Bingo Clash: win real cash

  • Rating: 4.58364
  • Number of ratings:44,864 ratings
  • Developer:Aviagames Inc.
  • First edition:released on 2020-08-11
  • Latest version:Version1.9.5 released to 2021-09-28
  • Capacity:237.84 MB


    Rating: 1
    They record you & your games
    Had message pop up in middle of cash game saying they were recording it & recording would stop at end of game. There is no way to prove that they stopped recording you. I deleted immediately afterward. Who knows what kind of spyware they have installed on your camera & phone. Totally perverted if you ask me. I will be replacing my phone now because of this! Shame on Apple for promoting this type of behavior.
    Rating: 5
    No money
    Haven’t received my money that I have won from the game.
    Rating: 5
    The old man
    Great game!
    Rating: 4
    Fees to high
    It cost to much to play a game and rewards should be bigger.Red
    scrappy dew
    Rating: 5
    Just Downloaded The Game
    I’m already winning money on day 1! Practice with the ticket games and when you are decent start betting! You can get plenty of free money to play with too! Code aVGn7US.
    Rating: 2
    I never get a chance to win money and cash out I deposit and when I get enough points I purchase money with the tickets I have
    Rating: 4
    Fun game to pass the time
    This is a really run game to play to pass the time. I play the pocket 7 and the bingo clash. Both great. The only thing I don’t understand is the “Scratch & Win”’s. How do o get those? What do I need in order to get some scratchers?? Other than that. Fun game
    aery berry
    Rating: 5
    This game is awesome
    Rating: 2
    It’s okay
    I’ve noticed when the first two days of playing I was winning left and right, it was so addictive but then all the sudden your numbers are not picked anymore and you lose every time unless you pay money. You don’t even have a chance to win the daily free entry rounds that are supposed to be free and win money because the only people who win it are the ones who have put money down. You don’t even have a chance. I like the set up even if you play the token games, however once you are not a new member anymore they do not call any of your bingo numbers anymore.
    Rating: 1
    Every time I try now and play it says I won zero dollars I was on this app everyday to cash out the 500 It said we could but I’m a few cents shy and it won’t let me win anything.
    Rating: 5
    Love this game! Took me awhile but made $100.. took like 15 days to get to me but whateverr I still won! Which never happens to me in these kinda games 😂
    Rating: 1
    Rigged game
    I won 10 dollars on the game and tried to cash out, put my info in and they never sent my money and when I reached out to customer service it was nothing but spam bots. The game is fun to play but that’s about y’all you can do, play for fun. Are any of these games for cash real?
    Mike Schürch
    Rating: 1
    Classic Bait and Switch
    When you are playing for free using only tickets you will win, win, win. As soon as you make your first deposit the rules change. You will lose constantly. And if it doesn’t show you that you got your butt handed to you right away, the game delays incessantly. It tells you that the other player is still playing on a game which is supposed to be played simultaneously with the same bingo card and the same numbers call. It will sit there and sit there and sit there not giving you the results. And then finally when you choose to make another menu selection and go back to check your results, it tells you you have lost, but cannot give you your opponents score.Absolute lore to get your money oh and then smile to your face as you take it in the shorts.And yes, the nickname is taken because it’s my friggin nickname!
    Rating: 2
    Okay game
    The game is fun to play but if your in the art of winning the game clearly cheats. You’ll be on a roll then somehow a player will have 30,000 more points than you. Once you’ve started doing well the odds are no longer in your favor!
    Rating: 5
    Bingo clash
    Awesome game
    Rating: 1
    Dishonest, Horrible & unresponsive
    Took $30 from my paypal account and when I try to contact them to get it back, there is NO response. Highly do NOT recommend, unless you want to get scammed and lose money!!!
    Rating: 1
    Stole my money.
    This is a rob don’t play
    Rating: 1
    Terrible game
    Games are so rigged. You can’t actually keep money flowing because the games are set up before hand to be rigged. The game sets it up that the other person is going to lose.
    Rating: 1
    Worth it or not ?
    Literally it’s a fun game but when it comes to pulling out money you can’t . For the simple fact that the money that’s bonus isn’t allowed to be withdrawl you can have so much money and will only let you withdraw 3$ like what about the rest you earned whiling winning
    Rating: 1
    Waste of time/SCAM
    Love how I played this game for weeks to reach $500 and now I’m .61 cents away from that Mark I don’t receive anymore then a .0 for rewards also my electronics disappeared after earning 49/50
    Rating: 4
    good game
    scappoose town
    Rating: 4
    Great fun
    I’m hook on 1945
    Rating: 1
    Don’t download 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
    Bottom line… I’m in Tennessee and i click on cash games but it says no cash games available in my area 🤨🤬
    Rating: 4
    existing players
    i like it but it’s no promo for existing users
    Alpha Marie
    Rating: 4
    Very fun but with a few bugs
    but when I play against somebody and when it’s over it sometimes says that the other player is playing now
    Rating: 3
    I think the game is very fun! A great way to win a few bucks… but my problem with the name is it’s easy to add money, but to get your winnings you have to go and jump through hoops! So why do I have to wait 13 to 15 or whatever business days when you guys get your money in seconds when I deposit…. if I lose I lose in minutes but I have to wait days to get a refund or winning.
