Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later.

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  • Number of ratings:667,277 ratings
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  • First edition:released on 2018-08-07
  • Latest version:Version1.45.1 released to 2021-10-14
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    Rating: 1
    needs improvement
    this program may seem good but you also have to watch them i made 60 plus payments on time and when i missed a payment due to my card being stolen they took down my pre-approval spending down to 0 which is crazy and drop your tier down and everything . i was one of the first people to reach pulse membership 2 yrs ago and all your benefits you work hard to get and all the money you put out for them to strip all your benefits like that is crazy. so i am definitely canceling my account won’t be using them. and not to mention i was a day late.
    Rating: 5
    I love it !!!!! Best app I could have ran across now I can get gifts for everyone and not worrying about if I have enough thanks 😃
    Rating: 1
    bad customer service
    thousands of messages sent and they solve nothing. terrible service
    Rating: 5
    Love it!!!!
    Sammy 1016
    Rating: 1
    Returns/ refunds will take a month
    If you end up having a return or refund you will be waiting up words of a month to see your money back in your bank account. Additionally you well have to make numerous calls to Custer Service to find any sort of resolution. Would not recommend using this service.
    Rating: 3
    Increase coverage
    I loved Klarna when I used to live in another state. It was fast and easy and it had everything memorized. Now that I’ve moved to New Mexico I noticed that Klarna isn’t covered here. It would’ve been nice to know that on the app, but it didn’t say it anywhere. Hopefully they increase the coverage because it was helpful when I needed it.
    Rating: 1
    Very Disappointed
    I’ve been with AfterPay for 4 yrs. I’ve built up my credit & have ALWAYS paid on time. My Credit was Amazing. If my family or even friends ever needed ANYTHING. I knew I could get it on this app & get it with no worries. I would tell ALOTTTTTT of people who didn’t know this app existed!! Because of the struggles of trying to get credit to buy there kids clothes for school or even buy stuff for people who don’t have, but this app made a way.. Well, I missed 2 payment on TWO accounts & it was 2 days. I have was super busy with life. And completely forgot. Well I paid it the following day. And I went from having $2000 credit to having $0 ZERO credit! 😡 When I called customer service. They said this is not ran by them. It’s ran by an APP!! AFTER ALL THAT HARD WORK I DID TO KEEP THIS AS MY ONLY MEANS OF HAVING CREDIT, GONE!!! I put all my time & energy into this app because I THOUGHT they cared about people who can’t get ANY credit & they made a way for them. I ALWAYS paid on time. I missed 2 payment within 3 days & got cut off!! 💔 DONT PUT TO MUCH ENERGY INTO SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T GIVE A DAM OF WHAT KINDA LIFE YOUR GOING THREW.. Thanks AfterPay.👍🏽
    majiya fedtiny sam
    Rating: 5
    I love it
    I love this app get your stuff and pay later
    Rating: 4
    Credit line
    You can only make one purchase at a time. They give a dollar amount your eligible to spend and make 4 payments on (every 2 weeks). If you use 100.00 of your limit on your 1st purchase you can’t place another order until you pay the 1st one off.
    Rating: 1
    Don’t like it as much as Sezzle
    I don’t use Afterpay much anymore, I’m actually going to pay off what balance I have with them and stop using them. They say that you can reschedule payments but you can’t, you might be able to do one every 6 months which is crazy because Sezzle let’s you reschedule payments a lot! And, God forbid your late on a payment, Afterpay really holds a grudge!! They will take your limit away real quick. I have been late on payments with Sezzle and they do NOT hold it against you, my limit has never decreased with Sezzle but it has with Afterpay!
    Rating: 5
    Absolutely love this app!!
    I love Afterpay. I make ALL of purchases this way. I’m always happy to pay my bill because I always have something else I’m ready to buy. I can’t add things to my Afterpay favorites anymore for some reason. That’s my only complaint. A must have if your responsible ❤️ thanks Afterpay!
    Rating: 1
    Horrible service
    I’ve had Afterpay for about a year I loved it at the beginning since it was very convenient and easy to use. I have made several purchases and spend a lot of money using Afterpay. The horrible part of this app is that if you miss one payment because they like to take the payment out early morning on a Friday when my direct deposit hasn’t been made available they penalize you and remove your spending limit to $0 and even if you do make a payment on that day after you receive the notifications that the payment was never received they will retry to charge the account for the same payment amount and make it seems like you paid for double. I’m really disappointed in this app and you can’t even do anything about the spending limit according to the representatives.
    Rating: 2
    I really loved Afterpay up until today.
