Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys

  • Rating: 4.55002
  • Number of ratings:94,166 ratings
  • Developer:MagicLab
  • First edition:released on 2021-07-03
  • Latest version:Version1.2.6 released to 2021-08-29
  • Capacity:269.36 MB


    mÿ rëvîêw
    Rating: 1
    The game is amazing it just has to many adds I wanna play the game but there’s to many adds
    Technic nobody
    Rating: 4
    Good game but logicless
    It forces you to get scammed like I see the iPhone which is a scam so I decline and I lose. Like BRUH
    just telling everybody
    Rating: 4
    Great game but one problem
    it’s pretty good but there’s only one problem there is like too much ads I downloaded it and I thought it was really fun but when I kept on playing it more it felt like there was more ads for some reason and I realize that it just had ads and I’m just like why would they be like too much ads and also needs some more stuff to it like mini games because the bonus round is pretty cool but I just don’t know what to buy because I have too much money and I need more mini games and more trading!
    tiger hayhay
    Rating: 3
    Fun but to many adds!!
    When I first got it I started played and I had one add so I thought eh it fine then I had another ad after another and it gets so annoying pls get ride of the adds!
    Rating: 1
    Don’t download this.
    I was having fun but when I exited the game because the game broke, my whole phone froze. My power button wasn’t working and i couldn’t force restart. And there is a yellow button beside the battery and it means that my camera or microphone is on. What the heck is this madness? Are you guys trying to take my info and hack my phone? Don’t download this app. Pretty trashy and looks like you didn’t put that much effort in.
    Rating: 1
    Way too many ads
    Rating: 3
    I don’t like the ads
    Rating: 1
    Love it but kinda….
    I love this game but I hate when they have adds man so if you don’t like adds like me and don’t have money like me definitely don’t get this app I hate it and is so dumb we’ll I don’t want to waste you time BYE!!!
    Rating: 5
    There is like a million ads, but if you have a problem with that, just press airplane mode.
    Rating: 1
    So many ads the game is laggy and it has good potential but it’s a poor execution of a good game, frick whoever made this game
    Rating: 5
    Fidget tradingComment
    Fidget trading is awesome I hope every single one of youTry it and I have a TikTok I 1000k followers
    Rating: 5
    مرا حلوت العبت انصحكم تنزلوحا😘🥰
    Rating: 3
    wish there was an option for me to pay for no ads… other than it it’s fun
    my macs
    Rating: 5
    This game is OK
    I’m is where you can trade fidgets and you can do scans and you can pop the fidgets it is so cool you should get in my opinion I think it’s five stars you might not like that’s OK it is exactly what you think it is so good better than what the pictures and the words say it’s the best game I’ve ever had
    Ensly Morris
    Rating: 4
    It’s good
    It’s really good and I think it’s pretty fun there’s not to many adds and you can get coins to get more stuff!!! It’s really fun.
    1992877yes queen
    Rating: 1
    It is not that great cause there is always adds popping up and it lags a lot and it after in add made my screen turn black and then it did not wouldn’t really recommend
    Rating: 3
    I don’t know it’s ok
    The app is good but there is too many adds and sometimes I lag and causes me to restart. I don’t really see the point of so many adds because it takes away the enjoyment of a game. And I also don’t see a buy option to take away adds because then I wouldn’t have to experience all these adds. And it gets very boring after a long time. So I don’t really recommend this if you hate lag, lots of adds, and boredom
    ufh h guid
    Rating: 1
    This game is annoying
    This game has to many adds and it won’t let me play.
    Rating: 4
    Got one scam scenario
    I was excited for the new updates because I found a better game, but I decided to try this one and I was blew away by these updates and I got scammed and loved it. I also liked that you can play with the fidgets because I don’t have many and would like to try more. Sadly, I never got scammed again so far. Please fix this.
    Rating: 4
    Scams are stupid
    I am legit scamming the other player out and they act like The scam is a big deal Because I got way more fidgeting Then them and they act so mad when I say add so they deserve it So why are they telling me to add if they are scamming me I already know it’s a scam legit scam The other player is a dumb add
    Rating: 5
    Great, but needs improvements
    I stumbled upon this app after seeing what feels like a billion ads of it. One day I was like “Okay, fine I’ll download this and if I don’t like it, I’ll delete it.” After 50 some levels, guess what? I deleted it. I was running out of storage anyway and had to delete almost half of my apps. Why this? Because after a while, this gets boring. There are too many ads. There have been bugs that haven’t been fixed for months. One, for example is the bug where I can trade nothing for something by spamming the plus and check button. And I’ve gotten so tired of the mini games. While I know lots of people like them, I got tired of them easily. Please make it an OPTION to remove the mini games. I just want to trade in peace. ;-;
    Mason 84&;'dkdkdk
    Rating: 1
    It has 100000000 ads the person who made this only cares about money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING
    Rating: 4
    It’s amazing one thing 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
    I was on this app it’s fun when I am mad but one thing. So so so so so so much ads but such a good app keep up the good work
    Ez kills boys
    Rating: 1
    it’s bad
    play this for a son to kill yourself
    Rating: 5
    Changed my life.
