Toon Blast

  • Rating: 4.71164
  • Number of ratings:2,110,316 ratings
  • Developer:Peak Games
  • First edition:released on 2017-08-15
  • Latest version:Version7394 released to 2021-09-20
  • Capacity:462.17 MB


    Rating: 3
    Used to be a really fun game but with all the changes made it isn’t. All the changes were specifically made so you could have to spend money. Not all of us have the money to spend. Most people play for the fun of the game, which isn’t there any more. Will play occasionally now.
    Sidney D. ash
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 4
    Toon Blast
    Today as normal I was getting ready to get on toon blast and play the daily challenge and everything was smooth sailing. I complete and then get off the app and go on with my day. Later that day I was bored and ready to get back on, so I did that exact thing I went on toon blast. I have gone and when I did is started to play and level and then tried to continue and couldn’t. I was so confused because I knew I had almost $800 plus $100 from the challenge so I was well off. So I exited out of the app then went back to check my balance, it said I had $0. I am beyond angry, like where did all of my money go. I am on level 5791 and have been saving all that money for it to just vanish like no. I love this game, but this is the first time that is had done something like this to me personally.
    Rating: 5
    Toon In to Hear My Review
    Rating: 5
    bobble bud
    Rating: 1
    Toon blast. Can’t get it to stop on my spades app. Please turn it off
    Bobble Red bird
    Rating: 3
    I like this game but i have a issue
    I love this game I’ve been playing it for years but i don’t like that I’m earning time now to play instead of coins. I want to be able to earn coins when i get a treasure chest like before. Extra time isn’t going to make me want to continue playing getting coins will ! Especially when coins are so hard to get in the first place without paying for it.
    iPad banker
    Rating: 2
    Horrible display jutter on iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen
    I’ve been playing Toon Blast since July, 2019 on my previous iPad Pro 12.9 first generation. It ran fine with one exception. Display jutter when Night Mode was enabled. Simply turning off Night Mode resolved the problem. This weekend I installed it on my new iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen. This is the new mega iPad with the M1 processor and highly touted “best and brightest” Liquid Retina XDR display. Every motion in the game exhibits display jutter. It’s significant to the point I can’t play for more than a couple minutes without getting a major headache. Doesn’t matter if Night Mode or True Tone is enabled or turned off, the jutter persists. Seems like the developers need to update their graphics engine to keep up with developing mobile technologies.
    Rating: 3
    Initially annoyed
    So after the major change I was really annoyed but they have introduced some fun stuff in lieu Much better
    Rating: 1
    Not fun anymore
    Don’t waste money to play this game. Used to give you coins now you have to buy
    Rating: 1
    Stinks Now
    Used to be a great game but greedy game company has been updating in ways that push you to buy things. They have basically ruined the game.
    Rating: 5
    Too fun
    This game is too fun. It’s like Candy Crush with cartoons. Love hearing the background music. So animated and fun.
    mi puchungo
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 5
    I love this game ♥️♥️♥️
    Rating: 5
    Toon Blast
    Great game, but people are starting to get ticked off with the team chest, no one wants the hr time, we want the coins back, I’m in the 5000 levels and all of a sudden you change the coins to 1 hr free unlimited lives. Most people can build up 14 lives from friends and the 5 you get play all those over an hour, so we don’t need the unlimited hr. Speaking for most people playing this game at least on my team. 🙏🏻 you switch it back.
    Rating: 1
    Too many updates
    Every time they run out of levels I have to update when new levels come out. I literally update tune blast every two weeks if not less. This is ridiculous.
    Rating: 5
    What a great game that keeps getting better.
    I’ve been playing this game for years and the developer doesn’t stop to make this game as enjoyable as possible. The addition of Lightning Show has been a breath of fresh air. Thanks for making a fun game more enjoyable.
    Rating: 3
    Not as much fun
    I play this game very little now. Winning challenges and opening chests use to earn coins, they changed it. Getting coins is much more difficult and it annoys me. It’s just not as enjoyable. I don’t need infinite lives, I prefer coins so I can play on in a level if needed. I won’t spend money on a game that seems to be changing to force me to spend money.
