FEZ Pocket Edition

  • Rating: 4.22323
  • Number of ratings:439 ratings
  • Developer:Polytron Inc.
  • First edition:released on 2017-12-13
  • Latest version:Version1.0.4 released to 2019-09-13
  • Capacity:166.71 MB


    Rating: 5
    Amazing game. Sticky R jump
    Ok, ngl, the first time I opened this game I got a little motion sick but this game is absolutely AMAZING. It’s not just a typical platformer... it’s got MANY tricks up it’s sleeve and every time I thought I understood what was going on, my mind got blown. I think someone wrote it’s like monument valley on steroids, and that sounds about right. I am having a slight glitch in controls tho— often if I’m running to the right to jump, the jump button doesn’t react and I just run off the platform. A fix would be greatly appreciated!
    Rating: 1
    Just One Problem
    Some times when I press the jump button I don’t jump Update: this used to be a 5 star but that jump button REALLY MATTERS AND I CANT PLAY THE GAME WITHOUT IT.
    Rating: 3
    Cool game! But it keeps restarting.
    Just played the first lvl to get the spinning world not sure what to call it and it shuts down and or just restarts.
    Rating: 3
    Good game but parts hard with touch controls
    This is a good game but the touch controls are just not up to some places that require precision and speed.
    fekking nickname
    Rating: 1
    No sound; crashes after Gomez gets his fez
    Was anticipating playing this ever since I downloaded the soundtrack. However, the sound effects and music are missing, though the audio settings are at the defaults, and the game always crashes at the same point: the beginning of the real journey.
    Danny Hartono
    Rating: 1
    Game crashes often
    Please fix the game, it crashes often and it’s really annoying
    Rating: 2
    This game looks amazing. Sure do wish I could play it but the jump button works like 80% of the time. Which makes jumping between platforms (the majority of this game) pretty impossible. The button registers it was pressed as the button icon scales up but it just doesn’t reliably work.
    Rating: 1
    It keeps crashing...
    After about 3 minutes of game play the game will crash.
    Fred The Goomba
    Rating: 3
    Buttons too small, jump doesn’t work
    The buttons are too small for my huge fingers, and half the time the jump doesn’t work for me. Besides that, great game.
    possibley jokeing
    Rating: 5
    Devs please read this!
    Your game is very awesome and cute A great way to pass the time but there’s one thing I think would be helpful in the next bug fix/update PLEASE add an option to change button size! I am playing on an iPod 6 so my buttons are super small and hard to hit And if you are done with that maybe add a joystick option instead of a d pad Thanks for reading! 😁
    Rating: 4
    Please Update for New iPad Pro!!!
    Please update for the screen size of the 11in iPad Pro!
    Rating: 4
    Great game.... with a huge bug.
    This version of the game introduced me to Fez, and I’m currently going through my second playthrough on my new iPhone XR. I originally played it on my previous phone, the iPhone 6, which was a very flawed, yet suitable machine. When playing Fez on that phone, however, I encountered no bugs or glitches whatsoever, but on my new phone, a giant bug stares me in the face every time I play: I can’t see the map. Now I’ve heard that this glitch is triggered by going back to the village right after the floating cube thing introduces the map feature to you once you leave the village for the first time. This actually happened when I first tried playing this on my new phone, so I made a new game and didn’t go back to the village when the floating cube told me about the map. I played for a while and then stopped after an thirty minutes or so. The next day, I was feeling sick, so I stayed home. After waking up from a nap, I booted Fez up again on my phone, but lo and behold, there wasn’t a map on my screen. This is something that’s needed, or else I’ll just get lost and not realize what path I should focus on and what rooms and areas have secrets in them. Please fix this bug, it’s gonna drive me crazy if it isn’t, and I really want to beat this game again. Fez is the greatest indie game ever made, and I just hope others can experience it in the way it was meant to be played, and without a game-shattering bug staring them in the face.
    Rating: 5
    This game is perfect but...
    Please fix the world map glitch where the map icon will not appear on the interface. It makes the game much less enjoyable, especially late in the game. This really needs to be fixed.
    Rating: 4
    Great game, map glitch
    This game is great, very challenging and fun. I would give it five starts if they fixed the glitch with the map (it doesn’t always appear and sometimes I have to restart the app a few times to get it to show up). The map is a pretty critical feature in this game.
    Rating: 4
    I NEED HALP!!!
    In one part, where you have to rotate the screen at the tower, I can’t seem to find the platforms where you get to the chest.
    Rating: 4
    Very annoying glitch!
    Every time I get to the purple level and collect one of the cubes, my game crashes and I have to start all over again
    Rating: 3
    Too many bugs
    Would love to leave 5 stars for a fantastically designed and imaginative game. In all other aspects this is a well executed game. However,I’m experiencing catastrophic app failures on iPhone 8+ after about 15 minutes of game play. At one point my phone was even locked up and had to be hard reset. I did give this game more than enough chances but it was nonetheless, for me, an apparent waste of $5.00.
