my KONAMI - Vegas Casino Slots

  • Rating: 4.59764
  • Number of ratings:208,546 ratings
  • Developer:PlayStudios
  • First edition:released on 2015-12-23
  • Latest version:Version1.64.0 released to 2021-08-30
  • Capacity:430.96 MB


    Rating: 2
    Not logging in
    It’s not letting me or my family member log in with my apple account
    Rating: 5
    Great wishlist!1
    Got a hard one
    Shell 2242
    Rating: 1
    Might as well go to actual casino you spend less money. Bonuses are few and far between… waste of time unless you drop a ton of money to play. It’s a game folks … not the real deal.
    Rating: 1
    Cannot Sign In with Apple ID
    I was happy to see more and more of the play studios apps accepted Apple ID sign in but for some reason I can’t actually sign in on the Konami app. The Konami app is the only app that has this issue with the Apple ID problem. It’s frustrating that there isn’t any update on when this will be fixed. Update 09/21/2021 still cannot login with Apple ID. No help from support.
    Rating: 1
    If I can’t win anything on this why would I ever play this in a casino. Casino owners beware remove these slots.
    Rating: 5
    Been playing this game for years … recently got a new phone! And lost my standings 🤦🏻‍♀️ But guess it’s worth starting over… I Hope 🤞🏼
    Rating: 5
    Seems good
    So far so good
    Rating: 3
    How can someone play this game when points are so limited and the bet is so high?
    jr burk
    Rating: 1
    Ripped off
    I purchased credits /coins than when I played them the spin bar stopped with put touching it the credits where taken in a flash . We never make a purchase again.
    Rating: 1
    Can’t connect
    It doesn’t let me connect to my Apple ID
    Rating: 3
    Too many pop ups
    The pop ups have gotten ridiculous. There are far too many on start up, seriously considering uninstalling.
    5 Eights
    Rating: 5
    Fun games
    Great games I feel like I’m in Las Vegas but I’m actually laying down in my bed winning losing it very entertaining thank you for posting
    Rating: 5
    Love the keeps you winning so that you can enjoy the game
    Rating: 2
    Quick stop
    What is going on with this app? I left it a while ago because of the same problem. Spin, quick stop.. all columns at once! Please fix this
    Rating: 2
    Fun but frustrating
    I have been trying to connect with my other play studios apps using my Apple ID. This is the only one not letting me connect. It shows me the option but always errors out when trying.
    Arty 2238
    Rating: 4
    The game
    Just started to lorn the game will let y’all know what I think later.
    Rating: 2
    Won’t link to myVEGAS rewards
    I have tried and tried to link this to my myVEGAS account through my Apple ID and it keeps giving me “an error has occurred please try again later” for about 3 weeks now.
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 1
    You get a lot of points and it freezes and if you delete and load again your points are all gone. Games are ok but stealing your pints is bad. They steal all your points if you reload. Will not load. I bought more credits and will not let me use them. I want a refund!!!
    Rating: 1
    Invalid ID Token From Login Response
    Lost all data and progress because the app refuses to connect to Facebook account. Not happy, especially after buying chips. I have tried deleting and restarting the app and logging out of Facebook and logging back in on Safari.
    Rating: 1
    Can’t even log in
    Cannot log in via apple so it’s impossible to sync this game with other myvegas games unless you’ve already connected them with Facebook
    Rating: 5
    My Konami
    Thaaaaanx Fantaaastickooooo !
    02 dissapointd
    Rating: 3
    Lost chips last night
    Yesterday evening this game took 1.3 billion chips without playing anything. I had 1.362 billion chips and when I opened app to play the count was 28 million. What a sad surprise. Its a fun game and I play it everyday. Why would someone buy chips when at random it can for no reason take your chips. Very disappointed.
    Rating: 1
    Konami No Money
    Every single slot su cks , the pays su ck, the ads su ck, the bonuses su ck, multi slot games su ck, the turbo feature su cks, the jackpot su cks, the Facebook free coins su ck, free coins in the game itself su ck, Konami you su ck all around.
    Rating: 1
    I can’t sign via Apple ID. I can’t sync my other games.
    Rating: 1
    Bonuses are just to hard to hit
    Rating: 2
    This game could be really fun but you don’t get a bonus that often and when you win it takes it right back. So why don’t you change it and make it fun
    Rating: 5
    You can in joy this game to the fullest really a fun game.