    Rating: 5
    Great game that is challenging but also very fun. I love that you get unlimited lives easily and there’s always a tournament to help win great prizes.
    Rating: 5
    Super Addictive
    Loving this game omg
    Man With 7 Library Cards
    Rating: 1
    Used to be fun
    This game used to be super fun but in its new incarnation, it’s tedious (takes forever to get to the next level without spending money) and therefore rarely rewards with fun. I get that the changes made were to ‘force’ participants to buy lives, etc. but it’s unfortunate for those who don’t have the money to spend on something so trivial (wish one could choose to watch an ad in lieu of spending money). I rarely play anymore.
    Auction lot
    Rating: 2
    Fix the rewards!
    I just sat down for a quick minute while I am waiting for someone. Thought I would play a quick game.. what do I get as a reward? 60 minutes of play. Really I only have 5 minutes to play!! This update just doesn’t work for me. I have played this game for over 4000 games. Getting unlimited minutes does not work for me. We should be able to use the “unlimited “ when I want to use it!! Just like all the other rewards Hopefully they will change this!
    Rating: 2
    The unlimited lives should be available when you want to use them. The time starts even if you don’t claim it right away. Go back to the coin rewards and let us get at least ten days before you start another championship game.
    Rating: 3
    I miss the old toon blast
    I miss when we would be rewarded coins instead of 60 minutes of lives. They barely reward you with coins anymore and it was such a better option because I don’t have an hour straight to play toon blast all the time. Please bring that back.
    Rating: 1
    Don’t like new version!
    I loved when u would get coins with the chest every time u would beat 10 levels or the star chest NOW this new version is HORRIBLE! The 60 min unlimited lives is not good We barely get coins now so I can’t really buy 5 extra lives for team challenges! If it continues I mite delete the game... used to love it
    U2 is da bomb
    Rating: 3
    Losing interest
    I like this game but it seems like they are taking more and more options for coins away! Rewarding with free play time instead which is useless when I get it at inconvenient times. I'm feeling like it's just about money for the developers now. Too bad.
    Q $pade
    Rating: 5
    Rated 5 stars
    I rated 5 stars because this is a awesome game!!!
    Rating: 2
    Used to be a great game
    The updates and “prizes” blow. Prior to updates had a great team and lost of fun playing on weekend. Now for what? Go back to prior awards and prizes Moved on to another game and rarely on here now Too bad, it used to be amazing
    Rating: 1
    Feel cheated
    Fun to play, but they really take advantage of using your coins for extended play … and don’t always give all of the extra moves. Very maddening.
    MRS. Ohh LORD
    Rating: 1
    Put the money back in the chest boxes NOW I feel like this game cheats with the unlimited lives I do not have all day to play we need the money sometimes put it back in the team chest what happened to the pay out of $1,000 if you come in first place as a team this game is making me feel some type of way 😡😡😡
    Rating: 1
    There is noting fun about this game it’s been designed to take your money if you want to keep playing if play as long as I have you would know what I mean even when you win coins the game becomes harder so you have no choice but to use your rewards this game is not fun
    Rating: 5
    Great game
    This game is amazing I’ve had it since the beginning and I’m finally writing a review because I see so many misleading reviews…first off yes you can pay to fly past levels but they are not forcing you to buy anything…every level can be passed without buying perks it’s a strategy game so you have to think, once you get on a run a win a few levels they give you coins to spend so you don’t have to spend real money overall it’s a great game to pass time or whatever I love it one of the few games that survive my monthly deleting frenzy
    hope they listen
    Rating: 4
    Dislike Free Play Being the only option
    I enjoy playing during my free time, very relaxing way to spend time but now that they give “Free Play” as the reward, I usually cannot spend another hour playing. It would be nice if they gave you the option to claim “Free Play” or a decent equivalent of “Free Coins”, not just 50 coins Verses an hour free play. More like 200 coins.
