My NBA 2K20

  • Rating: 2.5
  • Number of ratings:2,168 ratings
  • Developer:2K
  • First edition:released on 2019-09-24
  • Latest version:Version1.2 released to 2020-01-30
  • Capacity:361.06 MB


    Rating: 1
    Not functioning
    No Stadia????
    review worth vcx
    Rating: 5
    My face San don’t upload to my player
    King Tap Out
    Rating: 2
    Crap just like the real game
    Always waiting on network just to draft cards I won. It’s just like the actual game. Anything they can do to irritate us. And charge a fortune while doing so
    Rating: 1
    It looks like crap 💩
    Rating: 1
    Very Disappointed!!!
    MyNBA used to be my favorite game to play a couple years ago but now it some how got worse instead of better. The Events are terrible and it’s harder to pull decent cards. I’ve been in a certain tier for 200+ Quick Games and I’ve only gotten one card from that tier so far. A once great game has become a disaster and I hope that it can be made great again. Bring back the auction market as well as daily log in rewards. 2k has become greedy for money and it’s obviously affecting our pockets and the joy for the games...
    Rating: 1
    Logging in
    I have tried many times to log into my steam account and it never worked
    Crab. Man
    Rating: 1
    the only reason i got this app is for the face scan.... it doesn’t work. not only is it nearly impossible to get the app to actually scan your face, once i got the scan in there my xbox said that it didn’t work. broken app.
    Rating: 5
    How fun it is
    This game is so fun but I want it to be ralistic
    L.J fun fun
    Rating: 1
    Face scan is broken
    I have my face in the camera turning my head slowly and it tells me that it doesn’t work!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👹😡😡😡😡😡🥶
    Rating: 1
    shittty gammmmmeeeeee
    this is thw worst game ever this shot is awfullllllllllllll it keep error coding me manor
    Rating: 5
    Bob Hernadez
    Rating: 1
    Absolutely a jone
    Wish I could give lower than a 1 star.
    Sooner T
    Rating: 1
    The app will not even let me link my Xbox live account. Wish I would’ve read the reviews before wasting $ on the game...
    Rating: 1
    Horrible app
    The face scan won’t even work anymore. Every time I try and upload my pictures, it just keeps giving me an error. It’s honestly sad and frustrating that 2k is a multi billion dollar company and can’t get their crap together.
    Blakester The Reviewer
    Rating: 1
    I’ve seen apps from 2010 that looked way better then this. Don’t get my started on the face scan. The face scan is absolute trash you would have a better scan by just drawing a self portrait of yourself on a piece of paper with crayon
    Rating: 1
    2k needs to make drastic changes
    This franchise has become complacent. From the console games to the apps it it’s just the same game over and over again but somehow worse. I have defended against this argument for years but it is the exact same game. For this app specifically they need to do a complete redo next year. The vc you make is nothing compared to years past and didn’t even make it worth the 30 min load up time for this app. They won’t change anything and they’ll reskin this same game and release it again as a new app and ppl will download it because we all love playing 2k but we need to make a stand as consumers and stop letting them get away with this. Do better Ronnie.
    Rating: 1
    Hit back. Now. You're welcome.
    no no no 07
    Rating: 1
    Terrible application
    Glitches all the time, you can not use the my look application. Terrible simply terrible.
    Rating: 5
    I like the game a lot
    I like the game alot
    Poopy Potts
    Rating: 2
    It loses connection very easily and makes you restart the entire thing. I’m talking about the face scan. I went through all the steps a few time because it made me and then when I reached the last step that was the loading step and it said “an error occurred” and basically made me restart the entire thing.
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 1
    This app doesn’t load up. I keep getting the “waiting on network” bug. Smh worst app ever not worth downloading.
    Rating: 1
    Face scan doesn’t work 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
    Rating: 1
    Don’t get it
    There is absolutely no difference between the last 3 games except different players the graphics are a joke it’s to time consuming to have a good team
    Rating: 1
    Facescan then ditch it 🤷‍♂️
    Absolute dumpster fire and has been the past 3 years. It’s almost as if they’re actively trying to one up themselves in making it worse. Lowering incentives for casual players to add to their 2k platform vc is one of the latest in a long line of “unimprovements” 🤦‍♂️
    Rating: 1
    Rating: 1
    It’s bad
    Know matter how many times I tried it did not work
    Rating: 2
    Face Scan
    The face Sceen feature is not working and needs to be fixed. I would like for MyPlayer in the console to exactly look like me.
