Contra Returns

  • Rating: 3.61591
  • Number of ratings:1,018 ratings
  • First edition:released on 2021-07-25
  • Latest version:Version1.29.819016 released to 2021-07-31
  • Capacity:2.81 GB


    Rating: 2
    App has been inoperable for approximately 24hrs
    App is very lacking in dependability.This outage has lasted almost 24 hours and still isn’t working
    Rating: 1
    Server change
    I picked the wrong sever by mistake and their is no way I could have found to change into the correct one.
    Rating: 5
    The only bad thing is the pay to win
    Rating: 2
    grindy whaler
    once you hit like lvl 20 everything slows down and you have to grind to progress through the story. they want big cash from the whales. voice acting is laughable. oh and it’s tencent so that should tell you everything.
    Rating: 1
    Deleted Game Keeps Re-Downloading
    Downloaded this early 2021 and deleted it after a month. Almost every time I download a new app, Contra Returns re-downloads itself! I’ve updated iOS. Don’t know what else to do.
    Rating: 1
    I signed on as guested and account got deleted out of no where
    Not happy with this game at all I was playing for couple days didn’t get super far but far enough not to start over and I didn’t play game for couple hours and account just disappeared out of now where. Also don’t like the fact you have to pay for something in diamonds even tho you just bought it games just about money so be warned if you magically loose your account don’t be surprised
    Rating: 1
    Pay to win. Yet it is still not enough lol you gotta keep spending
    If your not prepared to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars on this game . You shouldn’t even waste your time . It’s was fun at first but you’ll never get any of the fun weapons if your not prepared to spend some money !!! Pretty greedy for them to base everything on gems . Yeah you can play for free . But you’ll play at a disadvantage. That is why I rate it one star because of the game predatory practices. Very unethical behavior and very glitchy systems . Overall it is a very disappointing experience.
    Rating: 2
    %100 pay to win game
    Yes the title says it. This game is %100 pay to win and the amount you need pay is not $10 $20 or even $60 ( AA full games around 60 dollars) especially if you want to win in pvp mode u need to unlock good heros skills dont matter whoever pays real money to get locked heroes wins. I’m 65 lvl now i been playing this for a while but pvp mode is so broken regular heroes are weak against paid heroes. Paid heroes will trap you and kill you so easily bc they have awesome skills to stun you. It’s fun game but you need to pay like over $100 if u wanna win something.
    Rating: 1
    im really mad.. #speakingfromtheheart
    Rating: 1
    Shameless extortion
    This game represents the worst of mobile gaming today. Developers like this should be banned.
    Rating: 1
    Hidden treasure event
    Bullshiiittt, more like a scam spent hundreds of keys and thousands of diamonds to randomly select. After obtained all items never shows in account. So sick of being scammed
    Rating: 1
    Privacy issues
    The only way to save progress is to login with FB or apple account. FB login does not let you change privacy settings so all friends see your activity. No thanks.
    Rating: 1
    Where is the Contra?
    They took a great game, removed its soul, and want me to pay for loot boxes. No thank you.
    Rating: 1
    Pvp cheaters out of control
    So many cheaters in ranked pvp and Konami does nothing. I have the same characters. I know what they are and aren’t capable of. And the damage cheats are out of control.
    Rating: 1
    My game play lost after update
    I was playing for a month and after last update my game play and user name was lost and will not grant me access. Now they want me to start over. Will not play until. My game play is restored. Please assist
    Rating: 2
    You can tell this game is designed to make money with in-app purchases. I get that. People need to make money, but the game is just WAY too busy. I would have been more than happy to have a classic looking game instead of all of these anime looking graphics, or at least the option. This was once one of my favorite games as a kid. This comes nowhere close.
    Rating: 5
    Ebb and Flow
    Gatcha gotcha but a “legion battle” battle isn’t a legion battle if it’s just a bunch of solo 1v1s. Boring. Can do that in game anytime. A tad boring. Be better. I’m a v12. I believe in you. Frankly at this point and money expenditure I need to be. Also my legion is underfunded and for the most part inexperienced but that’s my problem. They and I do better together. We did join a legion after all to empower… just saying.
    The Real Rick
    Rating: 1
    Contra - Blood sucker made in China
    It's very sad to see Japanese game companies selling out their great game franchises to money grabbing Chinese companies. If you don't care at all about collecting anything, and just play for a few minutes each time, 2-3 times a day, you can get by in this game as a free loader. If you want to get anything in this, you have to pay up BIG time. Very overpowering characters/weapons are locked behind the GACHA paywall. Yes you have to pay tons of money because the chance to get good drops (weapons/characters fragments, upgrade materials...etc) is very very low. Game play for PvE is smooth enough, yet the energy is very limited. You have to grind heavily and wait endlessly to get some energy to farm for weapons upgrades. PvP is straight out pay-to-win because the paid characters are vastly overpowered. They will stun lock you to death. Their paid weapons have double the fire power. Unless you enjoy getting your butt kicked endlessly to get some upgrade mats, don't bother doing pvp.