    I’ve been using Afterpay for a while. I recently had 1 late payment that I literally paid 2 days late and they wiped out my whole available to spend balance. I had over $1400 available to spend and today it says 0. All over a $16.46 payment…which was my 4th payment for that merchant. I had never missed a payment before. Also, when I tried making the payment from 2 different Mastercards, it rejected it. Not sure what their deal is with Mastercard but I don’t have this problem with Sezzle or any other buy now pay later company.
    kyle lamps
    Rating: 1
    The ability to pay on Amazon and at target was removed.
    Rating: 5
    Great App, easy to use
    I love this App, even if i can pay for the purchase in full i like using the app to pay for things. Just makes me feel better and not like I’m over spending. I’ve gotten family and friends hooked lol.
    Rating: 5
    The Real MVP
    I had to run to review this app. Afterpay restored my dignity. I’ve never been able to get a credit card, call it locked out of generational opportunities. But Afterpay changed my life! Like seriously, where have you been all my life Afterpay??! 😍😍
    Rating: 3
    Almost every time I try to use this to pay for something, there’s always some sort of error. Not worth the hassle.
    sunny tx
    Rating: 1
    Keeps crashing
    Since the last update, the app keeps crashing. It doesn’t even load. Deleted. Maybe I’ll try again in the future
    Rating: 5
    Lost a Great Customer
    So I’ve been using this service since it first came out. I’ve never missed a payment and even had a pre-approval spending limit of over 2,000. Long story short I went out of the country and my bank thought there was fraud on my account so they placed a 48 hour hold on my card. I missed ONE $16 payment. I paid it the very next day but now they dropped my spending balance down to ZERO!!!! They have lost a very good customer. I will never use them again.
    Rating: 4
    It won’t open!!!!! So I can’t use it at all!!!!!
    Holliedays 7
    Rating: 1
    Tried to use it twice. Did not work. Then started getting spam messages and phone calls threatening to arrest me for oweing money. Don’t use.
    Rating: 1
    Horrible, Horrible, Horrible
    Complete waste of time. After being hesitant I figured I would give it a try. As I assumed, it wouldn’t approve my first order that was only a total of just under $75, which would have split my four payments into $22 each. Don’t let them fool you, they absolutely do base everything on your credit and payment history. They do not backup what they say they do. Stay away!
    Rating: 5
    I love this app just lately I’m unable to login with my Face ID please fix
    Rating: 1
    Afterpay stole my money
    Afterpay literally stole my money. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone or use them again. Definitely not trustworthy and their customer service is the worst.
    Rating: 1
    Update: AfterPay Card
    Ok so AfterPay now has a card!! So you accept the terms and conditions and it’ll give you a limit to what you’re allowed to spend. I.E. approved to spend $1,000 In Store. Place the AfterPay Card to your wallet and day you go to MAC Cosmetics and have a balance due of $300. Just open wallet to AfterPay Card and it’ll automatically due your first installment and you pay the next three as usual. This means at all these retailers that support the Card allows you to get exactly what you want or need... I say again if AfterPay ever gets retailers such as Walmart or Target it will be my absolute new best friend... AfterPay is amazing *****With AfterPay now using merchants like Target, I was very excited. Issue, it’s an in app purchase only and the process to add the payment is a complete circus. I have tried at least 10 times and each times there’s and issue when I place the order stating the the card details are incorrect. They don’t even give you the CVV three digit pin, it feels it in at the end but that’s where I hit a raid block. Guess I’ll be going back to Klarna for my Target shopping.
    Finger Cell Music Group
    Rating: 1
    This WAS a good App.
    Afterpay has to know how much I shop, and Pay my Bi Weekly payments, on time or early. So what do they do; remove the one place I shop at, Amazon. Maybe since they don’t make a commission from it, they removed it. Bring back Amazon!
    Rating: 5
    It’s been very interesting ordering and paying thru this app. It makes shopping/paying pretty clean cut in one place
    tonia 55
    Rating: 5
    The best give you plenty to shop with
    Will stay with this app
    Rating: 5
    Fantastic Idea Verses CC Debt!
    This popped up when I was making a purchase online from somewhere else and decided to go ahead and apply… I was immediately approved for $300 of credit line and when I paid that off, I turned around and bought a pair of pants that I’ve been dying to get from White House Black market! My favorite turquoise pants ever that were over $200! It makes it extremely easy to get what you want when you don’t have the funds immediately or don’t want to use your credit at that particular time because there’s no interest and no application fee. I was approved within less of a minute and once I paid off my first two purchases, my credit line is now up to $1200! I saw that someone stated something about insufficient funds when it’s payday for AfterPay and all I can say to that is, if you’re living day by day (week by week/payday to payday) financially, you probably shouldn’t be shopping online anyway… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ This person was complaining about insufficient funds because she couldn’t make her payment on time, again.. don’t play the “Rob Peter to pay Paul” type deal. If you can’t afford to shop, simply do not shop! (They do NOT report to credit bureaus nor will it help your credit score) It’s simply a great way to shop especially right before Christmas! Thank you AfterPay!
