Life Is Strange

  • Rating: 4.03648
  • Number of ratings:7,265 ratings
  • Developer:SQUARE ENIX
  • First edition:released on 2017-12-14
  • Latest version:Version2.0 released to 2020-10-15
  • Capacity:990.09 MB


    Rating: 1
    Can’t leave journal
    Title speaks for itself. Have to close the game. I’m on iPhone 12.
    Unhappy mod mom
    Rating: 3
    Please read square enix
    I love this game but you can only play around one episode before you have to pay the rest I love it other wise
    Rating: 4
    Pls Read
    I love it, just one problem when you go in her journal there’s literary no way out. Now I play on a phone so it’s a small screen and I don’t know if it’s the small screen or is it because there’s no button to exit. Pls fix this I really want to continue playing and there’s no way keep playing without the exit button for the journal. Pls🥺🙏
    Rating: 1
    Major iPhone glitch
    I was SO excited to find this game for my iPhone, but no less than one chapter in, I had to delete it from my phone. Once you open the journal, there is no way to close it because the screen cuts off. I scoured the Internet to see if anyone had come up with a solution and there were so many other disappointed people. If this is fixed this would hands down be the best addition to the App Store yet.
    Rating: 5
    There’s a bug on the iPhone 12 Pro where it zooms in and I can’t leave the book
    Rating: 5
    Just a bug
    On iOS 13 the game zoom is too out and doesn’t let me leave the book. And I restarted it about 5 times and still has the same issue.
    Rating: 1
    Bugs in the game
    This game worked great for me then it stopped working just last night and now I lost all the episodes and I gotta buy them again it deleted my purchase history of it. This is pretty much a scam
    Rating: 4
    Amazing game but…
    When I click the profile or the journal on max’s… on my iPhone 12 Pro Max It makes the screen larger. So can you fix it please
    Rating: 2
    Great game but like others I couldn’t exit the message and journal once I clicked it! Easy fix when you play the game go to your phone settings - display and brightness- display zoom- instead of putting your phone in standard put it in zoom! This will actually zoom out in the app allowing you to read messages and get full screen access of the game!!!!! Your welcome!!!!!!! game price isn’t that bad since I’m so addicted to it but I don’t like paying more than a dollar for an app
    Rating: 1
    Trapped When Using Updated iPhones
    I absolutely love this game but the developers really need to fix the journal problem. I have the newest iPhone 13 and for some reason right away as I’m playing whenever I access the journal I can never leave. The exit button must be cut off in some way and after reading other reviews it seems that this problem still hasn’t been fixed by the game developers. Really disappointed because I won’t be able to finish the game without being able to exit the journal. Truly disappointing to have discovered this.
    Rating: 3
    I love it, but…
    I love the game already even though I just started, I have a soft spot for multiple outcome games, and this one seems like a blast to play! But I play on the iPhone 13 and the game doesn’t really fit on the screen… Every time I go into my journal I can’t get out because the exit button is off the screen so I have to exit the game and reboot but my progress doesn’t save so I’m just stuck playing the same part over and over again. I’m bummed out because I really was excited to play this game.
    Rating: 5
    Spoil !
    Absolutely amazing I even didn’t think about mr.Jefferson could be the bad guy !! I’m in the middle of episode 5 and I’m really excited about how it’s going. But I wish Chloe and Rachel was still alive :( Andddd I hope you made “life is strange:true colors” phone and tablet version 🥲🥲🥲❤️❤️❤️
    Rating: 2
    Issues closing out of journal
    I like the game so far, I can’t close out of the journal though. There’s no way to back out of it?
    Rating: 1
    Unplayable on iPhone 12
    This game is unplayable on an iPhone 12. At the very beginning of episode one, you are unable to exit out of the journal. When Max first comes out of the school onto the campus, she receives a text from Warren. The game forces you to read the text which opens up the journal/menu. From there, because the picture does not adjust to the iPhone 12’s screen, you cannot exit out of the journal because the buttons are not visible. This is only about 5-10 minutes into episode one. I think I would enjoy this game if they would get the screen issue fixed.