    Rating: 3
    Chock full of loading and waiting
    The gameplay is actually good even on a touchscreen. All the annoying loading and waiting almost made me delete the game. I now see a shop icon and I’ve only played for a minute. Really hoping it’s not a pay to win game.
    Rating: 1
    Just terrible
    This contra game is nothing like the original we all played and loved. Terrible menus and confusing UI is only the beginning. The gameplay and the controls are awful. The graphics are already outdated and the death sound enemies make is just laughable. I never hit a paywall because I only played it for 5 minutes and just deleted it. I guess emulators are the only way to experience the good old games before micro transactions dominated everything.
    Rating: 2
    Resource management isn’t fun
    The game is very fun at 1st when you just play the game like the original game but then the more you play the more mindless button pressing you must do everyday. I just want to play the game over and over until I get the moves just right - like the original game!
    Rating: 2
    To start , my 2 star rating is solely due to the nostalgia. The game is overly complex , too much advertising , misleading sales , pay to win and pay some more. There is too much to do , writing is too small to read or understand everything, and the least attractive portion of the game for me is all the bloated unnecessary materials for upgrading every facet of the game. My breaking point was when I received "gifts" that can only be used and activated with VIP access. Lastly , I received a "diamond voucher" good for 100 diamonds. I should be able to use it wherever i want provided the loot is not behing a paywall , but when i went to purchase an upgrade for my super weapon the game said my 100 Diamond voucher was not enough to pay the 100 diamond price , instead , it referred me to the top up screen to purchase more diamonds... congratulations , you ruined one of the greatest game sagas of all time. Deleting the game and do NOT recommend downloading this game unless you are a high end card bender.
    Rating: 1
    Deleted but keeps showing
    I tried deleting this app multiple times and every time it shows up on my phone without me requesting to download it. It’s really frustrating having to delete it multiple times.
    Rating: 4
    The app work god at the beginning but I want to uninstalled cuz it stopped working and I can’t uninstalled what can I do
    Rating: 1
    Play at own risk
    When I saw this game I was really excited. It started out fun but pop up adds offering you small boost we’re expected. Unfortunately I bought the Browny Character unlock with the Iron Tank skin upgrade. This was during a trial unlock of Browny. Neither showed up in my inventory. I did verify with my credit card company I was charged. The customer support for this game is non existent. It just loops into an automated response not that is disguised as a live chat. I don’t even want a refund just my items… but no response from customer support or Facebook site.. this is appears to be a smash and grab for money with no back end support for the app..
    Rating: 5
    You know allot of the reviews are bad cause you have to spend money I havnt spent 1$ and it plays fine to me my only complaint is there just too much stuff to get and it’s hard or just confusing on how to get it you shouldn’t have to go through 3 steps just to get a new gun or equip it or upgrade it or you have to be at a certain level to go to the next level the old contra you just play new guns fall out of the sky and you just shoot everything that’s it some kind of game genius came up with this one cause my god there just so much stuff to do and get and buy ect ect ect like the list of things goes on forever how did anyone just sit and make this game and think all this was necessary to make a good game it was nice that they showed what to press the first few times cause I would have no idea what to do now I’m at the point of every level says my gun power is to low but I have no idea how to make it higher
    Rating: 1
    Spammy piece of crap
    Obnoxiously spammy.
    Rating: 1
    Not even 5 mins into the game I can already tell this is not even close to the Contra game I loved playing as a kid, game mechanics is BAD, even worse, the voice acting is just horrendous… Shame on Konami for not trying to make this themselves and just let Tencent make a freakin awful pay to play remake.
    Rating: 4
    Razer Kishi
    The game is fun but for some reason when I first played it I able to use my Razer Kishi controller. Now I can’t use it at all. The game is easier and more fun to play with the controller. Can you update it to be compatible with the controller instead of using the touch screen. I lose interest with the touch screen.
    Farting butthole
    Rating: 1
    limited ammo in contra??
    even in the DS version you had unlimited ammo. what’s the point in adding reloading to contra?? it’s not call of duty. overall very lame indeed
    Rating: 3
    Needs some real streamlining
    This could be an amazing game but the controls feel clunky, the UI in menus and home screens is convoluted and needlessly confusing to navigate. I would suggest that these devs play some Mr Autofire to see how it’s done. Really disappointing. Hopefully it gets a big overhaul in an update at some point but as is this just isn’t a whole lot of fun.
    Rating: 1
    This game is just pure trash and uses the contra name.. it’s all gatcha based and is not fun, enjoyable or anything but garbage 🗑.. download an emulator and play REAL contra games.. WHAT A WASTE TO GET PEOPLE HYPED UP FOR SMH🤦‍♂️
    Rating: 4
    pretty good
    bill sounds like joe from family guy
    Rating: 1
    Controller stopped working on the second chapter hmm
    Controller stopped working on the second chapter. Installing this thing now.
    Rating: 2
    They didn’t care, so why should you?
