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  • Number of ratings:1,456,758 ratings
  • Developer:eBay Inc.
  • First edition:released on 2019-01-31
  • Latest version:Version6.1.0 released to 2020-05-11
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    A Concerned Seller
    Rating: 3
    Good app and platform except...
    I have been on the eBay platform since 2014 and have seen all sorts on the site. The ease of selling to a wide range of people has never been easier! However, when selling there are a huge amount of problems. I recently sold a camera and got at least 10 offers that were for transactions out of eBay. I don’t consider myself a vigilante but I always report these. I have even gotten offers that I accepted and upon acceptance the buyer would only proceed with a third party payment. To top it all off all of these have been from accounts who were created that day and were no doubt a scam! Would love to continue selling her but please eBay, crack down on these sellers!
    Big D😎 .
    Rating: 5
    the best
    this is the best app to order things off they got everything and cheap prices with fast delivery i love this app 🥰🥰
    Rating: 5
    Amazing customer service A+++
    Rating: 1
    Poorly made App
    Lame can’t get ahold of anyone on phone, app, or even email there no concern about there loyal customers. The apps been loading very slow!!!
    Rating: 1
    Logged Out 4No Reason?
    I was literally logged out for no reason and can’t log back in. Help me please I have to track my purchase
    Good Ol' Jud Jud
    Rating: 1
    Garbage app and ZERO customer support.
    Rating: 2
    Unable to view purchases since last update, only get error messages PLEASE FIX
    Redwolf fleerkfjjjj
    Rating: 5
    I love to shop on Ebay!
    Ebay is a safe and fun place to buy (and sell) used and new items for other people to enjoy. I recommend this app to people who love to shop!
    Rating: 1
    Cuando podremos GUARDARRRR las preferencias de BUSQUEDAAAAA...hay que estar escogiendo en cada busqueda las preferencias y eso es BASTANTE molesto. 😡🤬
    Kabita Magar
    Rating: 5
    Very excellent to shopping
    I can found anything in EBay
    (\(•<•)/) (>_•) (T_T)
    Rating: 5
    First place to shop when needing to buy something, good products and good prices. Never had no issues buying through ebay!
    Rating: 1
    Constantly resetting category’s
    I have a couple of searches that I use. However, there’s one search that I can use for a couple of days and then all of a sudden Ebay changes the category. If I search “Santa Cruz” I have to go through the categories to get it to “outdoor sports”. It will stay in “outdoor sports” for a day or two but will change it, for whatever aggravating reason, to “cycling” and I have to readjust the categories. Constant repeating of this for years is maddening. SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS 💩! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!
    Rating: 5
    Envío rápido
    Me encanta porque el envío es muy rápido... y tienen buenas ofertas.
    Rating: 5
    Easy order great services and good quality products that I’ve recently received
    Rating: 5
    All good
    All good
    Rating: 2
    The customers....
    After considering for a long time I finally listed two auctions to start selling some of my extra stuff. Was very exciting to watch the bids rack up! My most expensive item, the guy bid $580 to win the auction, just to then message me he only has $450 and how would that be??! The other buyer was high bid in an active ending, only to discover she hadn’t read the listing and thought it was a different product. I cancelled for her even though she paid already. So all I can say is 2 out of 2 bad experiences trying to sell. After a lot of work preparing and answering questions throughout. eBay needs to have a way to get the seller paid at end of auction like any real auctioneer would do
    Rating: 1
    Order took over a month for delivery
    Ordered washable masks, which took forever to be delivered.After getting the running around.They were finally delivered a month and week later . So disappointed
    Rating: 3
    No notifications
    Been using eBay for 7 years. Love the forum. However, in the past 6 months, despite having all notifications activated and even installing and uninstalling the app, I do not get notifications on my iPhone or an email to my eBay account. It has generally been tolerable as a “glitch” but in the past 2 weeks I have lost over $1,000 in sales because I was not notified of offers that met my minimum offer setting. Therefore I did not even get the option to barter with potential buyers or accept their offers outright. One sale alone was $700 and I had 3 offers for that item that simply sat and expired. Hopefully eBay will fix this. It is incredibly frustrating and makes me reconsider selling and buying in this venue.