    Rating: 5
    With love
    These games are among my favorites and to be able to play them on my phone is even more heavenly. ♥️ is there a chance that life is strange true colors could make it to the mobile platform??? 👀👀 please? 😂
    Rating: 1
    Literally Unplayable
    In chapter 1 max recieves a text and the game forces you to read it, the problem is the game forces you to read it which makes you open the journal and on iPhone XS and up it is impossible to close the journal, this has been a known issue for a while and the devs still won’t do anything about it If you really want to play this game on your phone play it on GeForce now
    Rating: 1
    I love this game but not working…
    I love this game but I can’t get any farther then after exciting the school and walking around talking to the kids. When my phone opens to recieve a text it won’t close and I can’t see the buttons to push because the game doesn’t fit my screen for some reason when my phone or photos or episodes are open. I’m bummed
    Lu from Chicago
    Rating: 4
    Great Game but there’s a bug
    I just purchase this game. It’s really smooth play on my iPhone 12 mini however when ever I open the journal, the screen doesn’t show to exit the journal. I’ve notice the same thing when I looked in the how to play, it doesn’t let you scroll down to see the third page.
    Rating: 5
    love this game
    I love this game but is it just me or does mr. jefferson sound like billy from stranger things
    Rating: 1
    Functions are off
    This would be one of the best games I played if it wasn’t for the bad functions. If you play on a phone there would always be functions you cant use. For instance when you go in to the diary you won’t be able to see or reach the “exit”
    Rating: 2
    Beautiful but a major problem
    When a text comes in (Choices menu) I can’t exit out. All choices are outside of range on my iPhone 12 Pro and so I can’t progress further. I probably would have given this game 6 stars if I could play it. It’s beautiful and clearly has a great story line. Shame.
    Rating: 1
    why tho
    there’s an issue with the screen getting stuck inside of an game feature (her journal) because the game doesn’t scale properly on iphones. you cannot exit that view to return to the game. you have to shut it down and restart the app. essentially makes it unplayable. i wouldn’t usually give any app one star because why bother but based on every comments section on the entire internet this is an issue dating back years on several generations of iphone which is just disappointing. especially for something i found via editor’s choice on here. yikes.
    Rating: 1
    Frozen on the first time rewinding.
    Keeps freezing up on that scene every time. Please fix this glitch. I have the iPhone 11 Pro and I’m using the latest iOS update.
    Rating: 1
    Fabulous game but unplayable!
    I have played this game before on PC, so I know it’s good… but very glad I played the free chapter as this is truly unplayable. The journal menu does not display properly and you cannot see the buttons that allow you to leave the journal. There’s no way to exit the journal, and you must access the journal to progress in the game. I can see this issue has been around for iOS for 2 years… so I don’t expect a fix. I have an iPhone 12 Pro.
    Rating: 2
    Cut scenes too long and can’t skip
    The cut scenes are just way too long and there’s no way to skip them. Didn’t make it longer than 5 min into the game because of that. Looks like it has potential to be a great game but unfortunately I’ll never know because I’m deleting due to the long cut scenes with no way to skip. If there was a skip button I would’ve kept playing. 🤷‍♀️
    Rating: 1
    I’m stuck on the phone aka workbook/journal
    I can’t exit out of the journal after this guy texts me I think it’s because of the type of phone I have it’s a iPhone 12 and it goes into full screen and cuts the top of my screen off maybe you can create a way to get out of full screen so I can see the whole screen to exit out of the journal (you get to the journal but pushing the right corner) (but it also automatically brings you there after you text someone or read someone’s messages in the game)
    Rating: 2
    Great game but unplayable now
    I’ve always loved the game when I played on Xbox and I still love it now, but there is a major issue which is effecting gameplay in general. I have the iPhone 12 and the screen is cut off when you play. This means that if I try to read a text or open my menu, I cannot get back to the game because there is no X or back button. I see the developers haven’t fixed the game in awhile so I wouldn’t bother purchasing the game if you haven’t already… it makes it unplayable.
    Rating: 2
    Can’t close the journal/phone after opening it
    The game is pretty much unplayable because it’s impossible to close the journal after you open it. You have to close and restart the game at your last checkpoint. (I have the iPhone 12 Pro)
    Rating: 3
    the journal and the phone
    i’ve only just started the game and i’m at the part where Max is by the fountain outside. it was all good until Warren texted her and the game makes you look at the texts, which you can’t get out of. you can get out of a person’s texts and go look at other people’s texts, but it won’t let me exit out of her phone. i’m playing the game on my iphone 12, and was wondering if maybe that has anything to do with the problem. does anyone know what to do?
