Nintendo Switch Online

  • Rating: 2.79238
  • Number of ratings:6,011 ratings
  • Developer:Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • First edition:released on 2017-07-19
  • Latest version:Version1.7.0 released to 2020-06-18
  • Capacity:120.25 MB


    Rating: 1
    I already had a account and it made me have to get another one
    Rating: 1
    I don’t know what happened
    Ok I’m a Nintendo Switch account online member, but for some reason it won’t let me use the account. I just says “this service can’t be used with this account. Please fix this! ☹️. UPDATE: I tried disabling Parental Controls and it still didn’t work. Very frustrated
    Rating: 1
    can’t even log in
    i just wanna use the chat but i can’t even log in the buttons don’t even work
    Rating: 2
    Needs a landscape mode. For Splatnet, it’s alright but ACNH needs a landscape mode. 😠😠😠😠 I would be happy to change my rating if you do.
    Rating: 1
    Can’t use app
    When I press select this account, there is text that says “your Nintendo account cannot be used with the service.” The only parental controls on my Nintendo account is having to put in a password to download games. Can someone please help!
    Rating: 5
    Plz answer
    Anyone know how to post on smash world?
    Rating: 1
    You can’t even add friends with it
    Rating: 3
    Fix this
    It keeps saying I have unstable internet but I have perfect internet
    Rating: 1
    I started a new start for animal crossing. A whole new file and I’m having difficulties with this app because it’s not updating my new town instead it’s my old town with old villagers! How do I fix this problem!
    Rating: 1
    Just don’t work
    The funny thing is every time I try to type the email it just cuts the typing bar in HalfAnd I can’t type anything
    Rating: 5
    I need this in my country
    Please make this app available in the Philippines, we need this app to access features like scanning QR code and entering other ID codes for games like Animal Crossing New Horizon. Thanks.
    Rating: 3
    iPad app needs landscape mode :(
    It’s very frustrating trying to use the keyboard to chat in Animal Crossing when the app is only in portrait mode
    808star slinger
    Rating: 2
    Add ninjala
    Add Ninjala it should have noice chat in it too!
    Rating: 1
    I was looking forward to us the app to scan some design QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you have to pay for online! And I had online for a while, and it’s expensive! >:|
    Rating: 1
    It didn’t work
    I was trying to log in and it said it could use this for my Nintendo and it’s very annoying what do I do??
    Rating: 4
    I like it
    It’s good I use it for animal crossing. But I reset my island and my old data is still there and idk why it didn’t erase
    Rating: 1
    It doesn’t let me go on spat net when I have Splatoon 2
    Smudgy Bard YT
    Rating: 1
    Fix your laggy online and add native voice chat within the console. And while you’re at it GIVE ALL GAMES CLOUD SAVES! I HAVE 1,000 hours in Splatoon 2 that could all just go away if I even drop the switch once! It’s 2020! This is unacceptable.
    Rating: 1
    I just got this...ugh!
    Don’t download! Blocked from playing splatoon 2
    Rating: 1
    I can’t fucken log in
    clash ah ah
    Rating: 5
    It is good
    I use it
    Rating: 1
    What the hell Nintendo
    Why do you have to be thirteen to sign in
    Rating: 1
    Can’t get past loading screen.
    Flat out hasn’t worked for the 6 months that I’ve had a switch. Completely useless.
    Rating: 1
    Imagine making people pay for online membership while other consoles and devices makes it for free
    Rating: 1
    So I was logging into my account and it said online membership doesn’t support that. even though I CLEARLY have the membership.
    Rating: 5
    It’s great but you should add something
    A new 3ds xl or 2ds xl online I would be fun and playing the best 3D games on your phone think about it, it would make ppl buy the app if they don’t a switch I’m saying that it would change everything also I have a new 2ds xl to so it rlly be happy if you make this
    Rating: 2
    it works well except i reset my island on animal crossing and it wont let me put my new island/character.
    ehevdis shej
    Rating: 4
    It’s good
    While I like the app a lot there could be more games that could use this Pokémon Mario Kart And some others
    Rating: 1
    Online services should be free. We already pay for online services through a provider so why do we have to pay for online services twice?
    Rating: 5
    Very good but...
