Run Rich 3D

  • Rating: 4.60612
  • Number of ratings:68,777 ratings
  • Developer:Voodoo
  • First edition:released on 2021-06-07
  • Latest version:Version1.9 released to 2021-09-15
  • Capacity:387.10 MB


    GG 5:28
    Rating: 5
    I love you game
    Rating: 1
    To many adds to laggy
    First of all when I started the game I finished the first level and also a ad and t was super laggyy I cannot control it 🤬😤😤😤😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😤😡😡😤😤🤬🤬😡
    Rating: 1
    every corner you turn an AD starts to play in order for you to continue where you left off at. pretty fun game but I’m deleting it because the back to back ads before you even finish a round is pretty ridiculous to me.
    Rating: 1
    SO BAD
    This game is AWFUL you could be in the middle of the game and 8 add would pop up and it is SO LAGGY you can’t even control it without hitting things you don’t want to hit if I could give this 0 stars I would.
    Rating: 2
    Im in the middle of the game and I have to see ads for every corner that I pass
    Rating: 2
    the game is great imo, but i get ads even DURING the game. i turn a corner and i get an ad. there’s too many and it’s all for the same games
    Rating: 4
    Fun game except…
    I get that ads are needed in order for free apps to continue to be free. But when they pop up in the middle of a round, it gets pretty annoying. I’m ok with ads in between rounds, just not right in the middle of one while you’re playing. Other than that, it’s a great time killer
    Rating: 3
    omg this game is really fun but there are WAYY too many ads so I can’t really enjoy it like I’ll be playing and there an ad pops up so I have to watch it and there another one pops up and you CANT SKIP THE ADS please please please make the game with less ads other than that the game is really fun
    Rating: 4
    The game itself is very amusing. You can get new characters and update your house. The only problem I have with it is with the ads. Every time I pass a corner a ad shows up. Please change that, other than that, the app itself is great! Thank you for reading.
    Rating: 1
    Too many ads
    Rating: 5
    The sexy game
    This is the best game ever is is such a sexy game and sexy outfits I just wanna have sex
    Rating: 1
    THE ADDS ARE RACIST! IT LITERALLY SHOWED MEXICO VS USA AND MEXICO WAS THE BAD ONE. i cannot believe this, its actually racist.
    yo i luv this nothin better
    Rating: 3
    I hate the freaking ads
    Rating: 5
    Thes game is the best game
    i like nikki
    Rating: 2
    This game is fun, but…
    The game is a bit fun but the concept is horrible! One of the red doors that takes away your money is charity! They think charity is bad?! Sure, you lose money, but it doesn’t work like that! Donating is good! And going to universities doesn’t make you lose money. University costs money. It’s good to get an education, it just doesn’t’t work like that. So, when playing this game, turn on airplane mode, get ready for some dumb stuff, and play on.
    Call me kenz?
    Rating: 1
    Just ranting
    Um well let me start off there are way to many adds. I’m litterly in the middle of the round and a ad pops up. Such a horrible app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!
    madysen (mady)
    Rating: 3
    Good game I love a lot
    Yup I’m at home now party and I can come over to your house if y’all want me to come over so bye
    Rating: 5
    This game is good
    Rating: 1
    Literally broke in 10 seconds
    App froze out within 10 seconds of use
    Rating: 1
    Sooooooooo many ads am on level 5 and I’ve had 20 ads
    Rating: 5
    This game is awesome.IT keeps me busy all lot.When I download this game I fell in love.ALll of y’all should get this game it’s a BLAST. And im only nine
    😩🥺 madss 😩🥺
    Rating: 5
    Rich run 3d
    This is a perfect gsme for your choses in life
    Rating: 1
    To Much Ads!
    They have a ad every 4 seconds you can’t play a whole match without 3 videos
    Rating: 5
    Are so stupid 👁👄👁👄👁
    Rating: 1
    Persistent ads and fake reviews
    The game is unplayable. In the middle of a level, they show you an ad for some game that isn’t even halfway developed together correctly. It could not be worse if a game, even to kill time. They also hire people to create fake reviews with fake accounts. It’s so obvious.
    Rating: 1
    I hate this app
    Why does your game have ads in the middle of the run I’m getting off your app and never return it
    Rating: 3
    This is what I rate it
    I rate it 3 because it’s fun and all but it has to many ads like whenever you play a random ad will pop up. It makes me so mad because it makes me lose which makes me hate the game.
    Rating: 2
    Not bad just a lot of adds
    It’s a good game but I can’t get through one run without having 3 ads playing every time I get it they need to get paid but dang bro
    Rating: 2
    My review of “Run Rich”
    Hello, I’m going to be sharing my opinion of “Run Rich” taking into consideration important factors such as Ads, gameplay, technical quality, and appropriateness (in correlation to the age rating) the ads in this game aren’t terrible, ads don’t really bother me, but they often play in the middle of the level which is really annoying; they should either before or after the games, not during. I also think it’s important to mention that a lot of ads are quite inappropriate and that is DEFINITELY something that needs to be addressed immediately. The technical quality of the this game isn’t very good, I’ve experienced issues such as freezing up, getting stuck during ads, and constant crashing. I know this is a free game, and so I expect to encounter this kinds of issues occasionally, but it’s gotten so bad that I can’t even play for 5 minutes without having to restart my device which is a major turnoff for me. Onto gameplay, this app is quite fun! It’s a sort of a mix between “you choose” and a maze game. It’s an enjoyable game and great way to kill some time. As a game it’s great! It’s all the other issues that contributed to my 2 star rating. Finally I’d like to share my opinion on whether or not i think this is really a 4+ game; it’s definitely not. The reason I think this is because of inappropriate ads and ads and outfits and the player’s inability to control either. I won’t go into depth about these issues but I think a lot of other players have experienced these problems as well. All in all, I’d say that this is a great concept but it definitely needs some work. I hope this review was helpful to you, have a nice day! 😊
    Rating: 1
    Voodoo has got to be the worst game company I’ve ever seen. Making low effort games thrown together in a day and selling adspace like the taxman is at their door. Then what do they do with that money? They buy adspace everywhere else. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, other games, it’s all voodoo’s stupid vapid games. I’m afraid that this will become the standard of mobile games, low effort games only made to sell off to advertisers. Voodoo has no soul.