    Rating: 4
    I pretty much only play quick games for VC but it’s a pretty good mobile ultimate team experience. I would play it a lot more if it didn’t make me log in to my PSN account every time I open the app.
    You nickname is taken Antruth
    Rating: 1
    Facescan does not work
    Tried using the face scan option for player create and does not work. Tried about 30 times and nothing. White background and plenty of lighting. Does not work
    Rating: 1
    Make 2K Great Again
    This game used to set the bar for basketball games but now they are just greedy.
    Ajalon mcleish
    Rating: 1
    This game is actually bad
    This game is bad 2k has lost its game record
    Rating: 2
    nba 2k20
    every time i try do a nba 2k20 myplayer face scan it freezes i don’t know what’s going on when
    Isaak Sagan
    Rating: 1
    I bought 2K20 for 60$ so I decided to use this app, all I wanted to do is the face scan for the game, but instead I got a horrible laggy game in which I had to delete the app because I didn’t want to waist 30 more minutes of my time trying to get to the face scan.
    Blk Lavender
    Rating: 1
    Face Scan
    I’ve tried it 2 times already and once it finish on my Xbox one it says “We we’re unable to find Head scan data.
    Rating: 1
    Worst mynba ever
    I used to play this game since it’s 15’ version. I always had fun and enjoyed the game. This year they just copy and paste last two versions with no improvements, nothing new added and cutting almost all good things they put in game in previous versions. I deleted the game after playing couple weeks cause you know at the end of April the game is dead and they will make you start over next September with the same game for nothing.
    Rating: 1
    Terrible app
    I payed $60s for a game, and they can’t even create a functional app. Money well spent... if you haven’t bought NBA 2K20, I highly recommend saving your money cause the game is garbage, slow, unrealistic, and a waste of time. I’ve been sitting here for 45 mins trying to get the face scan to work cause creating it through the game is going to take me 20-30 mins. I never ever write reviews, but since I did, that’s how trash you know NBA 2K20 is. Instead of taking my money and profiting, create an app that actually works and a game that’s actually realistic. Figure it out! Do your job!
    Rating: 1
    I tried a lot of times and never works on the game , it said there was a problem during scan, it’s too hard compared to last year
    Rating: 1
    Got Banned
    I got banned for no reason. Or just because I was online/playing for a long period of time trying to get tier1 prize on the rival event and keep winning. I chose the emblem/banner couple times and app kicks me out and say I’m banned for hacking lol.
    Rating: 3
    Face scan issue
    Every time I go to scan my face is freezes up and exits out the app completely. I’ve tried re downloading it and everything but still the same issue
    Rating: 1
    Face scan don’t work
    Got the app for the face scan and it won’t work. I have spent good amount of time attempting it and so have my buddies and nobody could get it to work.
    Rating: 1
    So angry
    Just grinded rc for three days now it won’t even let me log in and when it did last night it didn’t give me my rewards
    Rating: 1
    worst experience
    stupid face scan system took me years and thousands of times to get it done. Every time the app shows the face scan is complete and tell me to view it in the game and the game says there’s a problem can’t recognize the face
    Rating: 1
    FaceScan never works
    The literal only reason to download this app and it doesn't work for crap. Terrible 1 star
    Beanos slave
    Rating: 1
    Stupid gay bean
    This stupid app cannot scan my face. Since when can the application on mobile device not do what is thou said to do bruh moment.
    Austin (Oz)
    Rating: 1
    Downloaded for one reason - Facial Recognition - Didn’t work
    I normally never write reviews for apps but: Completed 5 min tutorial, connected with xbox acc, tried to get my face linked for 45 minutes (watched youtube videos etc)... NOTHING. Deleted app after. ”Would give 0 stars if I could”
    Rating: 5
    This app is amazing I scanned my face into 2k20 and it was great
    Rating: 2
    Super buggy/unprofessional
    Just like 2k has forever consistently shown in its software, glitches are common if you can even get past the log in screen. it always takes me at least two log ins to get in, but after the new update i quite literally cannot log in. the app looks like it was made in 2012 while it’s 2020.
    Rating: 1
    Scan doesn’t even work
    It’s garbage