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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Number of ratings:1,458,956 ratings
  • Developer:eBay Inc.
  • First edition:released on 2008-07-11
  • Latest version:Version5.38.0 released to 2019-10-30
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    Rating: 1
    What is a removed item
    Rating: 5
    Love eBay.
    nick goods123
    Rating: 1
    Fees after fees
    Rating: 5
    Great app! Love it...
    Rating: 2
    They add tax now
    The tax is out of hand now
    Rating: 5
    Very trustworthy
    I always receive my items on time the sellers always keep me posted on my items and are very quick at responding to any questions best way to shop online 💕 it
    Rating: 5
    My go to site!
    My go to site for low prices
    Rating: 5
    Love it!
    Love how easy it is to use
    Rating: 5
    Love it
    I love ebay
    Rating: 1
    Random order cancellations!! Buyer and seller beware!!
    I canceled one order for a buyer. Later in the day I noticed their other order hadn’t gone through, because eBay CANCELLED IT FOR NO REASON WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Thanks, now my customer has to wait for a refund, then repurchase the item. This policy doesn’t help anyone and hurts buyers and sellers. Same as the policy of sneakily cutting down search results with random categories!!! If you’re going to censor our results, don’t be too chicken to tell us so we can fix it and find what we’re looking for! Also still getting censored search results?!?! This doesn’t help buyers or sellers.
    Rating: 5
    Easy & Reliable
    After all these years , still my choice - bravo !!!
    Rating: 5
    Works great on iPad Pro
    No issues, very handy to access ebay
    Rating: 1
    Don’t bother
    eBay is rip off. If you like absolutely zero sales support from that let’s buyers rip you off constantly then sell stuff on eBay.
    Rating: 1
    Rating: 1
    Forced “offers” NOT OK!
    I list many items with “buy it now” and choose to not accept offers. EBay regularly sends emails saying “Congratulations, now your item can accept offers”. I have to go in and manually change my listing to the way I want it. There’s nothing I can do to make eBay stop doing this and I’m VERY UNHAPPY.
    Rating: 5
    Everybody on eBay does manifest job
    Rating: 5
    Find stuff not available elsewhere
    If y
    Rating: 5
    Excellent apps... I loved...
    Rating: 5
    Love eBay
    I love eBay especially with items that have free shipping. Cheaper than retail without going shopping.
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 1
    Won’t let me sell crap keep saying I have my JavaScript off but it’s not... pathetic
    Rating: 5
    eBay making my shopping easier faster and great full to buy. Send right to my door and always offering specials.
    Rating: 5
    UPDATE : JUST DON'T SELL WITH A MACINTOSH. HONESTLY I THINK THE APPS AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS OS (PRE-APPROVAL FROM EBAY ON APPS USED. THE PROMO FEES, ARE A DEVIATION FROM EBAY 2012-2018(START DATE NOT VERIFIED). BOTTOM LINE NO SELLING HOST HAS THE REPUTATION EBAY HAS EARNED. THEIR GUARANTEE, FOR BUYERS WAS /IS PHENOMENA -YOU GET ITEMS PURCHASED AS LISTING DESCRIBED OR EBAY TAKES FROM SELLERS ACCOUNT. THE NAME EBAY ATTRACTS THOSE UNSURE WITH ONLINE. I STILL SELL THERE DUE TO TRAFFIC. OVERALL I LIKE SELLING ON EBAY! BELOW IS A PRIOR REVIEW, & EBAY WORKED HARD TO HELP ME GET TECHNICAL ISSUES RESOLVED. I'VE BEEN 8 YEARS ON EBAY, ALTHOUGH NEW SEARCH ENGINE (2016) "HOW TO MAKE YOUR LISTINGS SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY" HAS NEVER BEEN DISCLOSED- STRANGE FOR PUBLICLY TRADED CO. THE USE OF ADVERTISING YOUR PRODUCT (SPONSORED) IS NEW TO EBAY & REALLY CUTS INTO YOUR PROFIT. JUST REMEMBER EBAY REPUTATION AND IF NOTHING ELSE I WOULD TRY SELLING FROM EBAY INITIALLY OR FOREVER! GOOD SERVICE REPS, THEY GET AN "A" IN MY OPINION. TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT!! OVERALL I WOULD RECOMMEND SELLING ON EBAY. THEN YOU CAN DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE! (MY BELOW REVIEW DID HAPPEN, FACTS ARE REAL, BUT UPDATED REVIEW 11/13/19. Reason for rating is we started selling in 2012. Listing (other than file exchange) have became "not fun". Listing up till 2016, we easy LISTED from IOS. USING Macbook Pro to check prior to going active. The promoted listings? Realize this is gravy, as regular fees, 10%, plus 30 cents per order. 10% fees per transaction on shipping costs paid by buyer. We geographically moved across country Sept 2018. We HAD to take 3 months off, although ebay Calls from us explaining situation and asking, to please, put banner on listing. So buyers would know. Think that ever happened? The chain of communication links is non existant. Happen to get great Rep who was calling me back following Mon or Tues, they did, only one call. No callbacks. The changes for sellers has not been positive unless selling from China. I like eBay. The new ebay search engine( 2016) Is still Secret! If you don't know & they won't release information, how do you list items? Basically the bigger volume dollar seller gets top spot in search results unless you pay extra 5-7% promotion fee. Fess close to 20% with shipping! I'm optimistic and had businesses since I was 19 years old. Highly Educated, over age 50, and Economically the market is nothing like eBay had for years. This mobile App? Well I use it. But seems any optimization for Apple IOS and Macintosh isn't half as good since 2016. But hey they're Making money -- lol. Like life. Rich getting richer and small to medium business getting poorer. But I'm still here! I'd try Ebay first if going to sell!!