    Rating: 1
    The popups are absolutely absurd
    Let me preface this view by stating I have a full understanding of the necessity in micro transactions to maintain profitability. The app indirectly brings people into the casino to spend more money, but I understand there needs to be a direct line of profit as well. That being stated, the amount of pop up ads that I’m forced to X out of consecutively in a row is nothing short of absurd. These pop-ups are usually either to promote a new game, or to offer you a deal to spend real money on in game chips. If it was just 1 pop-up I literally wouldn’t care, but its usually at LEAST 3-4 in a row. The fact that you have to wait for the little pop-up animation to finish in order to X out of it makes it absolutely ridiculous, and they pop up pretty much EVERY TIME you go back to the main menu. This game design is absolutely ridiculous and unnesecary, there are way less spammy ways to promote micro transactions and I think you guys should seriously look into them. I will take down this review when i see this fixed.
    Rating: 1
    Stole my money n credits
    Please don’t buy credits from this App they steal your money an you don’t get your credits. Customer service never replies back with an answer. If you switch game, credits are deducted from what you already won. I bought credits for $4.99 and never got an answer nor my money back nor credits. I’m deleting this game.
    gevork bagrat
    Rating: 1
    Rip offs
    Made a purchase and did not receive coins. Gotta go thru hassle to either get ur money back or get the coins u actually purchased
    Rating: 2
    I used to win and get to play for a week. Now I buy 39 or 49 dollars worth, and it’s gone in less than 5 minutes. I felt guilty to waste more. But I keep playing. Not anymore. It has to change back the way it used to be!
    Blackmailed to review
    Rating: 1
    Redirects to Facebook login!
    This app pretends to support Apple login but then redirects you to Facebook login to actually save progress. They started doing this when Apple started enforcing privacy settings. This app should be banned until it complies with Apple terms of service.
    Rating: 1
    Pays very low ever since the beginning of 2019.
    I really used to love these slots because I could win enough to play for a while. However ever since the first of the year (Jan/2019) the pays have become extremely low. Looks like I will have to find other games,with better pays, to play.
    Rating: 3
    Good until…
    Good until the “loading event…” screen continued to make my app crash. Using iPhone 7 128gb
    Rating: 4
    Game ok
    But stingy with credits want you to buy buy buy
    App junkie 3000
    Rating: 2
    It’s a good time-waster. However, this company sells your info to fraudsters. How do I know? I’m constantly getting phishing text messages purporting to be from large companies (PayPal, Walmart, Wells Fargo, etc., etc.), and they call me by name—a name I only use on this app.
    cheap 2587
    Rating: 2
    Poor review
    Low winning if any
    Rating: 3
    Too many pop up’s
    Enough….4-5 pop ups every time you go to the game makes me not want to play. Pigs get fat….hogs get eaten.
    Rating: 1
    Awful game
    I ONLY play for free , I have never spent one cent on this game and never will. I don’t support controlled, rigged and greedy games like this. The moment this stops being free I’m gone.
    Rating: 1
    Better luck going to a real casino.
    People might actually like this game if you could win once in awhile.I go to real casinos all the time, and win more than this game will let you win. LOOSEN UP THIS GAME , ITS ABOUT 99 PERCENT IN THE HOUSES FAVOR.
    Rating: 1
    Don’t bother
    They have gotten super cheap with their items. Things are always sold out, which means they never actually offer them. It’s a scam.
    Rating: 1
    Not fun
    These slots are dry. So many dead spins it’s not even fun
    Rating: 5
    Rating: 1
    Where is my credit purchased
    My credits is low, I bought credits but when purchased downloaded, my Konami screen frozen from some apps(ads?). I deleted the Konami apps and downloaded it again, but my credits purchased was gone now… I started all over again
    Rating: 1
    Improvements can be made.
    Little bit disappointed in how many times I’ve been given a popup to purchase coins after i have dropped below the current wager level. Allowing me to watch ads to gain additional coins is nice but to be pestered every time i am low on coins is aggravating. I like the slot play but it seems after a while no machine pays out much, if at all. And the machines that get promoted seem to be the worst paying machines on the app.
    Rating: 5
    Great place to play
    I just won a 6 trillion jackpot out of no where, playing no specific game. This is a great place to play. Big wins all the time.
    Rating: 2
    Free coins
    Don’t give enough free coins to play any game
    Rating: 5
    I love playing the game but I was saving for the bellagio Buffett and you just pulled it AS I WAS TRYING TO REDEEM IT THIS MORNING!!!!!