    Rating: 5
    This is possibly the best mobile game ever conceived. I think that it is pure perfection. The controls are tight, the concept is revolutionary. I just wish it wasn’t as good as it is because now there’s no possible way to make a sequel as amazing as the game we have now. Mario has competition.
    Rating: 5
    Fantastic game
    I bought this game when it came out on the Xbox 360 years ago. I played it and LOVED it! Then to my surprise it came to iOS! I jumped on it looking forward to playing it trough again. The puzzle quality and depth is amazing. My only complaint is the virtual controls made Red room “time attack” slightly harder than it needed to be. Literally took me half an hour just to clear it. Haha. BUT that doesn’t take away from this amazing game. Highly recommend. The only reason this game isn’t 5 stars is when it came out it was not optimized for the iPhone X screen and a bunch of people disliked it. But it supports the screen now so disregard all of em.
    Kent Walston
    Rating: 1
    Please I can’t enjoy this game anymore when I die 7-10 times in a row because my jump button is literally unresponsive.
    Rating: 1
    The game keeps crashing after 1 or 2 minutes of play. Seems like it’d be a great game if I could play it.
    Rating: 5
    THANKS, I love the game !!!! PLEASE
    Mr. Agitated
    Rating: 4
    Extremely fun, riddles with bugs
    First of all, let me make something clear: this game is amazing. I’ve had fun playing it from start to finish, and the start to finish again to get the last collectibles. However, the iOS port is RIDDLED with weird bugs. The jump button is extremely unresponsive, there is a ladder in the rising lava puzzle that is almost impossible to climb, certain moving objects get stuck in one spot (like floating terrain) but their hit boxes continue to move, the map button has a 1 in 10 chance of appearing every time you load the game, etc, etc. If blitworks could make a last bug fix to the game, that would be great. Maybe then I’ll consider that fifth star you guys value so much.
    Sword of the occult
    Rating: 1
    Wobbly controls
    It’s a good old game but poorly imported into tablet/phone.
    Rating: 1
    Game crashes at almost the beginning
    I just discovered this port of Fez, and was excited to replay it on my phone. However, right after you get the ability to rotate, the game crashes. Happened 3 times already....
    Rating: 4
    Great port with some slight control foibles
    Almost everything about this port works flawlessly, and it’s really nice to finally have Fez on the go. I did have some issues with the touch controls, notably where the directional buttons actually seem to be more like an invisible control stick with buttons overlaid, since I ended up in a lot of situations where I’m pressing up or down and because it was not perfectly up or down on the buttons it ended up actually registering as pressing gently to the side. I feel like the controls would probably work better if they were actually limited to 8 directions instead of a full stick range.
    Rating: 5
    Superb game
    I love fez, as does my 3 yr old son. One of the best of the decade (at least). I would love to play it on my Apple TV (hint, hint). Tactile controls would make fez even better. Thank you
    Rating: 3
    Need to fix jump button.
    Like many other reviewers here I’m having the same issue. I’m about 20 minutes into the game and I’m loving it, but all the sudden I’m having an issue with the jump button, sometimes it just doesn’t register when your running, this results in many deaths and is also unfortunately VERY annoying and frustrating. Also, sometimes there’s just no map button, which is also crucial. Otherwise, great game, it just needs some fixing.
    Rating: 4
    Can’t figure out
    I enjoy this game but cannot figure out how to input or translate codes to solve the puzzles on the iPad. I checked online and most people reference inputting game controller buttons. Is there a way to do right shift left shift etc so I can open doors and solve puzzles? I’ve gotten most things open just by going around]d the fez universe.
    Rating: 5
    Overall good
    I’ve always wanted to do a run through of this game, it’s an awesome concept mixed in with an appealing art style. However sometimes when I press the jump button it doesn’t jump and I fall to a earlier progression point and do it again just to fall back down. But overall I love it, and I know Phil fish quit due to criticism, but all creators get negative feedback, but it’s your job to either take it with a smiling face and say “ok I understand what you mean” and go through with it, or ignore the haters (I know they are tough to avoid, I’m being bullied at school) but some of us love this game a lot and are sad to hear that you quit. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (p.s) I’m sorry I wrote a bible of a review)
    Rating: 4
    Great game, a few annoying glitches
    I’ve been following Fez for a while, since it was originally shown in a video around the internets 5 or so years ago. Really excited it’s come to iOS, and it’s a really immersive game! I love the storyline, graphics, and gameplay, it’s all great! I haven’t played it on iOS with a physical controller, though, so it’s still subject to those annoying times when your fingers drift off the virtual controls. Luckily, though, Fez is very forgiving — you just return to where you were before you died! There are a few things it would be good to see improved: - sometimes the map button just doesn’t appear. There’s no rhyme or reason to why. Force quitting the game and relaunching usually fixes it. - the iCloud save slot does allow porting saved games across devices, but it is woefully inconsistent. Many times it doesn’t actually sync to other devices. The best way to fix this is to copy your iCloud save slot to another slot, and then copy that back to the iCloud slot. That seems to make the slot be saved to the cloud. - it would be really nice if we could see a history of dialog somewhere. I got to a special room, and accidentally tapped through a line of someone saying something. Did I miss anything important? I don’t know! :( But overall, really great port of the game to iOS! Love trying to solve all the mysteries of the pixelverse!
