Microsoft Teams

  • Rating: 4.77985
  • Number of ratings:362,448 ratings
  • Developer:Microsoft Corporation
  • First edition:released on 2016-11-02
  • Latest version:Version2.0.5 released to 2020-03-27
  • Capacity:217.22 MB


    Rating: 1
    Worst app ever
    Doesn’t work
    Rating: 5
    Loss of channel notifications on last update.
    My whole team has lost channel notification both on ios and PC. No changes to the configurations have been made. Please fix ASAP. Otherwise superb tool for office communication and keeps getting better.
    Rating: 5
    More than just video conferencing.
    . More than just video conferencing. It is a collaboration platform that offers a 100% digital office. What do you need on the office? Calendars, files, telephony, meetings, task management, notes, workflows, etc.? With Microsoft teams you can get it all.
    Rating: 2
    In a Call
    Microsoft Teams is great but there’s this one thing that needs to be fixed. In a call you can only see yourself and 3 other people so that means that we can’t see everyone and it’s very annoying because we want to see what their doing, we should see everyone at the same time. If you want to have online call meetings I suggest to use Zoom Meetings if they don’t fix this.
    Rating: 1
    This app is very complicated and hard to navigate. It also keeps disconnecting and I have fibre optic so it is not a wifi issue I do not recommend this app. It clearly was not prepared for this.
    Rating: 5
    Teams app on iPhone
    Great app to monitor your groups and check in with work. Can see uploaded docs. And its easy to search though conversations. Don't have to full access to edit docs, but didn't expect that. The video chat and calling is better then FaceTime or other apps I've used.
    Rating: 1
    Bbbbbbbaaaddddd appppppppp daaaa
    Jefe Jaz
    Rating: 5
    Microsoft Teams - Quite Impressive!!
    I invested the time into figuring out how it works and I’m happy I did! For sure it blows away our previous VOIP provider while also integrates with all the Office 365 APPS...ohhh...and our team members in the office all like it too! :)
    Rating: 5
    Corona virus cuarentena
    Quien más está descargando esto de HISD
    Rating: 5
    Great App !
    Enjoying not having tons of emails but in tip of what matters !!
    Rating: 5
    Great service
    Rating: 5
    Best App - Second to none
    Have never a better app for virtual connect
    Rating: 3
    Decent but much to grow
    Still not up to Slack’s level but solid first go for Microsoft. Hoping to see more emojis soon!
    Rating: 1
    I don’t like online school so I want it removed
    Rating: 3
    Ok but not great
    The UI is confusing and overwhelming... the learning curve is a little steeper because of it. Biggest drawback (HUGE) is only 4 people can be seen at a time on the screen. That is super frustrating. Please tell us you are going to change that so all people in the meeting can be seen at the same time like zoom? Benefit — Microsoft-backed so works well for work and with Office 365 suite... but honestly the 4-person on-screen limitation is a significant drawback.
    Rating: 5
    Great tool
    I liked it, seems very good and bug free
    Rating: 5
    Great App!
    This app is such so amazing! I was initially skeptical to use it since the blunder Microsoft did to Skype after buying it but was pleasantly surprised with the reviews and after being a constant user - love this app!
    Rating: 1
    Rating: 5
    Godsend during current pandemic
    Teams has always been a great productivity and communication tool, but with the current global crisis and so many people working remotely, it has become an essential part of how our company stays in touch. Group chats, audio and video calls, meetings, calendars...all of it in one place and already integrated with our business though our O365 tenant.
    Rating: 3
    It’s all very high tech, but am getting more used to it
    The Joy Box
    Rating: 5
    Almost Flawless
    Works Great! Only issue I’ve seen is that it will use half iPhone 8 battery in roughly 15-20 minutes.
    J - DSM
    Rating: 3
    Really like the concept and ability to do video chats with my team however the echos can be very challenging, especially when there are more than 3-4 people on the call.
    Rating: 3
    iPad is lacking
    When you compare teams on iPad to its office365 counterparts like word, excel and ppt, you quickly notice the massive lack of features the iPad version has compared to the desktop and web version of teams. The UI is not consistent, the power of iPad is not leveraged at all. It does work and on iPad its more like a bigger version of the phone app. Hopefully MSFT will develop a more powerful ipadOS version akin to the other Office apps. Until then its clear teams on iPad is simply a phone app scales to the iPad screen.