    Rating: 5
    Ebay You are best!!! Thank You.
    Rating: 5
    The best!
    I’ve been with EBay for over 10 years. You can buy or bid on anything you want. You can sell pretty much whatever you want. Amazon is expensive and you need authorization to sell anything. Amazon is not user friendly to sellers.
    Rating: 3
    Glitchy and still no option for dark/black screen?
    Overall it's an adiquate app in terms of performance. Unfortunately can be glitchy and there's still no option for dark/black screen. The new feature allowing a seller to contact you if you're watching an item and subsequently bombard you with emails and offers, is an unwelcome one.
    Rating: 1
    Be aware of app deficiencies
    After a situation with trying to apply a eBay coupon to a purchase, I was advised by Aldo at customer service that the application has a number of limitations that are not clearly disclosed. While I have been using the App for all recent purchases, he recommended to use the Website - which I found strange as during the conversation he made frequent references to the app limitations, and frequently recommended using the Website. ANYONE ATTEMPTING TO USE THE APP AND AN EBAY ISSUED COUPON SHOULD BE AWARE THAT THE APP DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO TO THIS. EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL NOT ADDRESS THESE DEFICIENCIES WITH ANY BACKDATED CREDIT. INSTEAD THEY WANT YOU TO MAKE A FURTHER PURCHASE AND ONLY USE THE WEBSITE. I recommend you heed Aldo’s advise as customer service will not help you. I
    Rating: 1
    Please take away tax
    Kike"THE SON OF GOD"
    Rating: 5
    Calidad y Precio
    Muy conforme y satisfecho,aunque han aumentado el precio casi al de las tiendas por departamentos pero hay cosas q solo se consiguen aquí.Por eso 5 🌟
    Rating: 5
    So far do good
    Job 315
    Rating: 5
    Best site to make purchase
    Amazon 👎
    Rating: 5
    eBay is the best shopping.
    eBay is the best online shopping store with excellent bargains!!
    Rating: 1
    Zero customer support
    Used to use eBay all the time but the fees and lack of any customer support for buyer issues is the reason we will stop using this app and eBay all together. Total waste of time.
    Rating: 5
    I like the app but there is no way to remove an unwanted item from my cart.
    Rating: 5
    Great place to find the obscure
    I have an antique car and this is one of the only places I’ve been able to find really obscure parts for it.
    Rating: 5
    Yep it works !
    Giovanni SR
    Rating: 5
    Ebay is undefeated..!
    Rating: 4
    All merchandise
    Great shipping in all products received. Decided to purchase thru eBay because buying directly thru Asian markets is a hassle with long shipping times, incorrect sizing and terrible quality control. I did purchase some products manufactured overseas, but in all instances, returns thru eBay were not a hassle.
    Rating: 5
    Muy buena solución
    Gracias gr
    Rating: 5
    Awesome I spend to much money here haha
    Rating: 1
    Terrible app
    Whoever wrote this app is probably not an eBay user. There is no way that any ebay user would ever create an app with so much negligence when it comes to features. It’s impossible to tell whether an item is in a particular category unless you’re searching that particular category. Item descriptions are not shown by default and require tapping a link to display. This probably causes a lot of confusion and opens the door for seller dishonesty.
    Rating: 2
    Experiencing issues with mobile app
    The touch to text is not wirking and stops recording after a few words. The feedback section where you are to write out your comment is being restricted by a pop up screen that doesn't allow me to see what I'm entering.
    Rating: 5
    Me encanta
    Rating: 5
    My Go To...
    I am on eBay at some point everyday. I’m an eBay addict! Whenever I need something I always come here first. I can’t believe all the deals I have gotten on here. The app is easy to follow, so I get frustrated like I do with a lot of other apps that don’t make sense or don’t work. It’s never frozen on me or disappeared. Totally recommend this way of shopping to everyone. Oh and PS I used to be an amazon person, but now I’m an eBayer!
    Rating: 5
    Bicycle Barb
    Rating: 5
    Affordable Fun
    This app is too much fun!!’ I can get ANYTHING on eBay and , following in the footsteps of my grandmother, mom and aunt, I never pay retail!!!!!!
    juan a cs
    Rating: 5
    Esta muy bien esta aplicación
    Esta muy bien esta aplicación
    Rating: 5
    Teri Bos
    Rating: 5
    I no longer go out to purchase anything
    I strictly only purchase all my items on eBay.