    It was obviously to me once I saw the remaining “ \n” command in text boxes that this was a certain kind of cash grab. First of all, why do all these garbage mobile games have unskippable tutorials? Like, would it kill them to let players opt out of tutorials and experience content in (this might sound crazy) an organic way? Also, why they have weapon cool downs too? This is contra, not a MOBA. There is some love for the contra series on display here, which makes me feel that the assets and music were taken from some kind of canceled project and handed over to Tencent for a price.
    Rating: 5
    This is a total pay to play nonsense, the first few hours was fun but when it came to leveling up, it’s a total scam! Either you fix it or take this crap off app stores
    Rating: 5
    Buen juego
    Aunque no lo he jugado
    Rating: 1
    Pay to win PVP (unbalanced)
    They claim pvp is fair but it’s pay to win 100% when you hit ranked Platinum II. If you don’t have max stars special heroes the the other player has a huge advantage. I unloaded an entire clip of ammo and all of my specials on a player and only brought them down to 50% hp. They shot me 3 times and I died. Up until Platinum II it felt pretty even, but at platinum II people are either hacking the game or it’s pay to win. A couple of games have felt evenly matched and other players with better skill, but most feel as though they have 10x the hit points as I watch my character unload everything and do no damage. They use 3 abilities and you’re dead. Even when they are using the same hero.
    Conga phucanh
    Rating: 1
    Too bad
    Too bad for the return of legendary title. I expected more than that, at least the map, environment should retro something but they are all new. It is ok for the evolution but the core game play is missed. They wont never do it again because konami and timi apply gacha mechanisms that kill all feelings of users. If you do retro a game, make use feel that old time. If you make new game, it even worse. That game couldn't compare with other platforms game I came here for 'contra' title and totally upswt with what i got. Bad graphics, animations and also not so good characters and environment design. Come home, konami!
    Rating: 1
    Been waiting
    Been waiting for this to come out on apple store US for more than a year. Since the other original remake on the store had been pulled like many years ago there was nothing left. Initially I had given this game 5 stars with the first wow factor of guns, solid mechanics and familiar tunes, but after awhile, those wore off and all that’s left is a grind, gatcha game that takes way too much time for playing the same levels over and over. Deleted it. I really wanted a solid normal contra with levels. Would even take an anniversary reboot over this or what you see on steam.
    Jonathan frankes1011
    Rating: 1
    It was great until…
    It killed my iphone XR that I had for about a year. Literally was so hot that it stayed hot for 4 hours and never turned back on. Iphone has built in sensors that throttle the processor and shut the device down when it gets too hot but I guess the masterful Chinese programming of this game had overridden that and essentially bricked my phone. 1/10 wouldn’t try again.
    Rating: 2
    Needs a real classic mode
    I saw the ad and got excited since my old NES where I had contra stopped working. A big childhood game of mine. First impressions were okay. I didn’t really care for the new game, just wanted to go straight to classic mode but to play the classic version or what they call one life mode, you have to go through the tutorial and some new levels to unlock it. Once you unlock it, you only have 5 tries. Worst part, it’s not even close to the classic version. Completely different levels and gameplay. I was just hoping it would have the original levels, controls, and graphics.
    Rating: 1
    Honestly you guys ruined what it was a good memory of contra
    Alex. FL
    Rating: 5
    the multiplayer is very good
    Jazzy Mcjazzerson
    Rating: 5
    Overall, very fun!
    I’ve been playing for a little over a month. In the beginning, it was a bit confusing as there are a lot of options for game play…missions, player vs player, challenges, legion missions, etc. It’s a lot of game, the mission is similar to the old school game, everything is else makes it amazing! Player vs player is what makes this game worth it for me, personally. The characters are extremely fun, the weapons are amazing. It’s free to play, but you will want to spend a few bucks to speed things up. I play this way more than my Xbox! Overall, a ton of fun, it can be confusing in the beginning but it gets extremely fun of you stick with it.
    Rating: 5
    Controller support
    It would be awesome if this game worked on the backbone controller.
    B'z Deep
    Rating: 3
    The game is a lot of fun and you really don’t have to pay to have fun and level up. However, I feel the game doesn’t reward you with sufficient enough amount of exp in the various game modes for a player to have a continuous and immersive game experience.
    Rating: 1
    Loading problems
    When the game works it’s great and a lot of fun. However, every time it freezes after pressing start. Even after closing out the app the music continues to play and I have to restart it and close it out again before it fixes and then restart the app a third time to get it to actually load so I can play it. If they fix this issue I’ll change my review. This has actually become worse. Now I don’t have to start it a third time but every single time I want to play I have to close the app and restart it. This last time the start button wouldn’t even load. Get your act together because this is ridiculous. Also, the controller input has become worse. At first I had no problems. Now often I’ll be trying to jump forward and it will move backwards,etc. Get rid of the voice for the npc minion Ledder ASAP. It’s beyond awful. Hire a new voice actor and re-record all of his lines. I have dropped my review to one star just because of that. Fire the actor and whoever was responsible for hiring him.
    Rating: 1
    Terrible, right out of the gate
    The people who developed this don’t understand what made the original so great. Plot, cutscenes, and voiceovers just slow down gameplay and nobody cares. The original was fun for its acrobatic platforming and cool powerups. Anything else is just in the way.