• Rating: 4.84955
  • Number of ratings:14,802 ratings
  • Developer:kunabi brother GmbH
  • First edition:released on 2017-10-25
  • Latest version:Version1.0.2 released to 2018-12-21
  • Capacity:176.20 MB


    Rating: 5
    By far, the best mobile game I ever played!!!
    Rating: 3
    Today I delete the game, unfinished
    I can't get past 53 and you can't pass on it so there's no point in taking up space on my machine. It's a bummer. A bad end to an otherwise enjoyable game. I can still name games that I had to leave unfinished, as far back as the 80's. There should always be a way out. After a set amount of tries, offer up a way to continue to the next step or puzzle. Make it suddenly seem like the player magically figured it out and let them move on. Something. Because this stinks. I won't put another second into it except to delete it.
    Rating: 2
    Auto Brightness Not Fixed
    I love this app except for the auto brightness. I have the option to turn it off but it turns itself back on. The lightbulb shows that I have turned it off, but it still turns the light all the way up. I don’t understand why auto bright would ever be needed in this app in the first place. It’s totally unnecessary and now it’s out of control. Lovely app though. I want to play with it a lot but cannot because of the light burning my battery and my retinas. 😢
    Rating: 5
    Just please add more levels
    That is it it is a great game but really lacks levels
    Rating: 3
    Well designed but not worth $5
    Pros - well designed - very smooth animations and controls - beginnings of a unique and engaging puzzle where the solutions require trial and error to understand how particles interact - no ads Cons - I beat it with minimal difficulty in less than an hour, not even trying to rush it, just casually wasting time - levels are fairly simple, even at the end. You can tel some of the levels tries to encourage you to find procedural solutions, but most are just trying to draw the correct path through particle obstacles. - zero replayability $0.99 would be fair for an hour long as-free diversion, but $5 is a ridiculous price for the current state of this game.
    Rating: 2
    My issue is not the $ so much or even lack of more levels. I can’t complain about lack of levels when I CAN’T EVEN GET PAST LEVEL 9 in a 55 level game!!!!!! U kno what I think? I think whichever level some1 gets stuck on depends on which device & what year that device is that u’re playing on. 1 reviewer got stuck on 10. Another on 45. It’s 9 4 me. So my guess is that it’s glitchy due 2 fact it’s a particles concept/coding/plat4m. Not much u can do with that & the “independent” devs r slick guys who KNO that. Y else would it have been abandoned 4 2yrs?! They probably “Heeyuck heeyuck”ed their way 2 the bank after the last upd8. I’ll play with it, c what happens, but, meh. I’ll delete it soon I’m sure. Just b wary of buying games that r still full price 2yrs after their last upd8. I rarely do that. After this tho, never again. W8 until it’s in Apps Gone Free or .99cents. YW.
    Rating: 4
    Good but needs more content
    This is an amazing game but 50 levels is not enough
    Rating: 2
    I love this game to death, but I would like to restart. How do I do that?
    Rating: 5
    Cheetah print energy
    Rating: 3
    Why haven’t there been more levels added
    After all these years so disappointing
    i am bttr than u
    Rating: 5
    I love this game it is the most satisfying game ive ever played i just wish there was more levels
    Rating: 4
    Fun to play over too quickly
    It has been out on the market 3 years and only 55 levels. It was done in less than 90 minutes. It’s a lot of money for a game that is over and done so soon. In 3 years time, one would think the developers could add levels. Otherwise the game play was fun. I enjoyed the puzzles. They were rather easy to solve.
    Rating: 5
    Amazing particle system effects
    Rating: 5
    More than a game, a journey of awareness
    It’s very hard to use words to describe this wordless experience. The “game” requires that one patiently observe unique behaviors and relationships in order, to not “win”, but to “assist” successfully.
    Rating: 2
    Not worth it
    Granted it’s gorgeous, but that’s not all a game should be. I found it to be easy for most of it but by the time it got interesting it was over. It was short and got somewhere interesting sometimes but then forgot about it I guess it wasn’t my thing
    Rating: 5
    Omg this game makes me feel love 😍
    Hup 536
    Rating: 5
    Such elegant puzzles
    I love this game...incredibly good. I had to stop playing after level 53 to come and write this review. So lovely...