    I was in super Mario party and vc did not work please fix this issue
    Epik gamer lol
    Rating: 2
    Just add normal party system so you can hear the game and other people at the same time nobody wants to use an app to talk to people on a console and it only works for certain games not to mention online used to be free and the ui hasn’t changed at all in 3 years it’s just really basic and missing basic features like messaging, themes, and party chat
    Rating: 5
    Soo fun 😊
    I LOVE it it’s so cool even cooler then.... I don’t know
    Rating: 4
    It’s cool.
    Could be better but It’s fun.
    Rating: 1
    you do not appeal to me.
    it did NOT let me back in because i didn't wanna pay money for an online nintendo subscription? i literally just wanted to look at my map on my phone instead of on my switch!!
    Rating: 1
    Can’t use the app if jailbroken
    I don’t know why they punish everyone that jailbreaks their phone when some people only use it for aesthetics. Would give 0 stars.
    Rating: 5
    I love switch online just ignore any bad reviews those hypocrites are perfectly fine paying 15 bucks a month for Xbox live nso is cheaper by a lot and much better
    bookworm of oof island
    Rating: 1
    Awful service
    I put in my password. Incorrect. I did it VERY carefully. Incorrect. I changed my password to the password I had before. But when I signed in again, it was like I never did it!
    Rating: 1
    it should be free
    all i want to do is use QR code’s to get cute outfits on animal crossing, but i have to pay in order to do that, which is DUMB it should be FREE
    Rating: 4
    It's pretty good, but I have some suggestions.
    First off I want to say the voice chat it's not the best but certainly not the worst I can say one thing though it definitely works really well! Suggestion number one, Nintendo please have a messaging feature on this app. That way we can message our friends we want to play and text them. Suggestion number two, have more games on the home screen of the app all I see is super smash brothers ultimate, Splatoon 2, and animal Crossing. Put Mario kart eight deluxe, streetfighter 30th anniversary, and many other games on the home screen of the app Suggestion number three, have a party chat system so that way if you don't wanna play a game you can just voice chat with your friends or random people. But overall, your app works. It does crash very rarely but it works pretty well on my iPhone 5s which that alone is pretty impressive😂😂😂
    Rating: 3
    Ummm, really Nintendo?
    So, I wanted to get this app for Animal Crossing. I’m under 15 so my account has restrictions. I can’t use my account with this app because of my restrictions! It is so stupid. My parents don’t care if I can chat with my friends through AC. Please Nintendo, don’t make everyone have to jumó through hoops of fire every time I get a new Nintendo console or app. 😭
    Rating: 1
    Don’t waste your time.
    I can’t even use the app. I got the app so I wouldn’t have to bother with the Switch chat on ACNH, and when i open the app and put my account info in, it says “your account isn’t compatible”. Annoyed me, absolute waste of time. As others have also said, online was free before you guys started to get greedy and make us pay for it. Why? Why was that necessary? Games now cost up to $100 dollars (the $20 comes from online) just to get the full experience. If there’s DLC that expands the experience, guess what? The price has gone up. Having to pay for online was a mistake, Nintendo. You messed up.
    Rating: 1
    Needs update
    Doesn’t work at all
    Rating: 1
    It’s like Xbox live
    If Xbox made you download an app for it.
    Got7 rulez
    Rating: 3
    Nintendo ACNH game
    Ok so I had one island before but didnt like the layout.. so then I create another island when I deleted the old one. But like when I go to use the Nintendo Link App.. it still shows my residents from my first island and info... how do I fix it .. because ai am trying to link up designs I find in Ables app and doenload designs I like... but for some reason they dont show on my nookphone .. Help!!....
    Rating: 1
    xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
    why can’t i use the chat feature for acnh
    Rating: 4
    Rating: 1
    Nintendo party chat
    I like it but I would love Nintendo switch to have party chat like on the consul
    Rating: 1
    Can’t log in
    I want to use the NookLink feature, but i can’t log in when i try to. i already turned on the feature in my game, but the app is not letting me log in and i don’t know why.
    Rating: 2
    Can’t log in after crashing
    IvI been using this app scince before online was introduced for splatoon 2 I Finnally got online for a year and it won’t let me sign in