    Rating: 5
    Love It!
    Love this game! Absolutely addictive! Use this code to get extra cash! oPruMpd Definitely worth playing!
    Rating: 1
    The site crashes constantly and they only respond to an occasional message asking them to credit back - there are other games that have better customer service and it’s even difficult to send this review since all of the nicknames are taken - really even ‘Thissux’ is taken really
    Rating: 1
    robbed me of $15.00. i just needed like 10 $$ to pay my phone bill well when $10 was in there i went to withdrawal and connected my card and $5 automatically came out. then i put 10 in hoping to get it all out because you have to have at leave $10 to withdrawal. but no it didn’t wanna give me any of it back. if i could give it 0 stars i would.
    Rating: 1
    I was playing in a skirmish…I finally made it to the finals and the app just shutdown and when I got back on the whole game was gone. Very disappointing.
    Rating: 5
    So fun!!!!!
    Love this game! Fast, fun , and exciting! Can be rewarding too!
    Rating: 5
    Good game
    I love it
    glo ayala
    Rating: 5
    Awesome game I really enjoy playing it really isn’t necessary to put money to win it play for tickets and then redeem for bonus cash money that will let u play cash games it’s legit I’ve withdrawn money like that
    Shanon bomb
    Rating: 5
    This is a very addictive game. I have won some money and I just did my first withdrawal. I am really hoping that the withdrawal actually happens and I get the money
    Rating: 4
    Will for sure bring this to 5 stars when I can play for cash in my area ! Please let me know I really love this game and would love to play for the cash prizes ): .
    Rating: 2
    Says can’t play anything but ticket games or claim any prizes bc of my state law.
    Rating: 1
    Truly horrible
    Not worth your time,
    Fred dbdbdbs
    Rating: 2
    Can’t get my withdrawal
    What’s the pint of free codes if you win money and they won’t pay it? I have been waiting for my winnings for over a month and every time I submit their requests, they find a reason to say no and change the request!
    Rating: 3
    Need to set the record straight for some of you
    First review I’ve ever written but I had to clear up some things. All of you people who keep saying it’s not fair because if you don’t get a 2x bonus or something else blah blah blah you can’t win. Not true at all. Every person you play against gets the exact same cards and numbers called as you do. The only exception is when you use the certain booster to pick other numbers and it’s not rigged at all. I did some research and practice and now I win more often than I lose. I just sent out for my first withdrawal and only thing I’m really upset about is how long it takes. 15-30 days to process!!! That is ridiculous! So if you want to complain about something like that or games glitching(haven’t experienced yet) then that’s fine. But if you’re going to complain about losing, instead of immediately saying it’s rigged which I know it’s not, try doing some research or practicing for a while because you aren’t a winning player right away!
    Rating: 3
    No Real Money!!!
    Don’t be fooled! I have brains. I’m a quick learner. I discovered all of the “tips” and “tricks” to win at bingo. No matter how good you are, someone will be better 85% of the time, so don’t spend any real money. It’s fun enough to play with points, just don’t get invested… you will LOSE!
    Ryde on sis
    Rating: 5
    Use my code
    sarge racing
    Rating: 3
    You always seem to lose when your tickets get high. It would also be nice not to have to pay to win
    Rating: 5
    great game
    angie lucas
    Rating: 3
    I am figuring out after you win a few times the game don’t let you win anymore.
    Rating: 1
    Will not cash out
    Requested for cash out to be via electronic transfer into my account and they sent an electronic check which is not accepted by my bank, a well known national bank. The bank actually threatened me to never try to cash it again. When contacting AviaGames, they game me the link to do the same thing, print it out or mobile deposit. AviaGames is telling me they can do nothing about it, that I am out of luck and I cannot get my cash out. I will not play one more of their games until I receive my cash out.
    Rating: 5
    Bast game
    Bad boy
    Rating: 3
    There is a glitch on my app
    Hi, I have a question. Can someone please enable me to make purchases on this app? Every time I try to buy a deposit amount, it never lets me do that because it never stores that credit card I entered.
    Rating: 1
    Everything seems to be going good at first. they let you win your first 10 games or so, so you decide to put in a deposit to win some more. Then before you know it you’re losing game after game after game losing all your money because they just won’t call your number and they put you up against bots that always get triple your score. It’s rigged, and you can’t even withdrawal your money! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS! It’s a scam! they make you think you’re in control and you’re earning money but in reality they’re slowly stealing it.
    Rating: 3
    Great game
    Some states can play the tournament to win cash, but in Louisiana you can’t play for cash only tickets, Is there any way that can be fixed so everyone in every state can play the tournaments for cash? I like playing.