    Rating: 4
    Needs a sandbox mode
    This game is great and it is a great way to pass the time, but I think it would be really fun if you added a level creator or a sandbox mode. It could be a mode where you could add in your own particles and creat a level the way you want it to be created.
    Rating: 4
    I loved this game, but....
    This is such a beautiful and hypnotizing game, challenging yet soothing! I love it! BUT there’s only 50 levels! And once you get the hang of it you can go through all 50 in no time at all! even faster when you’re going through for the 3rd or 4th time! It is really disappointing that there isn’t an expanded package of challenges! I really hope the creators are working on making more Frozen puzzles. Please!
    Rating: 1
    Level 10 is impossible and no way to skip it. I want a refund.
    Rating: 3
    Fun Puzzles : A Little Pricy
    The facts are : This is a puzzle game - the top review from 2 years ago said there were only 50 levels released - today there are but 55 levels released - the game costs about $5 The game is visually appealing and a few levels imitate schooling fish which I thought was a very fun concept Those are the points of consideration I would present to prospective buyers ————— First let me say that this was a very visually appealing game - and the mechanics seemed like they took a lot of programming to get to its current state of functionality - My only concern would be that the cost associated with the app is a bit high for the current release but if it is working for you more power to you In suggestion for future development I would definitely say that having an easily recognizable button to scroll through all the levels would greatly improve navigation To create additional levels I would suggest maybe recycling some of the code which appeared to be more involved such as the fish which is only used in a few levels to create new levels Another possible addition would be using Jacob’s Law of Web Design - The principle of user experience that “users spend most of their time on other sites” and introduce a starring system for levels where if it is completed in a certain amount of time the user gets a specific number of stars for the level Adding nicknames to levels on the selection screen may improve the memorability of levels Additionally the empty space where a user can not draw a trail is one of the biggest obstacles in the game - I might suggest taking the yellow and blue streams that do not interact with one another from earlier in the game and create a random level generator which uses a random number generator to determine how many colors are used and the number of empty space shapes to be lain atop the screen - then randomly select a number of these shapes to insert into the center of the screen and have some reserved space for the star placement and then randomly assign space for the color beam entry into the screen - Adding a skip button would allow for the flagging of levels that are impossible for removal from the rotation or for the review of difficult levels to possibly add to the main list of levels Finally adding a feature for user created levels so that users could “build” a level on screen with their finger and submit it may also be interesting in concept although it may be difficult in practice
    Rating: 5
    Calming and beautiful
    Great for just before bed
    Rating: 5
    A revelation
    I had no idea I could enjoy something do simple, so much!
    Rating: 5
    Out of this world
    The most mesmerizing images I’ve ever seen!!!!
    Rating: 2
    Only 55 levels
    Great design, but I went through all levels in a couple to hours...pretty expensive considering.
    Rating: 5
    This is the second time ive bought this. It’s a great game, I couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you to whoever came up with the concept.
    Rating: 1
    Rip off
    Only 50 something levels? Way too easy and boring. Cannot understand why it is so highly rated. Advertising for the game is a farce. Felt like a waste of money.
    denise j v
    Rating: 5
    Love it
    The best
    Rating: 5
    Update please!!!!!
    We need more levels but it’s a great game overall.
    Rating: 1
    Not great
    Got to level 45 The gimmick is that you figure it out as you go, but that’s actually all there is to the entire game, and it does not get better than that. The creators decided they had a great concept, but frankly, the actual gameplay is awful. The first 35 levels are too easy, and all that follow them are vague and uninteresting. You can solve them if you google it, but that is the hallmark of a crappy game. This is the perfect example of coders who stumbled upon how to do something interesting with graphics but failed to turn it unto a decent game. Do not buy.