    Carter The moon shadow
    Rating: 2
    Too many ads
    This game is stupid because it has too many ads
    Rating: 3
    Way too many ads
    J.K Bastien
    Rating: 4
    Four stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Love this game it is so addicting and amazing I just love playing with my friends and that we all get to laugh at each other when we loose and then cheer each other up with jokes.the only thing is that after a while it glitched on me when I was going to play
    sam_i have a horse :)
    Rating: 2
    It’s a good game but the ads like I could be playing the game and an ad just pops up. The house you can upgrade but u have to watch an AD,then you go to play the game and a ad pops up while your playing.
    Rating: 2
    Lots of ads but it’s okay
    Rating: 1
    my daughter was playing this game and it made you choose mexico or USA, if you choose mexico you’re poor and if you choose usa you’re rich. WHAT THE F**K IS THAT TEACHING MY KID?!!!!! We are an afro and hispanic family, this is deeply offensive and absolutely enraging. this app should be reported and taken off the app store.
    Rating: 1
    The ads
    The ads are absolutely annoying makes me not even want to play it.
    Rating: 1
    Terrible game if only I can give 0 stars!!
    It was giving very offensive gates to run through. Things like COVID Vaccine or COVID. Of course if you go through Vaccine you earn money, and when you run through COVID it makes you loose money. It also puts Vaccine or Anti-Vaccine. Vax= money and Anti= loose money. They are very unfair to others, and I say this game is very political for being 12+. Not good for kids, don’t recommend. Almost forgot the other part! You either chose between Charity or Save money.. How unfair is that?? If you choose Charity (AKA THE UNSELFISH THING) you loose money! But of course if you choose the selfish thing you gain money..? Are you kidding? You can do better then that!! 😑
    Hana Singh
    Rating: 1
    As interrupts gameplay
    Been playing this game for a while and it was great if you needed something to pass the time. The ads were plenty but it was between levels so it was bearable. Recently, however, while in the middle of gameplay, your game is interrupted by an ad, and then when gameplay resumes its laggy and slow and you eventually just have give up the game because you have no control of the game movements due to the lagginess. That making any sense? Steupse.
    123 chicken nuggers
    Rating: 2
    Fun but didn’t last long
    I had this game for about 2 weeks. I finished my house and everything. But one thing I noticed was there was so many adds, and some would even play in the middle of the round. I had about 130k in this game and had all the characters. The one day I opened up the app to see al my progress lost. I had 100 dollars and I couldn’t move the screen.
    Rating: 1
    Will stop mid game to play ad
    If you don’t mind watching hundreds of ads even mid game… you are going to love this!
    Rating: 1
    Probably written by a first year CS student
    There’s absolutely no reason that this “game” is ranked above a 2 or 3. It’s certainly no more involved than an early Atari game. Every level is identical, albeit with obstacles moved around. Each new “level” consists of you walking the same gauntlet while collecting money and avoiding obstacles that take you money. There is nothing that you actually do. It’s primary function is to serve up 30 second long video ads. So this game should ONLY be played in airplane mode. In short, go for it, but this is quite literally something that could be written as a persons very first game for a CS class and nothing more than that.
    Rating: 1
    This game is for low-lifes
    These games frustrate me more than is healthy to admit. They are the epitome of what is wrong with this country. Companies like Voodoo spend 30 minutes and 2 dollars making a game in order to extract the most profit possible. By caving in and downloading this game, you will spend more time looking at ads then playing the game. I have had a burning hatred for these games for some time. Yet, I downloaded this simply because of the pure irony of it. Think about it this way, playing this mobile app is the equivalent of running into the Facebook icon or the muggers in the game, except in real life so it’s more serious. These games provide no intellectual stimulation, but keep you just the right amount of interested that you will stay tuned long enough for the next advertisement. With that being said, heed the games message. Don’t download this app. Go out and do something to better yourself instead.
    Rating: 3
    It’s OK but a little laggy
    OK so I’m 11 and this game is pretty fun but the only reason why I keep this a three star rating is because that is just real laggy and sometimesDon’t have the choice to pick the sauce or whatever it’s called
    Rating: 1
    Ok this game has to change
    First of all I wanted to play this game to try it out it was sure fun but the ads are rude because the ad I saw was where you have to pick 2 sides to be rich or poor and it was usa or Mexico and that was just rude sure Mexico may be poor but don’t do that
    Rating: 1
    Usually, I’m not one to complain about ads, especially if it’s a fun game like this. But, there are SO MANY. In the middle of a level, I got three ads. I also got an ad after the level. THAT IS 4 ADS PER LEVEL. Honestly, I would be fine if they had one ad after each level since this game is so fun. However, they completely ruined it with 4 ads per level.
    mia baratelli
    Rating: 4
    Nice but needs improvement
    So I’ve just got this game today and it’s amazing but it’s hard to move , anyways i love it otherwise and it’s just ADDICTING
    Rating: 1
    Rating: 1
    To many adds