    Rating: 5
    Great company
    I can’t say enough great things about After Pay. I accidentally stumbled across an offer to apply and use After Pay for a purchases Christmas 2020 and it was so easy - almost too easy and you think something must be wrong. You can use the card in participating stores, or get a gift card to use in a store. Sometimes I am in a store with no intention to buy anything and then I find myself buying something - in a matter of a few minutes I am able to login get a gift card for the store and pay with using my after pay account. After completing certain amount of purchases/payments on time you reach a different level where you have perks such as no down payment (except gift cards)change payment date, gift card purchase. Credit limit gets increased - as with any credit use wisely, no your spending limits. As far as late payment fees etc., I don’t know as I have never been late. Now I suppose if you
    Rating: 1
    They locked my account for no reason and will not let me remove my card!!
    Rating: 1
    This is the worst app ever . Stay away . Amazon is no longer on the platform it lasted like a month on there .
    Cristina M. Villanueva
    Rating: 5
    I recommend
    Great app! Helps you get something pays it off so you pay it off in week rather than all at once
    Rating: 4
    I love using Afterpay. It provides myself and my family a convenient way of paying for items. One negative thing about Afterpay is that they keep adding and removing favorite stores every week. I love using Amazon , but Afterpay adds it and removes it after a week of use.
    Rating: 5
    So easy. So helpful.
    Afterpay makes buying things you couldn’t usually afford upfront so easy!
    Doris singleton
    Rating: 5
    Love everything about the app
    This is just a wonderful ideal whom ever came up with it hats off ❤️🥰
    Rating: 5
    I love it
    I love my afterpay just wish they had better and more stores to chose from. Like Amazon
    Rating: 5
    I love Afterpay it’s wonderful
    Rating: 1
    Was out of the country and card was restricted until my return and they refused to fix my balance. Never missed a payment prior. $500 to $50 in 3 days
    customer service not good
    Rating: 1
    Customer service gets one star
    My cc card had a fraud situation so my payment didn't process and I paid one day late and my amount went from $600 to $100- customer service can’t increase and that messed up my plans to use for a trip so be sure to pay not even 1 day late. Customer service is a joke cause my payment history was perfect and they still wouldn’t work with me.
    Rating: 5
    Shopaholic’s Dream
    I love Afterpay. A little TOO much lol. I’m thankful that it only allows me to have only 4 open orders at a time because I have an insane shopping problem. But it’s so convenient and easy to use. My credit is not that great either and they didn’t check my credit or add any ridiculous additional charges (if they charge anything at all). I wish I could use Afterpay to build my credit tho! Lol. I’m impressed with the variety of stores that allow you to pay with AP. I used it through Finish Line for shoes, Buy Buy Baby, and I recently purchased the DB Method squat machine using AP. I’m hoping to get a nice tv! The app and site are easy to use and viewing your orders and payment schedules is not complicated at all. You can also change the payment date or get an extension. I’m also very pleased with their response to refunds. I had a package from Finish Line get stolen and I was able to get a refund easily without dealing with anyone but Finish Line. No having to go and file any reports or claims or making any annoying phone calls. All smooth sailing. I love this dang app so much LOL.
    Rating: 5
    I love afterpay the best of the best, I just have one question, will amazon come back?
    Rating: 5
    Again ?!!
    You guys removed the option to shop at Amazon from the after pay app -.- and you guys removed some stores from the “shop in store “ option -.-
    Rating: 5
    Great app
    This is probably the best idea in marketing ever helps people not feel the pressure of spending too much. Also helps budget and shop with ease.
    Rating: 1
    Horrible service Do not recommended!!!!
    Bad business I been waiting 3 weeks to get money back on an item I never received customer services keeps telling me they will email me an update regarding speaking with the merchant and still nothing I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and every time they tell me no I can’t speak to them cause there busy. It’s beginning to be exhausting I do not recommend!!!!!
    Rating: 3
    You granted me a $600 credit but only allowed me to make two orders. Both orders total less than $150
    Rating: 5
    Always easy to use! Love this
    Rating: 5
    Love this app
    I love this app!!! Have never messed up or failed me. Been using this for over a year !
    Rating: 2
    Credit limit
    I had a $1400.00 credit limit with you all. The whole time I’ve did business with you, I was late 1 time….and you dropped my limit all the way down to $24.00. Shame