    Rating: 3
    Phone is in my pocket and the app buys me a $2000 bike
    I’ve been an EBay member since 2001 and I enjoy buying and selling. Yesterday I had the unique experience of buying a $2000 item while my iPhone was in my pocket. After some back and forth, the seller cancelled the transaction. Isn’t there an additional step that could be installed to prevent an accidental buy? I decided to delete the app altogether, then reinstalled without signing in as a compromise. I hope EBay can look into this, I can’t be the only one to have experienced this problem.
    Rating: 2
    Sort-of scam and app seems broken
    Ebay charges 10% final value fee and 10% shipping fee. The shipping fee is ridiculous because I have many items that I would be happy to sell for around 5$, but they are heavier items, so the shipping could be about 20$, because of the 10% shipping fee, i get about HALF of my profit taken away!!!! I see that they do this because people would raise the shipping price up to have a lower final value fee and save money, but this drastically hurts many sellers and because of this, I hardly use the app to sell anymore. I have turned to other sites, or even donating, so that I do not feel as if I am being scammed. An easy fix for this and ebay could even generate more profit by having more people sell items would be to possibly have sellers verify their address by submitting a document such as a driver’s license and then, as long as the seller uses the automatic shipping label creator and chooses to ship from their verified address, the 10% shipping fee should be waived. Selling on the app is also very annoying. Every time you list an item it is automatically placed to be re-listed up to 8 times. They give you no option to cancel this so unless you do not want your item to be re-listed multiple times you must edit it on a desktop computer and finding the feature is quite a hassle. It is almost like that want to trap you into keeping your item on their site. I am very annoyed because I have had to call many times to have many items removed from auto re-listing as I travel and am not always available to to wait and be ready to send an item for a period of up to 8 weeks. I believe ebay has potential, but this is seriously bugged with the feature not being readily available to edit when posting through the app. Also, anytime you edit almost any setting in the “revise auction” area, the initial bid of your listing gets set WAY BELOW what you originally set it as. It seems to be the only setting that is changed and is very suspicious because it seems like they are trying to do this sneakily so someone will definitely buy your item and then you will be charged to cancel order and pay a cancellation fee. It is very wrong. Please fix these issues, otherwise I will continue to sell elsewhere..
    Ruth From Indiana, USA
    Rating: 1
    eBay has been failing me corona virus
    They let the over seas ppl charge us then they just delete the orders after they get our money. It’s BS How can they delete orders when they have orders outstanding. 0 stars I have tried every way to work this out. Don’t do over seas buying in the apps. But only with trusted ppl you do buisness with. The thing that get me the most is we can’t block the sellers that cheat us. That’s not fair at all. I know as a seller we have the right to block buyers that cheat us. So why can’t block the people that cheat us? Ebay needs work!
    Rating: 5
    Word whammer
    Thank you for my order. I have been looking for this product for awhile . This was and is an excellent way of shopping.😊
    Rating: 1
    Delete all your payment info from your EBay account during the pandemic. EBay is offering no resolution to hacked transactions during this pandemic due to limited customer service representatives. I had $400 stolen from me and EBay did nothing. EBay gets hacked frequently and your payment info will get used for transactions that ship items to the hacker.
    Rating: 5
    Missing items
    I have been disappointed a few times when I didn’t receive my items. But I love eBay.
    Rating: 5
    One Stop Shop
    Shopping with your convenience, seller that deals are with professional business mind set, thanks to all.
    Rating: 5
    I love the eBay app
    The app is so easy to use. I would say to buy or sell is such a breeze.
    Rating: 1
    Ludicrous discount suggestions
    I am and have been an eBay seller for about 12 years. Not long ago eBay introduced a feature in which my store stock was examined by some type of algorithm or AI and I would then be encouraged to “send a perspective buyer a discount offer.” This was a good feature; I used it and it it generated sales. But now it has changed and is no longer useful. I now receive suggestions from eBay to offer discounts on items as inexpensive as $5. In addition, eBay wants a discount offer to include free shipping for the buyer. Shipping my items costs $3.25. After the sale, eBay takes a fee and PayPal also takes a fee. So on an inexpensive item, this leaves me, the seller, with literally nothing. This arrangement is good for the buyer, who gets a great discount plus free shipping. It’s great for eBay and PayPal, who get their percentage. But for small sellers, and other small businesses that are supposedly the backbone of America, it would quickly drive me out of business. So thanks eBay, for yet another tweak to your app that makes doing business for small businesses more difficult. 1 Star.
