Crazy Kick!

  • Rating: 4.66608
  • Number of ratings:328,832 ratings
  • Developer:Voodoo
  • First edition:released on 2019-06-28
  • Latest version:Version1.18.0 released to 2021-08-12
  • Capacity:329.05 MB


    Rating: 5
    Love dis
    Best game ever
    Rating: 2
    It’s ok but can be way better
    I like the game but it is not very interesting all you are doing is kicking a ball in a goal 🥅.
    Rating: 4
    Fun but too ez
    This game is easier than taking a breath.
    juan Rafael pacheco
    Rating: 4
    I love this game
    But too many ads
    Rating: 5
    Best game ever
    Play this soooooop good I love if u don’t play you have no friends loser it’s so fun and 24/7 I play ads do not matter so ez ez ez ez
    Clash God1538
    Rating: 2
    Too many ads
    There’s a ad like every 30 seconds and the game isn’t even that fun it’s sort of boring
    Rating: 1
    No ads still has ads.
    I paid for the no ads version of this game. It unfortunately still has “commercials” hidden as “prizes”. They are commercials to all sorts of age inappropriate content. I downloaded this for my 4year old but the ads/commercials are for gambling and violent games. Get a clue Apple, if the game is for young kids then the ads/commercials should follow that same age restrictions.
    Rating: 5
    This game is amazing.
    Rating: 5
    Love the game
    I like the game but I want to be able to pick what I can do maybe you can make it more fun like put more people in the game
    Rating: 1
    2 addicting
    i playd the gme 2 much so I forgot how to do basc Homan things
    pro 65
    Rating: 5
    Crazy kid
    I love it because I play soccer
    Rating: 4
    This game is good when you have nothing to do
    Rating: 5
    The best game I’ve ever played so fun you wouldn’t believe it try it
    carson barron
    Rating: 4
    Way too many
    Stop adding the ads there is way too many ads
    Rating: 5
    A long time
    My son has been doing this for a long time and now he seems to be doing better at it
    Rating: 4
    Why I like this game
    I may not have gotten that far yet but this game is amazing because you get to kick the ball wherever you want!!!
    Rating: 5
    … this game
    This game is cool and chill
    plese buy
    Rating: 5
    Bcdfhcfgvdsv can
    Good good
    Rating: 5
    I’m addicted to this game
    I’m addicted to this game
    Rating: 5
    This is the best game!!!!!
    Rating: 5
    💪🏻I was in 1 place🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
    Rating: 5
    This games is amazing! I can’t stop playing it. Over all I recommend this game!
    eli lit trunk
    Rating: 5
    This game is so fun think you for putting it in the App Store
    Rating: 5
    I do be breaking ankles 10/10
    Rating: 5
    Super good
    5 stars
    KayKay 5/23
    Rating: 4
    Good but glitchy
    I love this game but it’s very glitchy. Sometimes the ball will just stop moving, but besides that it’s great.
    have sec
    Rating: 5
    I hate this gas me so much I can have sex with the mader wife
    Rating: 5
    Crazy kick
    This is one of the best games ever I have played for 3 hours straight
    do J ghgfh
    Rating: 5
    This game is so fun the only part I don’t like is the ads
    Rating: 1
    Its really really fun but…
    Its really fun but i rate it a one Omg CAUSE OF THE ADDS theres like one every time you kick otherwise i would rate it a five star review do what you want!
    Rating: 3
    Too many ads
    Too many ads
    qwe rrr dtd yuu frf hgh kjk
    Rating: 3
    The game play was a fine in all. But the adds are way too much. Please fix this
    zylbrsd 2192838
    Rating: 2
    Adds and # of rounds
    Overall the idea of the game is awesomeness has a potential, but the amount of adds that are on the game is going to decrease the amount of people that play the game. Another thing is that there aren’t many maps/rounds after you complete all the rounds the game just kinda stops at its content level right there that’s how a lot of these games are set up. Too sick you in make some money of there adds and then let you do whatever you want after that. I find that airplane mode is the best way to beat all the rounds for this game.
    bruh meam god
    Rating: 5
    This game is so much fun like it’s addicting but it’s fine like it will like if you were on a sunny beach and you had nothing to do like when u can’t swim this game would be the right thing for you there’s a glitches it’s really easy to get different things it’s really fine just get it
    Rating: 5
    4.7 out of 5 I love this game
    I play this so much I play this in school and at lunch I play this all the time I don’t know what to say but 4.7 out of 5 I can tell ppl like this game a lot it helps me bc I miss my mom I have not seen her months
    Rich Piggie
    Rating: 4
    Fun Game!!!!!!! But.....
    I really like crazy kick because it’s fun and soccer is my favorite sport! I just had a few ideas: I think that you should be able to play against your friends and I think that when you beat all the levels you should be able to play defense instead of the ball. Also I think in shop there should be backgrounds that you can buy. Please consider! Thanks!!😁 Issue:I was in the middle of a level and there was an ad. ( I’ve seen a lot of games that do this so I’m use to it) When the ad was over it said that I died. If you’re going to put ads in the middle of the round at least pause it. ( plus ads in the middle of a level is annoying so please don’t do this)
    Oryx, The Taken Kng
    Rating: 1
    Who ever made this didn’t even try and was on lsd The AI is garbage and the out of bounds zones are in all the wrong places Also is really laggy
    Rating: 5
    Top 10 ways to break ankles
    Rare pause incoming
    aggle flaggle paggle
    Rating: 5
    Best game ever
    big savage84
    Rating: 4
    Best game ever
    Well here’s how it started so I’ll download it crazy kick about five minutes ago and it’s really good I really need it for the reason it just like wasn’t deserve the five Eli deserve the phone out of five it’s just because it’s too easy you know maybe when I get to like level 70 I’ll read it five because it’s harder but anyway it’s still a really good game
    Rating: 3
    Why I think this game is okay at best
    Even tho the game is fun, the levels dont get harder over time and if you just dribble up to the goal and then juke, you'll never loose.
    Rating: 5
    Best game ever
    Rating: 5
    I’m Sorry Not To Do That
    Created By Sumerian Hanyd
    Rating: 2
    Trashy trash and trash
    Trash like frfr
    Puppy Cupny
    Rating: 5
    Cody man
    bucket man boy
    Rating: 2
    To much adds they should update
    Every time I miss or don’t score there is a ad you only get to kick the ball 2 times before another add comes on download the game and check yourself to much ads do a update to get rid of them
    Rating: 2
    Don’t purchase the no ad feature.. the game doesn’t let u gain currency without watching ads for it.
    Rating: 5
    Great game
    It’s a great game like the other games voodoo has made and I love this game
    Rating: 3
    Crazy Kick!
    It's okay, I don't love it. It's fun for a few minutes but it gets boring pretty quick. You 'kick'the ball into the goal and it adds more people as obstacles but nothing too crazy and there are purchases though!