rating: 1
    This app is garbage from garbage humans
    And that’s on period
    KAB <3
    Rating: 1
    Horrible censoring!
    If you aren’t a liberal everything you have to say with be deleted. Terrible company. Would give it zero stars if I could. I also would delete if I didn’t have so many pictures already on here.
    Rating: 2
    Very Bias Site
    I got banned bec I support Donald Trump.
    liggma bawls
    Rating: 1
    Mass Censorship of libertarians and conservatives
    This app is an echo chamber of leftists who want to reassign their 6 year olds gender. Corrupt pages like nerdbot, now this and other sites silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Democratic politicians also take advantage of this platform by inciting violence and creating riots. These people silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them and will not allow civil discussion of politics. You can question the election of 2016 but not the election of 2020.
    Rating: 1
    Disgusting censorship
    Rating: 1
    I have issued with sign in plz I need help
    Rating: 1
    New bugs
    With your most recent update there has been several bugs that now happen. Comments will appear as though they failed to upload, but if you back out and click back on the comment of the post, it’ll show that your comment has been placed. When going through groups, you will either get hit with this bug immediately or during scrolling, but it will say that “something we wrong” or along those lines and that there is no content unless you refresh the entire group page. While scrolling you can be bounced all the way back up to the beginning of your feed without intention. Notifications for marketplace do not appear right away. I had someone buy something and I never got the notification for it and had to refresh the app multiple times to even get it to appear in my notification button.
    Rating: 1
    Not sure what happened to freedom of speech. Can’t believe how much censorship there is.
    Rating: 1
    Not worth it..
    I downloaded it and hadn’t had problems till January 2021. Basically I got restricted from posting and commenting for 72 hours because they flagged my comment (I was talking about a cat. The owner called her cat a cow and I said “Hello baby cow.”) Facebook then gave me a warning and banned me from posting for 3 days. I then get another message two hours later and it said “we made a mistake and we put your comment back up on Facebook.” I still can’t post for 3 days even though they said THEY made a mistake and put my comment back up. They talk about wanting to “uplift” black voices but don’t. They instead silence them. The app is full of blatant racism and they do nothing about it.
    Rating: 3
    I don’t get notified...
    Ever since I first downloaded facebook i’ve never gotten any notifications from it. i have always had to go on the app to see notifications. I’ve turned notifications on in the facebook settings as well as apple settings but still nothing.
    Rating: 2
    Market Place Permissions Revoked
    I made one post on market place and lost my permissions for good. No one explained what it is I did to violate the guidelines and no one gave me options on how I can restore my use.
    nicolas snuth
    Rating: 5
    Marketplace needs to be available for everyone
    Rating: 1
    I don’t like to be censored
    Rating: 1
    They Hate Black People
    Enough said, TBH.
    Rating: 1
    Still can’t make an avatar!
    head hurt
    Rating: 1
    I just been logged out of my Facebook account and can’t receive any security codes to my phone for some reason. Then the email account linked to the page was disabled due to non activity and I can’t get in touch with anybody for service this don’t make any sense.
    Rating: 1
    Pure Censorship
    Unbelievable censorship and monitoring. Very anti American
    Rating: 1
    Pure garbage
    Rating: 1
    No tenemos derecho a exprecion
    Ya no quiero tener una cuenta con facebook debido a que se nos han violado el derecho a exprecion estamos en Estados Unidos pero ya por fb no se puede decir lo que uno quiera. Si lo hacemos, nos castigan, nos cirran la cuenta , nos vigilan todo el contenido de nuestra cuenta estamos siendo vigilados por la elite atraves de Facebook
    Rating: 1
    Marketplace issues
    I get on marketplace allot looking for vehicles, and I can’t even open the filters to find what I want. This has been going on for months now, I assumed the matter would be taken care of in the next update but no. Plz fix this issue. You are letting your platform go down the toilet, fix your issues before you don’t have anything to have issues with!
    Nia Gunther
    Rating: 1
    Dark mode
    Seems like it comes and goes whenever it wants to...one day I have it and the next day it’s gone
    Rating: 3
    I’m angry because I can’t get my avatar. It says my Facebook version isn’t supporting the avatar 😡
    hunter reign
    Rating: 2
    Where did dark mode go? I have to turn my brightness off to use the app. I ended up just getting rid of it altogether
    Rating: 1
    Child abuse
    Facebook accounts for 94% of all online child abuse reports, according to the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Why has this app not been removed from the App Store? I’m disgusted and disappointed in Apple for allowing this app to be in the store. Apple is supposed to protect their consumers.
    Rating: 1
    Censoring much?
    Facebook currently accounts for 94% of all online child abuse reports, according to the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). This app needs to be removed from the App Store and disbanded immediately. Children are being abused as a direct result of this platform allow child abusers and child traffickers to congregate here. Keep your kids off. Apple needs to respond, this is against their terms of service.