    Rating: 4
    Products offered versus app features
    The products offered on eBay are amazing, versatile, and unique. eBay is app however needs an absolute overhaul in such a big way that I'll just leave it at that. Enough said. PayPal is developmentally disabled also.
    Rating: 2
    App always freezing, what is going on..!
    Tried to zoom in on a products, and page just froze, couldn’t get it started again..
    Rating: 5
    Product backing
    eBay honestly makes all sales as offered & backs buyer if otherwise.
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 2
    Don’t sell on eBay unless you wanna get screwed over
    Rating: 1
    I bought a drone from eBay and it didn’t come with that, I also did not get a REFUND. This is such a scam and is a lie.
    Crate Gambino
    Rating: 5
    Thumbs up! 👍🏻
    easy peasey!
    Rating: 1
    One of eBay's greatest assets is their feedback system. And yet, no one can sort their search results by 'feedback'. I have over 2 decades of buying & selling on here. I rarely buy from anyone that doesn't have 100% feedback rating. I even pay a premium of up to 50% on items if they have 100% rating. I never buy from 98.9% & below! 100%=A+, 99.9%=A-, 99.8%=B+,..., 99%=F-. This is my personal scale! It takes too long to find the 100%s on many items! If I could sort by feedback rating, I would buy 10X more junk than I do now! eBay is F'N themselves by holding back this feature!
    Rating: 3
    Your vendors lie about shipping. Then you do nothing about it.
    Rating: 1
    I’m very frustrated bcz all of my payment methods like PayPal, Debit and checking were denied and stated that I needed to try another payment option. I don’t understand bcz all of the above methods are valid and numbers correct??? I tried to buy an iPhone and was on the site for almost an hour trying to figure out what was going on??? I eventually added a credit card, my friends since it was going to be his, and it went thru immediately. I have enough money to have bought several iPhones so that wasn’t an issue. I’m just wondering what I did wrong or if it’s something on ur end??? Just wanted y’all to know about this issue. Thanks Jenn
    Victoria o Vicky
    Rating: 5
    Alcohol 100%
    Estoy haciendo un pago de los artículos seleccionados: carretera 478 Barrio San Antonio Sector La Hacienda Interior La Rabua Quebradillas PR 00678...
    Junk all
    Rating: 1
    Third party
    I no longer trust e-bay .....being compromised by a third party seller....how is that even possible. I have been buying from Amazon with confidence now that e-bay has lost control of security.
    danny jourdanais
    Rating: 1
    Package was stolen
    And the person I purchased it from won’t send me another or my replacement eBay is making me wait 7 days in order to report it stolen and the carrier gives me 5 day money back guarentee I am absolutely not happy with my experience with you guys sorry to say
    Thee Fartmeister
    Rating: 4
    Very convenient
    Although convenient, I still cannot do everything that I can on the actual site
    Rating: 1
    This new app is terrible! It’s like every time they update it, it gets worse and worse. You can’t go from screen to screen, like looking for prices on safari and then going back to the eBay app. When your deleting items on your watch list it, it takes you all the way to the top again. It’s super inconvenient. The app a few cycles ago was so much better. If your going to update something, shouldn’t it be better?
    Rating: 1
    hubery 81
    This guy is ripping people off, listing items at cheap price, canceling and keeping your money
    Rating: 5
    Muy bueno!! Gracias
    Rating: 1
    When I needed it the most...
    ... it unexpectedly asked me to log in again, in spite of having used the app before for years. How come this app can't reliably store user credentials? I use strong passwords I don't even remember, so this app was unusable when it was most needed.
    Rating: 2
    Amazon is way better
    As a buyer and a seller i constantly have issues with customers buying things and then cancelling or selling and not actually having the product. And i never get to talk to a person in customer service just through messaging. Fed up!!
    Rating: 1
    No sark mode and full of ads
    Where is the dark mode??
    Rating: 5
    Love eBay!!! But why the fees so high?
    Rating: 4
    Old is Gold
    One of the best since decades