    Rating: 2
    Unfixed Issues
    Controlling certain aspects of the game are frustrating. When in a time crunch and you need to get her to pick something up it’s difficult to get her where she needs to be. Also, the journal has no menu options or ways to exit due to an issue with the cropping? You can see the controls are there barely but you can’t access them. I would have emailed support but I googled the issue and there were complaints about the exact same issue from 2 YEARS ago.
    Rating: 2
    Game was really good at first, but it won’t let me exit the phone or journal. (I have the Iphone 12 for reference.) I was so excited to play this because it looks like such a great game, but I wanted to play what I could before I bought the other episodes. Since it won’t let me even leave the phone, I’m stuck at the beginning.
    Rating: 1
    Doesn’t work on iPhone 12
    Really disappointed, I purchased episodes 2-5 only to find out the iPhone 12 display is not compatible with the game! The button to exit out of the journal is not shown.
    Rating: 1
    Wont Let Me Exit Journal.
    i love this game ! i absolutely do. i just hate how every time i come out of the school and her friend texts the phone opens up as well as the journal and i’m never to get out. it seems like everyone with the newer iphones have this problem! i would’ve thought it would’ve been fixed by now by reading the reviews. looking forward to downloading once again when it’s fixed.
    Rating: 4
    Good game but
    I loved this game but unfortunately I can’t play it anymore cause it doesn’t support the new iPhones screen layout and so you can’t press buttons you need in the game
    Rating: 3
    The game is pretty fun, but it could have more choices to make it more challenging like helping Chloe with her stuff and more chats with Kate
    Rating: 4
    I want to continue to play so very badly
    This game seems so awesome from what I’ve played so far BUT I can’t continue because I have an iPhone pro max 12. I wish they could make this game compatible with newer iPhones so more people could play.
    Rating: 4
    screen cut off
    i would love to be able to play the game but I cannot continue it because the screen is cut off and I have no way of exiting the journal. Please fix this it seems to have been a problem for a few months!!
    Rating: 3
    Can’t exit journal
    I am not able to see the journal buttons. They are drawn off screen for the iPhone 12.
    Rating: 4
    I don’t know if it’s just me but in the corner of the screen there’s supposed to be a journal and the things you have in your inventory but there isn’t a journal please fix this!
    Rating: 1
    Completely Unplayable on iPhone XS Pro
    The rendering does not allow the user to exit the journal and continue. Please fix this, and I’ll be happy to give a 5 star review after.
    Taylor svedka
    Rating: 2
    It's too zoomed in and I can't leave the journal or leave the phone on my iPhone
    Rating: 3
    Unplayable on iOS
    Beautiful game, which is why I couldn’t give it one star. But there is a big bug on iOS which doesn’t allow you to exit the journal. So since you get forced into the journal as part of the game, you get stuck pretty early on. Internet sleuthing showed lots of people with the same issues, but no solutions
    Rating: 1
    Tabs suuuuuuuck
    I can’t exit the dam journal, you can barely see the tabs and i can’t seem to find the exit tab. I can’t proceed on the game. And yes I’ve tried shutting it down but there’s a part in the game that forces you into the journal
    Rating: 4
    Cant close journal
    This game is good so far but when I open my journal, I can’t get out of it. I also see no close button to get out. Please fix and I will give five stars
    Rating: 2
    i can’t exit the journal on my iphone 12 pro max i really did enjoy so far of what i played until i got stuck and is forced to open my journal and read a text won’t play until this problem is fixed thanks
    Rating: 2
    Ok game
    I really enjoy the plot and the interactivity but once I go in the journal I can’t leave because of the sizing of the game it’s too large and I couldn’t continue with the story. I’m so bummed that I had to stop playing because I wanted to know what was next. Hopefully it’s fixed to fit the iPhone 12 but until then I guess I’ll play something else…
    Rating: 1
    Slow and the controls make it tedious with no easy way to exit out of something. Barely had it an hour before deleting. Next!
    We wonder
    Rating: 2
    Not working
    Two stars is a bit harsh, but I got this game and wasn’t able to get past the part where the girl died in the bathroom because it glitched and didn’t let me take the hammer.
    Rating: 2
    iPhone 12 & Journal
    I cant exit from the journal. I’ve only gotten to the first scene where she’s in her classroom after her storm dream and when I go into the journal I can’t exit, therefore having me to restart the game and losing my place so i’m stuck where I was… also the game intro is super long, i don’t have the patience to do that when i have to keep resetting the game.