    Before I played this game I was broke, diagnosed with cancer, had covid, had no food, and was homeless. 😔 Until my brother gave me a phone and downloaded this game. It cured my cancer AND covid. And it made me a billionaire 😌😌😌😌😍😍😍😙😜.
    She doing
    Rating: 4
    Is good game Way too many adds
    After you get done popping a pop it in your inventory it alwaysSend you to an addAnd there’s way too many
    Rating: 1
    Read before buying
    It’s horrible. And not the good kind. As soon as I downloaded it I got and ad. And there are so many. There is also lots of lag. My phone glitched repeatedly. I came from an ad on tiktok. The ad was pretty fun but I was disappointed. Please do not buy.
    Rating: 1
    Really bad ads
    Your ads are bad so do what you need to do DELETE THE ADS NOW POOPY HEAD
    Rating: 1
    Try to get out of the game👎🏻
    Rating: 3
    To many adds
    Every time you go on something new there is a AD
    cheese sqeese
    Rating: 1
    The app was okay at first, a lot of ads however. Sometimes the ads would just make my device crash, which was pretty weird considering I don’t have a very old device. Soon I decided I wasn’t really a fan of it and decided to delete it. AND OH MAN not ONLY did it not delete it, it straight up BROKE my device. It took nearly 2 minutes to go back to normal, and my iPad case that closes and turns the device off would NOT WORK. I’m concerned because there might be some virus or some harmful stuff inside of this app, it took a while to fix it, and my lock screen was broken. Please, for Pete's sake reconsider before getting this app. Too many ads aswell, it’s barely playable and just staccato (boring).
    Rating: 4
    No adds but…
    Atypical free mobile game but no adds surprisingly
    Cheis Allesee
    Rating: 4
    To much ads😒
    I love this game so much u am on level 533 but there are so much ads I could throw up if I wanted idk why they did this so pls no more ads for life but I like the new update 😏
    Rating: 1
    It’s bad
    I hate It it bad you only do it one time
    Rating: 5
    Hi adding
    I really like fidget trading because it is so much fun and it gives you so much things to do Well you’re bored at home
    Rating: 3
    Too many ads
    Nellfire & Brimstone
    Rating: 1
    There is way to many adds!😡
    Rating: 5
    This game is so cool and fun I’m gon play this game every day
    period pooooooooooopp
    Rating: 5
    tap in swaeetie meal
    stop doing ads BUTY
    Rating: 3
    Some things you need to change
    For some people it could be laggy yes but there is way to many ads. when i saw the reviews on the app i was disappointed because you cannot actually scam on this game, i do like how you can pop the fidgets but that’s it hope this helps! :>
    Hallie Kilowaki
    Rating: 4
    Was alright, now addicting
    When I first got this game I was so excited to scam people and get scammed myself. But I started the game and there was no scamming. You also could only collect pop it’s in your collection and only 4 fidgets would show up on your trading screen at a time. NOW the game is addicting and you can scan people! Not sure if you can get scammed yourself at all though. And the collection has pop it’s spinners squishies and even other random fidgets too! And for trading it’s sorted into categories as well! So glad they made the game differ t with new updates!!
    Rating: 3
    So many adds
    SO MANY FRICKEN ADDS LIKE- after every round there is an add
    salmaan beale
    Rating: 2
    WAY TO MANY ADS!!!!!!
    The girl who was master
    Rating: 5
    IAbsolutely love this game it is the most amazing game I’ve ever played it has all the perfect levels that I absolutely love playing.
    samira christmas
    Rating: 3
    Good ideas badly executed
    The object of the trading is to get a good trade, there is a scale on how good the trade is. When you have a good fair trade it says it’s a bad trade when you have a not fair trade and you got the better it says it’s good this could teach kids to be unfair and get the better and trick other people and I think they should remove the scale or change it😤
    Rating: 5
    Game is amazing
    Listen everyone it is ur opinion you cannot get scammed but who cares? The game is still good.
    yo daddy 😩
    Rating: 2
    it’s ok i guess….
    so I downloaded this from a tiktok ad. The mini games are hella boring like every time I do a fidget trade and then after it it’s so annoying when the mini games just pop up every time you do that. also they are kind of boring but the pop sound really good.the mini games after it needs to be changed because that makes me not want to play it anymore I’m probably about to go download another game.
    isabella / izzy
    Rating: 5
    Nice game!
    So I saw someone on TikTok recently got this game and I was like “noice” so I downloaded it and It is so fun to play! You can trade fidgets and stuff and there is also tons of mini games! And you can play with the fidgets you get! So in all I really like playing this game :)
    Heather Feather The Unicorn
    Rating: 4
    This game is almost my favorite game but there are a lot of ads