    Justin Kapust
    Rating: 3
    Beautiful but
    Ran out of levels after 50
    Rating: 4
    Great App - Takes a While for Challenge to Begin - ONLY 2 DIFFICULT LEVELS! :(
    It wasn’t until level 42 that I actually felt challenged. Was gettting really bored after the visual effect became a regular thing. After level 18 I thought about just stopping the app because it wasn’t any fun anymore because it was the same old thing. 20s were ok, some new things introduced then 30s were mundane again. Finally! Level 42 and I had to actually figure out something! Then it got easy again. I got to level 53 and I think that one was difficult but not crazy. At the end it was so easy it was like the developers gave up. This game is much more about what it looks like than a puzzle game. I get that they worked hard on the visual effects but come on. Where in the world was the challenge. Make more complex levels. Make more intricate ways you have to move things. Make some doors or latches you have to hit in sequence to open up a path to the goal. Really REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED that this cost me $5 and was nothing more than an interactive screen saver really. I expected more in terms of challenging puzzles by the 50s. Visual effects are amazing but way too long to get to challenging puzzles. Also, it took me a small portion of one day to solve them all. So, I just spent $5 for one day of playing an app on my phone. NO reason to restart the levels because I know how to solve them all now!
    Rating: 5
    Great aesthetic; no longer hijacks screen brightness. 👍🏻
    Thanks for turning off the bright lights. Here are your stars! (Would have noticed this sooner but the old iPad broke and it took a while to save up for another. 🙃 Prior review: I like this dev's design sense; both blek and frost feel like very happily combined investigations of visual design, particle systems, and tactile logic. I find myself wanting to draw with these games more than solve the puzzles, and since there are no time limits, I could do that as much as I wanted. Except for one thing: why does frost insist on jacking up screen brightness to 100%? I'm a little surprised that a sandboxed app is allowed to do this on iOS. It's an egregious accessibility failure: for many users, iOS devices at full brightness are impossible, and even painful, to look at. Given that these bright blue screens are known to interfere with sleep, I find myself wondering if the devs are slyly trying to make us stay up late to keep playing. Can't say I particularly appreciate the prank. Or the splitting headache.
    Barb's devices
    Rating: 5
    Love the game can’t wait for more!
    Will there be more levels coming soon?
    Rating: 5
    Very good game with some minor flaws
    Frost is beautiful and relaxing, and I highly recommend it. Easily one of the most peaceful games I’ve ever played. Two small gripes are that the game feels a bit short for $5.00, and there is definitely more potential in the level design for added complexity.
    Rating: 2
    Over Too Fast
    Great looking game but for $5.00, I was disappointed that I was done in two nights. Def feel cheated a bit.
    Ak Living
    Rating: 5
    Download this!
    You won’t regret it! Beautiful graphics and very challenging
    Rating: 4
    Needs more levels
    I beat the game in approximately a hour, and didn’t know what to do with myself. Good game, intriguing gameplay, but needs more levels
    Rating: 5
    Well worth the price
    Very challenging as you get farther on - I had to look at solutions on a couple of levels (youtube). Really enjoyed it, wish it were longer!
    Rating: 5
    Great game!
    Rating: 5
    Elegant & Beautiful
    I keep coming back to this inventive and creative experience. It’s meditation hidden in a soothing puzzle.
    Rating: 5
    little do people know, this game is solving the worlds problems☝️
    AB22 Easy Tiger
    Rating: 4
    Love this, very relaxing
    But: Can we please have some more levels? Or a chance to replay? I completed this in a couple of hours and keep going back to try it again. It’s a beautiful game with a very simple UI. More please.
    Rating: 3
    Love the game
    BUT after owning this game for over a year, they never added new levels to it. I paid for this game. Free games constantly update their games. This is not worth the price even if it is pretty.
    Rating: 3
    Screen brightness
    Why does this game always maximize screen brightness when I play?
    Rating: 5
    Most beautiful experience
    Love this game
    Rating: 5
    Yes please, more like FROST
    I love this game. It’s that simple. After solving all 55 levels (plus the bonus), I started at Level 1 and did it all over again. Beautiful design, very relaxing and perfect for the commute.
    Rating: 3
    Short short short
    Toooo short
    Rating: 5
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Frost has an eye for beauty.