    Rating: 3
    The higher you get in the game- the less you are rewarded
    Don’t expect rewards for completing a level, they are very stingy and are banking on your frustration to pay for items and coins you need to complete certain boards. That said, it’s a fun game and entertaining time waster.
    Rating: 1
    Update not working
    Won’t update
    Rating: 5
    It’s a blast
    Developers have done a good job creating a game that will hold your interest for the long haul. There is manipulation by the game to incentivize spending actual cash to excel but you can do well spending none. Many do. There’s also a certain amount of luck and skill needed and it’s difficult to say how much of each of these three elements is going on at any given level but I think that’s a credit to the game not a detriment. You need to join an active team to do well in the later levels so go looking if you’re not recruited. Emphasis on the word active. There are lots of teams needing spots filled.
    dissapointed 222
    Rating: 2
    This game is getting worse and worse. The rewards are horrible. Not like they used to be. It doesn’t seem to be fun anymore..
    Rating: 5
    I love this game it gets kind of difficult sometimes but it’s fun
    Colla crazed
    Rating: 5
    Never ending fun & challenging
    I’ve been playing for over 4 years now and love it. Some of the levels are Really but not impossible, may take you a couple days but you’ll get it. I also like that you can enjoy the game without spending money on it. I wouldn’t have played this long if you had to pay to play. Also, no ads! Thanks guys
    Rating: 3
    It’s fun but…
    You don’t win a level unless the game lets you win. I have used nearly 50 lives on level 606, and have still not cleared it. I refuse to pay real money to win. Other than the game intentionally not giving you the blocks you need to make rockets and bombs to clear levels, the game can be really fun to play. The game can be infuriating, especially the higher up in levels you get, but it’s worth a download to play…just be prepared to lose.
    Rating: 5
    Fun game
    Rating: 4
    Fun, but needs some better updates
    Hello devs of Toon Blast . I am a huge fan of Toon Blast and play on a really great, super competitive team. I don’t mind spending money , I’ve actually spent quite a bit, on Toon Blast. But my income isn’t unlimited , so I need to decide how to spend the cash I put aside for entertainment ! With that being said, the last few updates have been extremely disappointing ! The amount of coins won in team battles was halved ! The only thing my team and I thought was a improvement , the little planes, was gone when we started weekend battle (9/19/21) The updates are hurting team mora , and it’s beginning to appear that money has become way more important than player satisfaction which is a shame ! You have so many loyal players , one of the highest I have ever seen for mobile games, so money really cannot be an issue for you guys ! My team and I are really hoping for a much better update next time !! I’m not giving up yet, but I am definitely cutting down on purchasing coin bundles , till I see what you bring out in the next update !!Toon Blast is a very fun and addictive game , please think about your MANY loyal players going forward ! Thank you jennygirlx ( I will update this review if /when things get better!)
    Rating: 3
    I used to play ToonBlast All the time and loved it. That was until I reached level 1050. I have not been able to get past that level. The games that are advertised are no where to be found so I will try again on another day.
    Rating: 2
    The older version was better
    The new version does not give as many gifts. Harder to gain needed items
    Rating: 2
    Not fun anymore.
    It was the perfect game to spend time on. Now the owners are planning to collect money. You can’t pass any level unless you pay. It reminds me of (Candy Crash which I’ve deleted it).
    Rating: 4
    Like it but…
    I really like the game but it gets really annoying attempting to press the small x to get to the next stage. Usually after 5 or 6 times I’m done for the day.
    Rating: 1
    Same as all the other games
    Their ads for game play are false advertising. Typical game where you start out fairly easy and then it gets more complicated to the point where if you don’t pay money, you end up playing the same level over and over again until maybe you get just the right combination to complete the level and allow you to move on. I downloaded the game three days ago and have already deleted it from my phone. I don’t pay money to play games.
    Rating: 1
    It used to be fun
    It not fun any more… levels harder and it’s harder to win coins now…. SMH
    Lovely Beauty Box
    Rating: 5
    Luv it
    Cool game