    Rating: 4
    Great app, one missing feature
    The one thing I wish it had (that other similar apps like Zoom have) is a way to preview your video set up before you’re actually on a videoconference.
    Rating: 3
    Title of what? Oh do you mean IRMACK?
    Sections are too loose. They need more definition and structure. Perhaps you need a preface or an introduction. It’s easy to get lost. Is there a way to drop bread crumbs? Who took MY nickname?
    Rating: 5
    MS Team- COVID-19 Virtual Collaborative App Award
    My company and team used Microsoft Teams for daily communication, schedules, File Sharing through hard times with the entire IT Team working from home remotely. Thank you Microsoft this has to be one of the best collaborative apps period in 2020.
    Rating: 4
    Has been a big help
    Teams has been a big help. The teleconference seems to struggle. But the rest of it is good.
    Rating: 5
    Teams is a life saver
    This app works really well and is critical to help our firm work remotely.
    Rating: 5
    Intuitive, current, a game changer!
    We just implemented Covid-19 teleworking for our team. We started using MS TEAMS to stay connected. I think we are closer remotely now than when we were physically together. Awesome collaboration tool!
    Rating: 4
    Great app
    Great app
    Rating: 1
    Does not work
    Using an IPad, the set-up instruction pushed me back and forth between my phone , and IPad with phone number and email. Then it was a continuous sign in loop with no product.
    Rating: 4
    Good app... easy to make great
    Need much better control over notifications, both temporary pausing and syncing delivery with desktop. Add more icons to quick response. Need a thumbs down. Give a higher level of customization to chat. Would be good to be able to customize the background of a chat or have a different color header that help visualize the sensitivity of a thread.
    space monkey lover
    Rating: 1
    Never works on anything
    Rating: 4
    Needs to be able to show more than 4 participants on video.
    Rating: 1
    I do NOT like the new update.
    The reason i used teams was because of how easy it was for me to see my assignments. It is now difficult because I have to go through all my classes and individually click on the class i want to see. Would not recommend because of this.
    Rating: 5
    It’s almost better than the desktop
    I find it easier track and respond to multiple chats once a team and channels are set up. The video conference call with the calendar is great for employees that don’t have a camera on their desktop.
    Chelley A
    Rating: 5
    Thank you Microscoft
    Teams software is instrumental in our agencies ability to transition to working from home in this time of emergency. Microsoft has really got a fantastic tool with Teams!
    Rating: 3
    No 3rd Party Integration?!?!
    Unacceptable. Good interface but without integration to other platforms for other functionality it will only get limited play.
    Rating: 5
    Working great during WFH
    Video chats and the ease to work from your cell phone has really made this app helpful during this time we’re WFH.
    Rating: 1
    Bad app
    This app is not good guys. First thing it is so buffering in the meeting I’m not understanding a thing. I want to tell you something Microsoft, don’t ever make an agreement with lebanon because there is a lot of crimes happening right now and second thing they don’t want to cancel the official exams even though there is 300 people infected with the flu , so in conclusion don’t be a part of the government in Lebanon.
    Rating: 1
    Everything is so hard to get too and under so many layers. When I need to use a program, especially for something as important as school, it needs to be simple and easy to understand. I hate this app
    Ya Hussain ya Abbas
    Rating: 5
    Love it
    I never thought I would say this .. teams is a game changer!!!
    Rating: 1
    It is so confusing 🤔
    This application and program has so many parts to it. They all lead somewhere else and you never know where to find the thing your boss (or teacher) tells you to submit files onto.
    Rating: 1
    Hate it
    Hate it
    Doctor Osborn
    Rating: 1
    A Terrible Application
    This software is a nightmare. Now that it is being used by millions of school children across the country I have experienced major issue. Please do something to curb the increased usage.
    NwGn Y
    Rating: 3
    Microphone problem
    The app functions well in terms of video, but I could not talk to other people. I’ve used 3 types of headphones (AirPods, Skullcandy wired headphones, and a gaming headset) and none of them could pick up my voice.
    Rating: 5
    I love the app
    User friendly... so many great features
    Cod fanatic 14
    Rating: 3
    Need better video collaboration
    Need to be able to have more people show on the video conferences at the same time. Limited to only 4 with no fix for the longest time now....other competitors have been doing for some time now. Microsoft should lead not follow.
    Rating: 1