    Rating: 4
    This is a very good game, but as others have said, there is a problem with running and jumping. With all the fixes the company has made to the game, why can’t they fix this?
    Rating: 1
    Ok - PC better
    Hi - need help. I am stuck at the crying waterfall and for some reason can’t lower the water using tetromino. I know I have the code right cause it worked for the moon door. I am so frustrated - can someone help?
    Rating: 4
    Controls are tough on iPhone XS Max
    The movement and action buttons are too close to the edge and it's uncomfortable to try and hold and move thumbs. If they were scooted in half an inch or so (where they would be if the phone still had bezels) the problem would be alleviated
    Rating: 1
    MAP Still Dissappears
    Help, the map continues to disappear even after several restarts. This is very frustrating. This appears to be happening to many others. When are we getting a fix? I will change my review when we do. It is unplayable until then... the map is a must. Fix map!
    Rating: 2
    Great game. Poor controls.
    I really, really enjoy this game. Except for trying to jump from place to place. In the iOS version, my character often just falls off of a platform and dies, when I'm attempting to jump. This gets very frustrating. I'm considering just deleting the app, despite my enjoyment of it, otherwise. If they fixed that aspect, I'd give it 5 stars.
    Rating: 5
    Don’t be negative. Change your Perspective
    Game was the most fun I’ve had on mobile since 2013 Minecraft PE. It’s a kind of game with story and it’s still fun. It’s not some sort of useless mindless game where you just tap the screen and hope to get a ball in a hoop. The game also makes you feel you need to think a little about how to open a secret door. 4.5/5 Would Recommend. Enjoy newbies!
    Rating: 5
    If you have it then
    So cool!!!!!!!
    Rating: 3
    Amazing game, but the controls are awful
    I love this game, but the controls are so small and close to each other I end up pressing the wrong button 95% of the time. It’s really bad
    Rating: 5
    Bootiful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Misspelled on Purpose)
    It was great for you to add this mobile version to everybody! ( with at least 5 bucks in there wallet) and I love it!
    APP : {)
    Rating: 1
    Glitches controls
    The game is really pretty and seems like it has a solid story, but all the controls for maps don’t work making navigating the game almost impossible. When I say the controls for the maps not working I mean anything but the running and jumping don’t work well. Waste of money until controls get reworked.
    Rating: 4
    Love FEZ, but there are issues.
    FEZ is literally the best game ever, but I want to point out some bugs and such so that they might get patched faster. 1. Observatory telescope doesn’t show the stars when you interact with the eyepiece; It only shows black. 2. Every now and then the Map button disappears. However, closing the app and reopening it is a fix. That’s it!
    - Sam Crank
    Rating: 1
    Crashes and loses all progress
    Game is crashing after first level and losing all progress (iPhone 7, latest iOS) - this is frustrating for a paid game
    Rating: 3
    Good game but fix map bug
    Currently the game is great and played a good chunk but then the map.button disappeared and it sounds like a common bug on threads online. Please fix cause otherwise I'm very confused where I am and if I missed anything.
    Rating: 1
    Editors choice and it doesn’t even support the iPhone X. Junk.
    johnny on the spot
    Rating: 5
    Comforting, mysterious, jovial and haunting. Fez is a true Hero’s Journey. I have cleared this game to maximum completion on every platform it has been released on and every single time, it feels new. While this release may amplify the imprecision of the controls, it’s hardly a the most important piece of the full experience. If you have yet to play Fez, just understand: the deeper you go, the more the nature of the game and the challenge changes. The music, the art, the puzzles and the world all take you somewhere no other game will. It’s the game I play to feel good.
    Rating: 4
    Great game
    The games good but Gomez (the main character) likes doors when your antsy so wait and he doesn’t always jump when pressing jump and you can fly won’t tell you how though And short game but a simple fix is a level/world editor and community levels
    Rating: 1
    Jump button?
    The jump button only works half the time? Where is the refund button at?
    Rating: 4
    Please make the jump button bigger
    I love this game but pleeeeeease make the controls bigger on screen.